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  1. SunDevil56

    AI aircraft carriers for P3D v4.3

    Thank you gentlemen, it's much appreciated.
  2. Anybody know if there are any good AI Aircraft carriers available for P3D v4.3..?? I've seen the payware package from Team SDB, it looks quite good for the price and is offered for both FSX and P3D but I don't think it will work in the 64 bit P3D versions. Any info is appreciated, thanks.
  3. SunDevil56

    Maddog X Load manager

    After I installed the Maddog X P3D 64 bit upgrade it replaced my 32 bit FSX Steam Maddog Load manager on the desktop with the P3D 64 bit load manager and I can't find the 32 bit FSX load manager anywhere now, and i've looked all over for it. Know anything about this...??
  4. SunDevil56

    Sim Market Maddog X P3D V4 upgrade offer

    Thanks guys, sure enough, that's where it is....!!! I appreciate you educating me...😎 This really threw me for a loop because none of the other payware AC packages, and I have at least a half dozen or more, that I've installed in P3D v4.2 installs that way. They have all gone in the main P3D/Simobjects/Airplanes folder. At any rate, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks (lol) and if this happens again at some point I'll know where to look thanks to you guys. Kind regards, Scott
  5. Having previously purchased the Maddog X 32 bit version I was offered this at Sim Market... "UPDATE OFFER If you previously purchased LEONARDO SOFTWARE - FLY THE MADDOG X 32 BIT FSX P3D at simMarket, you are entitled to the special upgrade price of EUR 13.00 only. NOTE: The special upgrade price will be awarded automatically, therefore you must be logged into your same account used to purchase the previous version" So I purchased and installed this, however there is no Maddog folder and subfolders in the Simobjects/Airplanes folder in P3D V4, which makes no sense because it means it's impossible to add additional liveries, or edit the aircraft CFG file etc. Is this normal..?? If this is some kind of "limited" upgrade just to give you a taste of the 64 bit version it's pretty useless like this, and had I known this to be the case I would not have wasted 13 euros on this, and I would have just purchased the full version for 70 euros. Anyone know anything about this..??
  6. I'm not getting any GPWS altitude callouts in P3D v4.2 with the default aircraft or add ons, are these available by default or do they have to be enabled somewhere or what..?? Any info is greatly appreciated.
  7. SunDevil56

    P3Dv4 files transfer question

    Thanks Vic. I would consider cloning as you suggested, however my mobo has only two M.2 drive slots and according to the manual when the x16 PCI express slot is occupied (it is) the M.2 slot directly behind it is unavailable. Not sure exactly why that's the case, but I distinctly remember reading that in the mobo manual when I built this system. Thanks again.
  8. So I have a 512gb M.2 SSD on my Windows 10 pc with P3Dv4.2 installed, it works great and I like it a lot but it's becoming too small for my needs. To that end I've purchased a 1 TB M.2 SSD and my question is this.... The current SSD is setup as drive D and has just one folder on it that contains P3Dv4, can I simply move this folder to a temporary location on my C:\ drive, install the new SSD and set it up as D drive in disk manager, then move the folder from the temporary location on C:\ back on to the new SSD D drive...?? Any info appreciated.
  9. I'm considering purchasing some terrain mesh sceneries from FSGenesis, specifically the 10m resolution package for the entire USA and the 76m World package. I seem to recall reading somewhere that FSX always defaults to the higher res scenery installed, so my question is this... If I have both the FSGenesis USA and world sceneries installed will I still get the benefit of the higher resolution mesh scenery when flying in the USA...?? Most of my flying is done in the US, but I might like to fly in other countries and regions of the world on occasion, and it would be nice to have some better quality scenery than the default for those times, so having the FSGenesis world scenery package seems to be a good way to accomplish that at a relatively low cost.