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  1. I do not think Bryan is directly referring to an iFly 767 as there is no such plane.What he most probably is referring to is the iFly 747, or 737.
  2. Like trying to find a needle in a haystack, when I tried it in FSX ages ago.
  3. By far, one of your best screenshots submission which makes me want to install my Orbx sceneries for both that I have for FSX. Waiting for them to be P3Dv4 usable.
  4. Hi Clinton I too have the ThaiCreations VABB and Bangkok for FSX and so far have not been able to elicit any info either from the developer or elsewhere if they are going to update or bring out a P3Dv4 version, and am in the same boat as you. In FSX both airports were good, but I have long ditched FSX never to return to that platform again.
  5. I'd love to do this if only I knew how. And the overriding time factors of time zones, free time, etc, etc.
  6. Ah, what nostalgic memories. Whoever envisaged we'd get to where we are today?
  7. Thanks too from me for sharing. When I visited Nellis AB with a serving USAF, I never got to see these mean looking Beasts. Kim Jong whatever...........I'd think twice about Guam!!!
  8. It was only another suggestion. No harm in checking. If it is not that, then it's one less to eliminate. Not likely to be VAS as you have pointed out that message would have flagged up.
  9. Also check if you are using a registered FSUIPC that you have not set Auto-Save on.
  10. Does the Tutorial Video actually state it is a PMDG 777-300ER being used in that Tutorial, because as Nyxx has pointed out, AFAIK, PMDG never implemented an EFB? Look back on previous threads as this same subject was brought up, and PMDG stated that they would not model it.
  11. Great question and reply, as I too have the 707 and would love to use it in P3Dv4
  12. Not really all that surprised. I have memories of a once-flourishing East African Airways, that rapidly fell down the cliffs due to corruption and mismanagement.

    You just made it a buy for me.I was waiting for the AS version to price-drop.

    How does that work? Kindly elaborate,as I'm thinking of adding a few more airports.