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  1. Ditto for me too.
  2. Good point, Ray. Me too, as I can park my 737s, or the MD-11s there with no 'search-for-a-gate'.
  3. Thanks for that, Ray, but how come I don't see the same issues using GSX at other airports? Surely, if there was going to be a conflict as Para 2 states, then logic tells me it'd apply at other non-FSDT airports too, unless I'm totally missing the plot here.
  4. Very good question, as I too thought it was weird and then having to 'hunt' around for a gate to slot a 747 in, when gates set to that. I had to resort to EFB's airport chart to find a suitable gate.
  5. That's 2 DC-3s in a day. Wow, we are getting spolit with these beauties. Mallard posted a nice set too.
  6. No need to if you keep an eye on the Pinned Threads.
  7. Thanks for that clarification, Michael. Do not doubt you in the least, but last night I downloaded all my previous P3D purchases to the latest v4 versions and saw no flag as to how many downloads I had remaining.
  8. My A2A purchases do not expire till 2029.
  9. Me too. Simple, not too complicated, easy get-up-and-go.
  10. My thoughts too, Dave.
  11. Thanks, MUC Spotter. Watched most of your videos but this is by far one of your better treats. Question of intrigue.How do they re-install those braking-chutes for the next flight?
  12. Beautiful. Martin's C-47?

    I recall seeing a post where the boxed FSX version was on sale. There has never been an FSX-SE version to download or in boxed form.
  14. Bang on! I've just calculated 20% VAT and that is what equates to €81.63