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  1. You don't need to delete anything just reselect the runway you want. If you want to change the destination airport you have to do it in Route (RTE 1) page.
  2. Some good deals on PC Aviator shop till May 26 I'll probably get the beautiful Bellanca and the Tweet.
  3. It is a really nice airport in my opinion, I'm pretty sure it will be updated to V5.
  4. After the Concorde announcement and now the Super Caravelle we just need the TU-144 next week...
  5. That was scary!
  6. Would be nice if you could share with us which folder was the problem.
  7. I've just purchased the Mu-2. Looking forward to test it in v5. Thanks for the sale. Yeah i like it too, but I think it is a bit off-topic coming here praising another developer product.
  8. Good to see the old lady getting some attention, finally.
  9. I guess I'll wait a bit more before installing them.
  10. So, looks like she's not dead after all! Great, great news. Can't wait.
  11. She's beautiful. Are the normal operations well modeled?
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