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  1. Just checked, Bryan. And you are spot-on, but surely,shouldn't this have been done automatically when I re-installed the PMDG 747 Base and then the Expansion Models in sequence with fresh re-boots each time, followed by your add-on, which requires the -400 to be loaded at least once before your add-on will kick in?
  2. Not got around to re-installing Orbx FTX:England yet as I wanted this thread to finally say it's go-ahead, allied to the fact that I am holding onto drive space until the 18th when the new Game Of The Century launches. So, currently only using Global
  3. Bryan, I have set the Auto Feather Button for 'N' for auto feather' as per Ops Manual for the PMDG747-400 which works fine, as do the -747-400 BCF versions, except this 747-8i F. Worked before. Now your latest version 1.6, no dice,and I have just re-checked 'N' button is correctly assigned.
  4. If my already-built i7-8086k+32Gb G.Skill RipJaws 3600MHz+MSI GTX1080 Ti Kraken-cooled through a Benq 32-in UHD 4k rig can cut through the mustard required for MSFS20, then I too may pull back on my current P2Dv4.5HF2. If it does not, then, I'll stay put.
  5. My Sympathies go out to one and all, as only 2 days ago. a travel agent friend of mine was trying to get another friend's father stuck in India since February on a repatriation flight, and was looking at the Air India viability. Sadly, that has now gone too.
  6. Bryan, what is going on with the PMDG 747-8i F and FS2Crew? Your product, latest version 1.6, for P3Dv4.5 worked fine with the -400 model yesterday, yet the same Key Assignments, pressing Button 'N' does not bring the Main Panel on at all. Tried loading the -8iF in P3Dv4.5, set the Start-up Panel to Long, disabled your product; re-booted; re-enabled your product---zilch. Is there a bug in version 1.6 because I had the -8i F and FS2Crew working seamlessly in P3Dv4.5HF2 before?
  7. They had a very limited time offer on that, Michael. Buy the NGXu tied in with a dsicount when they updated to the 'New Nirvana'.
  8. This current one is an Anniversary Sale as they have been 23 years in the flightsim game, hence the 23% sale. Not sure what prompted the previous one. Thought it might be a very rare one-off. Still, I have a full stable of theirs and FSL's as well, my two favourite add-ons.
  9. Yes, they did, David, earlier this year, 20% off.
  10. Actually went back to it for a bit last few weeks except,FSX's 32-Bit OOM for longer flight's soon made me put the lid back on it. But the PMDG J4100 made up for it! Fingers crossed for the TDFi version🤞
  11. Glad I read this because I too have the same, and I'll take my optimism from you for the new dawn.
  12. Thanks, Frank. Already one step ahead in that train of thoughts too, but no, they are a pair of mains-powered speakers, MicroLab, I bought to augment the smaller output Altec Lansing speakers that were provided by Gateway Computers(USA) with the system way back in 1995, as I wanted to play the guitar recordings through them. Now,oddly enough, just watched a US YouTube serial for the last hour and quarter---and no audio drop-out, but the minute I am in P3D, all of a sudden in the FS2Crew Pre-Flight, or during a cruise, etc, the audio drops out for no apparent reason, as well as at other times as already stated in previous post. Now, I did once have a pure Creative Labs SoundBlaster Audigy2 Z5 soundcard in the system, which I removed. But Windows 10 has been updated with the Fall Creators Update so that should have eliminated any traces of that.
  13. Thanks, Bob. I too thought the same, but inexplicably,the sound always turns off like regular clockwork, after say 1/2 hour at cruise or descent levels, any aircraft, be it the PMDG stable or the FSL stable, or so in P3D, as well as sometimes kicking in a few minutes after a YT playback when there has been no activity on the desktop.
  14. On that positive report, David, will now re-install mine too.
  15. Anyone any idea why all of a sudden, the sound output while flying an aircraft in P3Dv4.5 just goes off? Is this a Windows 10 issue? Windows 10 x64 Pro, and only 2 days ago I updated the Realtek drivers from Realtek's website that took over 2 hours just to download a 252Mb driver file!! I am stumped what else it can be as I have to jiggle the speaker cable to get sound back, so that tells me the on-board sound from the Asus Z87A motherboard is there, but why does Windows 10 just cut it off after say 1/2 hour in the sim?
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