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  1. Interesting project. I bet that an english guide/tutorial along an alternative english cockpit (imagine an export version) would have boost the sales. With at least an english guide I would have purchase it.
  2. This is the beauty of our hobby isn't it? Those moments when you forget the world around you and feel, somehow, there. Doesn't matter if is platform A, X, or Z. Hours and hours tweaking software and hardware, doing updates, reading tutorials, cheklists, etc and at the end It's all about the immersion you suddenly feel at that special moment. I feel very sad reading many post and topics of people attacking each other for no valid reason at all because of our hobby. Today's forums seems to emulate our society agressivity with fierce arguments and "inquestionable" facts. But at the end it's all about these special moments. Thanks for sharing yours Stan. Cheers
  3. Thanks, Are there any other options for P3D V4?
  4. Is it still possible to activate PTA? The site doesn't exist anymore...
  5. Thanks for your input guys, I see it's a no go on my laptop. Cheers
  6. Hello, I've been running the latest V5 on my desktop with no problems. I have a gaming laptop which I use for most of the time for personal reasons. My question is if V5 will run on my laptop since it only have a 4GB GTX 1650 (+ i5 9300HF + 16 GB RAM). I can run MSFS and DCS with medium settings with no problems. Can i expect to run v5 as well on this laptop? BTW I'm using basic ORBX LC and a few airports and aircrafts addons. Thanks PS: I forgot to mention that I've P3D v4.3 running in the same laptop with good performance.
  7. Thank you Blackbird/Milviz! Not bad for a dead platform...
  8. The TFDI 717 has a good discount on ORBX Store: https://orbxdirect.com/product/tfdi-717
  9. It's beyond me why, supposelly flight sim fans, still upvote and like this kind of topics/announcements.
  10. I've been using Avast for a long time with no problems but I always disable it before flying.
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