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  1. Fslabs now working in 5.2 https://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/29977-a320-x-product-family-update-v501166-now-available/&tab=comments#comment-239984
  2. They did not promised a new cockpit on this early update. When released and, if charged, you can complain as you are doing now (and you will have my bless:)). But right now that is just your assumption. The FBW is new so it is quite normal that might need some tweeks here and there. GFO is a new product. If it is by subscrition or not we don't know yet, again. But it is normal that will have a cost when released and by the end is always up to you if you buy it or not. Regarding the liveries I really don't get all this anger. We have the same number of operators without all the different regs numbers, more or less like other products in the market (Fslabs, AS, CS, QW). I have not seen any anouncement about entire fleets BA, ANA, UA, AA, etc. been included in the T7 package. And by what I have read here PMDG can't do a mistake like they did here with the GFO's liveries. And at the end you don't have any problem because the fslabs airbus is better than the 737 which has nothing to do with our beloved T7 and this topic. BTW, you have a beautiful dog, Eric. Cheers
  3. So it seems by the last post of Chris https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/pmdg-777-forum/116801-a-lot-of-liveries-gone
  4. That is the correct procedure with this update.
  5. Thanks Herman, that's what I call a great deal!
  6. I solved my problem in P3D going to my p3d sound settings and changing from the default Windows option (which was working fine till now) to my laptop speakers.
  7. ATC: "737, Call the Ball"....................................."Bolter, Bolter..."
  8. That's a great setup, Paul. Congrats.
  9. Thanks for sharing your efforts, Rogen. I don't own the PBY but sure looks great and was considered to my Hangar a few times. Pity AS completely forgot her. And now with the new kid in town she's probably dead in prepar3d V5 or any other sim... Cheers
  10. Thank you for your efforts Daan and all involved. She looks beautiful, downloading now. Cheers
  11. Merry Christmas Patrick and all avsimmers🎄
  12. Enjoy your deserved rest, an huge thank you for your efforts, Kai. Amazing work. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021!
  13. And already with a discounted price, at $15. What a steal! Added the Cub and the Spitfire as well.
  14. My sincere condolences for your loss, Noel. R.I.P.
  15. Very sad news. My sincere condolences to Sean and his family.
  16. For some reason I can see your screenshot now and that building doesn't look right for sure. I have mkstudios lppt and I can't remember that bug. I'm away of my gaming pc till next Friday so I can't confirm. Maybe reinstalling can help...
  17. Still the same problem, guys. Some guidance here:
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