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  1. Thanks for the tip, Ray, which I was aware of, but I was erring on the cautious side not wanting to be seen with a tripod, camera, a very fast standard lens f/2.8, cable release, etc, etc, hence was wishing for less darkness. I like to be wary of my surroundings.
  2. Well done, Ray, with your timing. Just seen at 23:01.Tracked it roughly above Chorley-Bolton before it faded away. Pity it had not been 20 minutes earlier, might have got a shot off, but it was too dark for a 600mm lens at f/6.3. Great heads-up, though.
  3. Oddly enough when I got back indoors, a pal of mine from Maghull called, and I told him of the cancellation of SpaceX.Like you being an RC man,he suggested I photograph his drone with fancy lights and nobody would know the difference between it and a spacecraft🤣. I reminded him, not only was he locked-down, but I most certainly was not going to Maghull at night to photograph his drone. I'd rather see the real thing!
  4. Thanks for that Ray, as I have just got indoors from a hopeful sunset shot. Will go look again, but the light has gone for a shot of the ISS.
  5. Are you Magnus Magnusson by any chance, Mark, in another role(hint-hint)🤣? You must allow me some leeway for fading memory.
  6. Takes me back to the 60s watching Apollo missions, in Streatham, London, huddled with friends watching on a b&w set with that BBC chap, James something.
  7. word not allowed, and there was me just setting up my lens. Good thing there was the Daily Telegraph link to follow.
  8. You mean to say you escaped being banished to.....................take your pick, Mark? You must have more lives than a cat!!!🤣 Wise Irish counsel, Bill.👍
  9. Likewise, when I was stationed at RAF Marham, in Norfolk, the skies were perfect for star-gazing, like Australis around Margaret River is. Sadly, the light pollution from big conurbations like Manchester, Birmingham, London ruins it for astronomy
  10. Between you and Chris, I have been taught something new today about astronomy. Kudos to both!
  11. Wow, what a day for an event due to be launched in Cape Kennedy, and here, yet again, another really helpful piece of info. Thanks, Chris. I am definitely parking myself(on foot,really) on that vantage point I was watching that moon last night!
  12. Thanks for that heads-up. In fact it was not far from being phased out when I joined the RAF. I do like Manfred Jahn's aircraft from what I have perused here, but have never actually downloaded or installed any🤣
  13. This piece of info is slightly baffling me, Ray. Let me see if I have this correct. From 0 degrees at horizon level, it should be appearing around the 27 degree elevation. But what's that -2.3 magnitude bit, please?
  14. Info-sharing gets even better. I was watching that new moon last night from 21:30 to see if I could get a spectacular shot of it descending into the red sunset glow.---alas, did not happen.quick enough
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