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  1. Hi Sun, can you provide the site/link of your SunSkyJet KPHL file?



  2. Correct. Program specific in NVCP.
  3. Agree 100%. You posted your message while I was typing my previous message, so I apologize for not mentioning the ULL update. This is definitely a worthwhile update, even on my fairly high performance system it made my response time and smoothness just a little bit better. Highly recommended. 😎
  4. None that I can see. Now to be fair, my system is fairly "upper echelon" hardware wise, but just for giggles after playing with the default settings I cranked up both the sharpen and film grain values to maximum. I can't definitively say that it made a significant visual difference over the default values, but it certainly did not incur any sort of performance penalty either, and like many others i'm seeing a definite improvement in both clarity and overall smoothness.
  5. The Logitech 3D Pro has the throttle control built in to the base of the stick, they're kind of an entry level stick, but I used one for years before upgrading to a Saitek X52 Pro, and it never let me down. There's really no comparison between the two, but if extreme space limitations are an issue for you, then the Logitech might fit the bill, they are a popular choice among flight simmers, and they're quite inexpensive as well.
  6. That's odd. 😕 You could try confirming that you in fact do have the 441.08 driver installed. Open NVCP, at bottom left click system information and the driver version will be at the top of the list in the pop up window.
  7. Thanks for the info Alex, i'll give ULL a try. I did try bumping up the image sharpening values a bit just to see what, if any difference it might make. Not sure I can really discern any noticeable difference over the default values, but I probably won't mess with it any further. Sometimes too much of a good thing can have unintended or even undesirable consequences.
  8. I downloaded and installed the Nvidia 441.08 driver for my RTX 2080Ti, then I enabled image sharpening in NVCP at the default values for P3Dv5, and I must say, the overall image quality does appear to be somewhat "crisper" and sharper, so I think this is definitely a worthwhile update, and thanks to Evros for posting this..😎 Has anyone by chance experimented with image sharpening settings other than the default Sharpen: 0.50 and Ignore Film Grain: 0.17 just to see what the effect is..?? BTW, has anyone tried the "Ultra Low Latency Update" feature that is included with 441.08..?? I have a G-Sync capable monitor @ 2560x1440, and it's enabled in NVCP, I also run V-sync "on" in the sim, and I have no issues whatsoever with screen tearing, even in some of the most demanding scenarios, but I was just wondering if this Ultra low latency update might offer me some benefit with respect to overall smoothness and response time.
  9. No worries, i'm glad at least a few people saw the humor in this, and laughter is good for you...😁
  10. I'd be really interested to hear from people that have this installed and in use, and I agree, it does look very nice. I did notice at the bottom of the product page it says "Sharing any files included with RDPresets autogen can/will have legal consciousness" I assume they mean "consequences", either that or they plan to beat you unconscious if they catch you sharing the files....🤣
  11. Here's a shot that is close as I can get to the second screenshot you posted. Slightly west of KDTS, altitude about 2500 ft. I have the full suite of ORBX installed, including FTX Global, NA, SA, and Europe LC, and Vector, and yes, i'd have to say the LC in my screen shot looks considerably different than yours. Not sure what to tell you to try other than what has already been suggested. BTW, I'm running v4.5 here.
  12. Yes, by Stefan Schroder... Here is the link to the cfg and ini files.. https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mediafire.com%2Ffolder%2Fl57e78859i1pa%2FA220%2BGTN&redir_token=aTiq1vUOYsbJ0WL9Ln6PAuc3nA98MTU2MTU1MjY1NEAxNTYxNDY2MjU0&event=video_description&v=vgL5OZSdso0
  13. As Ank said It's a custom gauge based on the default GPS, my mistake for not being more precise about that. Anyway, if you really want the default Garmin 500 in a pop up window for the Vcol A220 it's a simple matter to add it to the panel, but other than the Garmin bezel and knobs, it won't offer you any better functionality than the Vcol "custom" GPS gauges. If you're not comfortable editing panel cfg files I can show you how to do it, it's very simple.
  14. I guess I misunderstood what you meant by "installed the New HD textures available at simmarket" It's not an update/upgrade to the existing default textures, it's a 3rd party payware add on. it's roughly $14, and covers the default liveries of the -100 model, and is textures for the external model only, it does nothing at all for the VC. Then, if you want the -300 model textures, that's a separate package at another $14, and combined it is more than the entire A220 add on package cost to begin with. Since I don't spend a lot of time looking at rivets on the fuselage in external view, i'll pass on this.
  15. I think most (if not all) 2080Ti's have 11gb DDR6. My EVGA 2080Ti which I purchased factory direct has 11gb, and as far as I know EVGA doesn't offer any 2080Ti's with less than 11 gigs.
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