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  1. vc10man


    So, how does a jetway connect then? Automatically? If so, it's still not doing it.
  2. vc10man


    I have found that on FSDT airports, this SODE is just about as useless. Ctrl+J will not activate the jetway.
  3. Yeah, I got this too. Weird that it kicks in now. What happened to GDPR? Data farming under a different surreptitious guise?
  4. Or how about trying to re-cater a PMDG 747-400F and see where that gets you, with its silly screen ribbons, when there is no Fwd RH side door to do a catering service!
  5. Far better than what an Australian oil-rig man told me as we sat next to each other on a Singapore Airlines flight to Perth of a nerve-shredding experience he had in an Indonesian province when an Indonesian prop aircraft shed its left prop that sliced through the cabin in front of his seating, as we discussed Indonesian air carriers standards of airworthiness, etc.
  6. vc10man

    P3D v4.3 crashes with MyTraffic6 addon

    No crash at all.Tried VABB and EGCC. No CTD just opening P3Dv4. Did not set-up a flight, although as a safeguard, I did follow Elaine's guideline and deleted the Trafficmil.bgl
  7. Don't think Qantas or Air France would agree with you after the engine failure they had.
  8. vc10man

    P3D v4.3 crashes with MyTraffic6 addon

    Bingo, Ray.Got it all now. MT6a Ai traffic at a non-UK2000 airport. Thanks for your head-up Mine's 207 aircraft folders.
  9. vc10man

    P3D v4.3 crashes with MyTraffic6 addon

    Thanks, Ray, will look at it again.
  10. vc10man

    P3D v4.3 crashes with MyTraffic6 addon

    Ray, that was the very person whose instructions I was following, who advised the simobjects.cfg and scenery.cfg editing, and I still cannot get any Ai traffic to show up. I too much prefer MT6a and had it working swell, until last year this time when I had enough of simming and abandoned it.
  11. vc10man

    How are cargo flights scheduled?

    Great post,Benjamin. As I frequently use PMDG's latest 747-400F in Atlas Air livery as I have see that particular cargo freighter many a time. I like the initial FMC+ACARS route planning, aircraft preparation, cargo loading, etc, etc. Contrary to you, as I do like flying long routes, I use it for my own self-selected routes 3-4000 miles away. So, your post is one that caught my eye as I too would like to know how cargo flights are scheduled.
  12. vc10man

    P3D v4.3 crashes with MyTraffic6 addon

    Ray, that's where I had placed mine last time I had it fully working, but am awaiting somebody's assistance in getting it showing up in P3Dv4.3 although I checked that the entries in simobjects.cfg+scenery.cfg were as should be.
  13. Glad I nailed the 8086k as soon as it came out!
  14. vc10man

    PMDG and RNAV

    Thanks for that,Kyle. Just reading up on it. Hope the 5 crew are okay.
  15. vc10man

    PMDG and RNAV

    747 crash at Halifax? A search brings up that it happened in 2004. Is this correct, Kyle, or is the OP referring to something very recent, which I have not read about on the 'wires'.