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  1. vc10man

    PMDG 747 QOTS II BOAC Retro Livery

    Maybe Japanese Zeros🤣
  2. vc10man

    PMDG 747 QOTS II BOAC Retro Livery

    What a shame, Jude. Can you not follow it from from Irish YT feed while abroad?
  3. vc10man

    PMDG 747 QOTS II BOAC Retro Livery

    As an ex-BA employee, fantastic news. Thanks for the heads-up. Look forward to a repainter getting to grips with this.
  4. vc10man

    Help Needed for Cat 1 Approach

    Aha, that clarifies things. The way I was read it, I just assumed it was that poster and not the OP..
  5. What a fabulous informative thread this has been. Just discovered it, and really learned a lot. Glad, now that my favourite go-to aircraft has become the days old bought -8i, I kept a long taxi at EGLL to 27R no more than 12 kts.
  6. vc10man

    Help Needed for Cat 1 Approach

    You posted this question............................. which part of the question I did not get right🙄
  7. vc10man

    Failures withe the 777-300

    Precisely what I too used see at one time, Capt Kevin, but now am so careful (a) with taxi-out/in speeds and (b)brake trigger on the hardware joystick yoke.
  8. vc10man

    Help Needed for Cat 1 Approach

    Yes you can. Have already done on the 3 flights I have done with the newly-bought 747-8i.
  9. vc10man

    Majestic Servers Down?

    Same here, with up-to-date Firefox, caches cleared
  10. vc10man

    Vertical Profile Questions

    Thanks for all that insight, Chris. Very informative. Learned something useful from this thread.
  11. vc10man

    Pilot`s LEAL and SODE Jetways

    I too thought the same, until, like Dan has pointed out, I found different.
  12. Great post with a still revered aircraft, without which Berlin would be nowhere today.
  13. Take it that you do have a Navigraph Subscription for either FMS Data or Charts or combined?
  14. And me the 747-8i descending to KPHX. Just tested ARPT Co's, no issues.
  15. Nor here. RHS Co-pilot's ARPT working fine on the 747-8i,