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  1. Martin, as you have in the past proved to be my Go-To for answers, some advice please? If all I want to do is increase the current SSD size from a 'test' 256Gb to say a 1Tb SSD without having to re-install Windows 10, drivers, etc, etc, can I just do a Drive Image Copy and re-install everything on the new SSD Drive? Thanks.
  2. Thanks a lot, Dave. Was thinking of adding another M.2 NVme 2Tb to my Asus ROG Maximus Hero XI MoBo. Just waiting to pull the trigger when the Black Friday sales commence. Great shot there to highlight.
  3. Many, many Thanks, Dave. Much appreciated,and good to be taking the first steps back after my hiatus. May come seeking advice from you re:the install, separate hard drive location, etc, etc. Was thinking along the same lines too, Steam. So, reading your last post, would a SanDisk 1Tb drive do for its download and install?
  4. Thanks for that advice Again, thanks for that salient advice. Noted. Glad I asked before pulling the trigger at Amazon for those 10 discs.
  5. Thank you very much to all who replied. Great words of encouragement there, guys. I was not aware that my post had replies as I was awaiting the thumbs-up from the Moderator. Looks like I will opt for the Premium version via Steam as I already have an account with them,and now thanks to Ray, in a way, have similar hardware, so I feel I should be able to cope. Will update as and when I start the slow climb back 'in the saddle'. If I go the 10 CDs route, is it still possible to get all the latest Updates?
  6. After a very long hiatus, I am as a former FSX, FSX-SE and P3Dv4 User, having ditched any form of flightsimming for a long while, pondering a return to simming again. Probably via MSFS20 as I have noticed a great deal of Add-ons now being developed for MSFS20 albeit despite all the cash spent on the now-redundant FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D Add-ons Question I pose, which version of MSFS20 to go for as I now have the rig I had aspired for i.e. Intel i7-8086k, GeForce 1080Ti; 32Gb GSkill, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 2Tb M.2. NVMe, SanDisk 2Tb SSD Main Drive, 2Tb SATA 7200, Benq EW32-in monitor.? Hopefully, I may get a few pointers here to kickstart a hobby I once actively indulge in.
  7. Thanks for those kind wishes, Ray. Have a great Bank holiday.
  8. Thanks, Ray. Been away from flight simming for a bit, and here after a very recent 2 months hospitalisation following a major heat surgery. On the mend gradually, now. But not yet taken up flight simming again. Maybe one day in the future. I hope I can get to Cosford 2021 if it happens, fingers crossed. A group photo would be a great idea, Ray, but where is the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham located? Same sire as the Cosford Flightsim Show 2021? Look forward to seeing fellow-simmers there if no transport snags getting there. I may ask Alan's kindness again.. Yes, that passage of time is real scary as I personally discovered last September when out of the blue that heart attack hit me.
  9. Great post, Ray. It certainly brightens up my day, given the current nay-say weather. Will follow this thread keenly.
  10. Thanks a lot for that confirmation, Luke. More or less, as I had suspected. That will teach me to have this infallible belief that optical drives are faultless😁
  11. No dice with UEFI Boot Selects from F2, to as the drive does not show there. All the other SSDs, USB HDDs show up,including Card Readers, etc
  12. Thanks for the reply, Luke.I thought for a minute despite many views, I was going to make no headway here. Be it a data burned DVD-R, or a commercial music CD, it does not even show the disc title under the DVD drive icon in My Computer. Clicking on it just makes it eject the disc. I'll try the UEFI boot-up. My first instinct was maybe the drive had gone kaput, but never had a Samsung OEM drive go pear-shaped before.
  13. Have any of the Windows 10 OS wizards here have any idea why Windows 10 OS build 19042.928 64-bit has topped all of a sudden from recognising music or driver CDs or data DVDs when inserted in the PCs DVD drive? I'd appreciate any help.
  14. Superb reply to help the OP out, Mark. And a Happy New Year to you as a fellow Lancastrian. Hope to return to flightsimming latter in the year once the despondency of MSFS, etc has settled.
  15. A few years ago, I had posted how a rich Indian man's daughter also faked her way to the flightdeck of a now-defunct Jet Airways 737-800 till she tried to land with all three undercarriage bogeys at the same time and buckled the nose wheel which was what exposed her sham
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