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    asking for news of HL James

    Thanks for the update, Charlie. At least we know he is alive. Let's just hope for a speedy recovery.
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    Very great source of information

    Thanks for sharing, Mike.
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    Nice Day

    Great shots!
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    Flysimware got a new texture artist

    Looking pretty good.
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    Learjet L35A Ver 4.0 Update Available

    Good news, let us known when available on other vendors, please. Thanks
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to AVSim, Silvio, Have fun.
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    A2A cessna problems

    Don't forget to run the updater. Just in case.
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    PMDG MD11 P3D V4

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    Certificate Exception

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    AS DC-8 Cargo model released

    Along the new update (2.0) we finally got the cargo model of this beautiful (and very well simulated) old bird. A great product IMHO. Quote from AS forum "HISTORY Added cargo model and associated liveries: United, Fine Air, LAC, AIA. Added gsx.cfg files for passenger and cargo versions in the DC-8_50 folder. You must rename the files to switch to the cargo version. Updated paint kit for cargo version. Further improved tank selection initiation. Fixed reverser animation so they will not animate when engine not running. Connected takeoff warning to engine three throttles in addition to engine one. Corrected fuel pressure gauges so boost pumps don't create pressure from empty tanks. Fixed fuel flow gauges to not show fuel flow before valves turned on during start. Added pop-up for control of external air, external electrical power, and cargo doors. "Shift 5" to access. Updated loader pop-up to accommodate both passenger and cargo variants. Changed clocks from local time to GMT. Changed heading select coding to allow external nav apps to control aircraft heading. Fixed bug causing hydraulic problems when cold and dark flight saved. Corrected animation of PT probe heaters switch and associated text on overhead. Now supported by Aerosoft Updater"
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    asking for news of HL James

    Lets just hope you're wrong, john.
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    Concorde New York (JFK) Landing

    Beautiful video, thanks for sharing.
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    VERTX DA62 Update

    Couldn't agree more, THE perfect home for Vertx...
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    VERTX DA62 Update

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    CS 757 III v1.3

    What do you mean?
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    PBR-enabled addons in P3Dv4.4
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    Returning after 13 years!

    Welcome back. Whatever you choose it's a great time to come back to flight simulation. Have fun.
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    Welcome to AVSim, Jim. Have fun.
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    total newbie

    Welcome to AVSim and to our beloved hobby, Terry. Have fun.
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to Avsim.