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  1. There are no problems using your PMDG products with FSX-SE. I'm running the same.
  2. Ooops, spelling error. Sorry.
  3. I concur, with you, Dan, as until the last few recent flights, I was leaving the A/T on set at Vref30+5, but now, actually hand-fly and land without A/T and AP. Incredible how PMDG have replicated this so realistically.
  4. It is FSUIPC auto-save. Check out seem other threads relating to this same issue that have answered this.
  5. Update Finally nailed this. Tried another flight at an add-on Cairo Intl. Just about to taxi, pushed the MS FF2 throttle forward, and lo and behold, slewing. Tested with the default Cessna. No thrust. Then it dawned on me that I had selected some setting in my FSUIPC for the 747-400 profile. Deleted the .INI file and re-started, All now as it should be
  6. Can anyone point me in the direction of a Royal Bhutan Airlines 737 repaint? Searched Avsim Library, no joy. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yes, at about 50-feet before touch down. And I follow all your points and take them onboard, never having flown one in real-life re:pitch-power couple
  8. I have made at least a 100 flights now with the Queen, with AP off, A/T engaged, without any issues whatsoever managing flared landings at Vref but after reading some other posts re:hand-flying the approach and landing, have started following the 'recommended' way
  9. Thanks for that info, Al. I have the UK2000 EGGP, but my VFR Northern England is FS2004, so would most probably not work in FSX-SE. Besides, I don't have the other add-ons. Great pics, nevertheless.
  10. What scenery is that, Alan? They informed me of the release but was not sure. Now, your shots may tempt me.
  11. Ditto here too.
  12. Hi Kyle Thanks for that correction. I did select a profile for the 747-400 from FSUIPC. Maybe that had something to do with it. I have now made at least 100 flights with the OoTS II, and this was the first I experienced anything like this or in previous iterations of FS. Nevertheless, thanks for the input. Will try the same flight another day as it is a very long flight.
  13. Me too as the Aerosoft Mega LHR I discovered was such a frame-killer(5-7 fps) as well as a VAS clanger. And I prefer supporting a UK developer like Gary. Have most of his offerings.
  14. Hi Robin. Thanks for that, never thought about that. But I am fairly positive that all I was doing at the time was right-hand controlling the approach to land via my MS FF2 joystick and left-hand primed for the reverse thrust. But, as you hint, I may have accidentally hit another button, but surely would not a slew go fast forward at a rate of knots rather than just spinning around continually in circles?
  15. Late last night, flying a BA variant 747-400, EGCC(Manchester)-FSIA(Seychelles)all lined up to land at Aerosoft's Seychelles X, AS2016 weather, runway visible, all looking good, hand-fling approach, 154kts, flaps 30, then all of a sudden at 500ft just before the threshold, the whole scenery starts spinning in an uncontrollable fashion, and there was no way to stop it. Aircraft was by now on the deck and still the whole airport scenery was spinning clockwise. Had to exit the flight. Has anyone ever experienced this weird behaviour before? Has never ever before happened to me.