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  1. General?

    Welcome aboard Julien!
  2. X-Plane?

    Hi Alessandro, welcome to avsim, have fun!
  3. Thanks for the update sir, this beauty is more then welcome to my hangar, give a big thank you to all PMDG team.
  4. P3D?

    Welcome to Avsim Jorge!
  5. I'm on the fence right now but I'll buy it sooner or later!
  6. Good to see him in action, can't wait to grab it. Thanks for your contribution and efforts testing this little beauty, Dan. Cheers
  7. And if you find the Upgrade option cheaper on another store you can buy it in the same way you would do on simmarket.
  8. General?

    Hi Alan, welcome to Avsim , good to see you are on full throttle now! Have fun, Cheers
  9. this one?
  10. As Kevin said, pretty simple. I've a CH Quad with just one throttle assigned to all four engines and no problems at all. Just don't forget to check all axis to avoid duplicate assignments. Have fun.
  11. Thanks. Been doing a few domestic routes with the 744D and 773/2. Good chance to grab a couple of airports.
  12. General?

    Welcome Cesar!
  13. FSX/FSX-SE?

    Welcome to Avsim Canso07