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  1. vc10man

    Where Did You Start At?

    Fully concur
  2. vc10man

    Where Did You Start At?

    Started with FS95 really,but had been asked to take a look at FS1 as well but did not aspire much to it til MSFS95. Yes, a long bench-mark of our lives.
  3. vc10man

    Best MD-80/90?

    Me too
  4. Have had a perfectly working i5-2500k powered Windows 7 Pro 64-bit oc'kd to 4.3GHz for months now, until last night when I uninstalled the new crap Firefox Quantum with the intention to revert to the older Firefox 54. Upon re-boot, I got the expected POST beep, and got the BIOS splash screen, the got to the logon screen, but after that all that displayed was the mouse arrow and black screen. After re-booting again and getting an overclock failed flag on the POST screen, through the Asus BIOS, I went back to default settings, but still nothing other than that mouse arrow despite leaving the PC on for hours, re-seating the 8Gb OCZ RAM sticks. Initially I thought maybe the CPU had died due to the oc'k, but logic tells me why would the Windows logon screen show up. Any ideas? Please assist, if possible or is it an OS re-install?
  5. Nobody can assist above problem?
  6. Need some help please. Have a Logic 3 USB joystick on another PC loaded with latest P3D 4.3. Yet cannot get the slider to operate the throttle on any aircraft. I must admit I have been out of touch of any sim for nigh on 6-7 months, so am out of touch. Any idea how to set the Logic 3 joystick slider to operate the throttle rather than using F3? Thanks.
  7. You may have just swayed me to get Dirk's FS Force. Thanks.
  8. Don't use FF as more often than not, I have had issues of the AP disconnecting when using the force feedback with PMDG aircraft and others too, But in non-FF-----not having seen the point in investing in Dirk's FF FSX utility----it works brilliantly.
  9. vc10man

    Windshield rain effect

    Best answer seen to these oft-repeated...'When...........' questions, despite the numerous replies from PMDG on this particular aircraft.
  10. Thank heavens mine has lasted the course. Bought during FS98 days, or was it FS2000? Can't quite remember, but has lasted well.
  11. I have PFPX and have used it extensively in FSX-SE previously. Thanks Alex for the heads-up. Will follow.
  12. vc10man

    Why is this forum dying?

    Is another reason because this Forum is primarily becoming a 'look at my screenshots, see what an expert flyer I am' , which after a while of seeing the same screenshots posters, can become a tad wearisome?
  13. vc10man

    fsl 319 released

    Thanks, Simon and others. Got it, just now. Now registered.