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  1. I have never had any issues with FSS. I have purchased all my Orbx sceneries from them; had no issues re-downloading or migrating them to the new FTX Central 3.
  2. Hi Bill As you clearly have mastered this particular aircraft, it's your expertise I will heed to. Para 1: that explains why I ain't seeing that VNAV flash up. Now, on the FMC I do not see the CL altitude populated, so on say the last flight I did EGCC-LEPA, I chose a waypoint just past the mainland Spanish coastline to descend from 25k to 15k and chose that waypoint against that flight level, got the V/S -1800 top right. But nothing re VNAV alert flashed up in the ND. In fact, your little Guidance Notes here makes more sense to me than the Delivery Tutorial. Thanks for that Bill. Too late tonight to even fire up P3D, so will give it a shot tomorrow.
  3. Thanks Bill. That I already knew of. I have owned this from FSX days. But despite following your Step 2, and the rest of the steps you have so kindly listed, and seeing the circle on the magenta line that denotes TOD, and activating VNAV, for whatever reason, it never kicks in and I have to go the V/S route. I must be doing something incorrect. Back to the delivery Tutorial I guess.
  4. Thanks a bunch, Ron. Cannot stop flying your 'purple beauty' all over the place. And now that I have my full complement of Orbx airports back, I reckon I'll be busy flying out of Southampton. Now.................if I could only nail that aircraft's VNAV feature.................but that's another story. Look forward to your sterling efforts, Ron.
  5. L-1011 to EHAM

    FMC inputs causing that CTD has been apparently fixed in the latest notification of an SP released for it today.
  6. I run the same hardware and have no issues with running the latest PMDG stable, A2A, ASN, Orbx, MilViz, or the Majestic's or FSL's output, albeit with sliders not maxed, as I am not a simmer chasing FPS rather opting for a smooth looking display, it suffices me. At a later stage when the current Kaby Lakes drop in price, I will upgrade.
  7. Nice one,Ron, but I much prefer your n0n-factory repaints.I know of an operator------Jambojet----in Kenya who operate two of them. Now that would be a repaint I'd relish.
  8. Orbx ObjectFlow 2 is out of beta!

    Thanks for that heads-up. Been waiting patiently for this since I migrated my purchases from Flight Sim Store. At last, I have those numerous airport add-ons in my FTX Central.
  9. Thinking of getting this. Has anyone got it or has feedback on it?
  10. GSX Parking

    Thanks, Sean. I do that with the MTX Afcad deletions as the GSX 'Customise airport position' shows that path. But will now follow your tips. David, in UK2000 install, I tick the boxes to select Afcads as well as tick using FTX. Odd that you should mention that, because that is precisely what I had at EGCC, my local airport, yet I had the default buildings juxtaposed
  11. An Ode to the MD11

  12. GSX Parking

    Thanks, Dan. Will look.
  13. GSX Parking

    Sean, thanks for that. I did disable every reference to the Orbx_EU_ENG in the Scenery Library. Is it the P3D\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_ENG_05_Scenery folder I look into, because I have found an EGGC.BGL and an EGCC_CVX.bgl ? So as not to screw up, do I rename both or just the EGCC.BGL?