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  1. pedrotrindade

    EGCC this morning

    Beautiful shot Alan. Let me guess: UK2000 EGCC, ORBX ENG, ASP4, REX and PTA!?
  2. pedrotrindade

    AmeriCay First Flight with the QW Dreamliner

    Beautiful shots. My next airliner for sure.
  3. pedrotrindade

    Captain Sim 757 RR Released

    Hi Shom, TBH I didn't check my fps but since it looks smooth and fluid I don't care about numbers 🙂
  4. pedrotrindade

    Captain Sim 757 RR Released

    Strange. I'm running a i5 2500@SC GTX 970, 8gb Ram, w7 64 in P3D V4.3 and the 757 runs pretty smooth for me.
  5. pedrotrindade

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    I don't have it yet but i'm planning to get it soon. I've read good things about it and I believe it's a good addon.
  6. pedrotrindade

    Flightbeam Studios Summer Sale

    I fully agree. Just added KDEN and KPHX to my Flightbeam airports list.
  7. pedrotrindade

    top quality jet airplane for p3d

  8. pedrotrindade

    Where are the developers of Maddog(Leonardo)

    Just tested and it's working fine here, Aaron.
  9. pedrotrindade

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    I'd add Captain Sim 757-200 III and QW 787 to the list. And a big Thank You for the new PMDG guides. Cheers
  10. pedrotrindade

    DC6 at Duxford

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  11. pedrotrindade

    Congratulations to Sean Campbell!

    Congrats Sean and AVSIM
  12. pedrotrindade

    Congratulations to Bob Scott!

    Congrats Bob and AVSIM
  13. pedrotrindade

    Congratulations to Brian Neuman!

    Congrats Brian and AVSIM