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    Time Out Purchasing 747-8

    No rush here, I'll wait things calm down and see how it goes, good time to reinstall the old lady and test it first.
  2. pedrotrindade

    Time Out Purchasing 747-8

    same here
  3. pedrotrindade

    [20SEP18] Where in the world is RSR & the PMDG 747-8?

    Pfff.... this is easily a yoctosecond purchase for me!
  4. pedrotrindade

    PMDG 737 Installer will not launch

    Juan, do you have enough space on your new SSD to install the 737? Don't know if is this legal but can you try to install on other computer (from a friend or family) just to test the installer?
  5. pedrotrindade

    Exciting times?

    Lets just hope.
  6. Great news, Accu-Feel V.2 finally updated to P3D v4. You can buy it at A2A Store.
  7. pedrotrindade

    Aerosoft Sale

    Here in Portugal is charged 23% VAT, but I can't blame Aerosoft for what is decided by the portuguese gangsters.. I mean politicians...
  8. pedrotrindade


    Maybe a corrupted installer? Redownload a new one and try it.
  9. pedrotrindade

    Boeing 737 Classic or similar aircraft for P3D v4

    +1 I'm really enjoying the CS 757. Still needs some work but is already a joy to fly.
  10. pedrotrindade

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Downloading now!
  11. pedrotrindade

    A2A Accu-Sim Bonanza V-tail promo video is up

    It looks fantastic but I still have a A2A Beech18 in my wet dreams...
  12. pedrotrindade

    LPPT from MK Studios coming for P3D and XP11 :)

    MK Studios LPPT released:
  13. pedrotrindade

    MD88 Iberia Malaga-Madrid

    Great shots, beautiful detail.
  14. pedrotrindade

    Boeing 737 Classic or similar aircraft for P3D v4

    The 732 has been updated to v4.
  15. pedrotrindade

    A2A P51 Mustang v2.1

    So does that mean that the release is eminent?
  16. pedrotrindade

    Beech 18

    P3D v4.3, Milton Shupe Beech18, ORBX Global + NA
  17. pedrotrindade

    Accu-Feel v.2 Air, Land & Sea (P3Dv4) Released

    No discounts, see last post from Nick
  18. pedrotrindade

    EGCC this morning

    Beautiful shot Alan. Let me guess: UK2000 EGCC, ORBX ENG, ASP4, REX and PTA!?
  19. pedrotrindade

    AmeriCay First Flight with the QW Dreamliner

    Beautiful shots. My next airliner for sure.
  20. pedrotrindade

    Captain Sim 757 RR Released

    Hi Shom, TBH I didn't check my fps but since it looks smooth and fluid I don't care about numbers 🙂
  21. pedrotrindade

    Captain Sim 757 RR Released

    Strange. I'm running a i5 2500@SC GTX 970, 8gb Ram, w7 64 in P3D V4.3 and the 757 runs pretty smooth for me.
  22. pedrotrindade

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    I don't have it yet but i'm planning to get it soon. I've read good things about it and I believe it's a good addon.