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  1. Thank you very much again Simbol and the //42 team for offering an upgrade path. I really appreciate your gesture and I have now purchased 777 v2 immersion. I am sure this move will make many V1 owners to purchase the upgrade the remaining days of the offer.
  2. Thank you for the reply Simbol. I personally fail to justify how V2 can require a full re-purchase as I don't see such drastic difference from V1, but I understand that's a company decision and I respect it. I will consider if I'll invest in it.
  3. Hi, Thank you for bringing the 777 Immersion to P3Dv5. However I don't see any option for previous owners to use this update. What is the upgrade path ?
  4. You're right...I'll install 5.1 (and then 5.2 may come faster : P )
  5. Should I install 5.1 or wait? I hope there was an answer
  6. I guess the only way to have a good answer to this would be from people who can fly the same plane in P3D, MSFS and in real life.
  7. Hi all, I'm curious what you think about it. Is there any chance that P3D will change its installation model in the future? This is one of my biggest wishes for the platform. I mean, all folders located under a single directory just like X-Plane or DCS. MSFS has also a more organized structure for addons though I think its not totally independent from the Windows C drive. Recently coming from a full Windows reinstall I realized how big of a hassle is to reinstall everything I have for P3D. The change P3D brought from FSX to install add-ons in other than the sim locations, is useful for P3D reinstalls but still to my eyes, P3D installation path is very messy. If I'm not forgetting any, P3D and its add-ons are using besides the main installation directory, also the following directories to install components as well as registry entries: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming C:\ProgramData C:\Users\UserName\Documents I am not a software developer but to me it doesn't make sense why all these directories couldn't be under one? Maybe if we could raise enough our voice LM could look into it for the future versions of P3D. What do you think? Is it possible and would you prefer it?
  8. Thank you guys for the suggestions. There was no problem with P3D before, it was a Windows that forced me to do a full reinstall. Windows was suddenly unacceptably slow and laggy, all the troubleshooting I did, didn't led me to the source of it and I was not willing to lose my weekend trying to find the problem instead of flying. It was stupid of me to not uninstall P3D before as, like correctly Bob suggested I had to contact LM to reset my activations, which I did. I will most probably delete my P3D installation folder and only keep the libraries like ORBX for the next installation. Bob I didn't kept a backup of any P3D installation file, so I will go ahead and reinstall everything. I hope I won't lose any activations. I am seriously considering waiting for v5.2, if only we had a hint of how much will this take. A month or 3? If FSL sharklets come out, it would be hard to resist though. Having said that, it will be really nice if LM would implement an installation like X-Plane or DCS do, where all files are on a single folder location. The way P3D installs in your system still carries the old FSX method and it's very frustrating to manage if something like this goes wrong to your system...
  9. Thank you very much Tokitaumelie for your time to help. Really appreciate it. I will consider doing it, though it would be so much better if LM released P3D v5.2 anytime soon : )
  10. Hi all, So my computer went very laggy suddenly and I couldn't identify the cause so I did a full C drive format and Windows 10 reinstall. At least X-Plane is not dependent on install location so I have X-Plane for my weekend flights. Regarding my P3D installation, I had P3D installed on a different than C drive and its still there. However all C paths that P3D uses as well as the Documents/Prepar3D Add-ons folder are gone. Do you know if its possible by re-installing P3D to recover the installation just without the add-ons folder contents? I'm afraid of a big mess. Also, what you would do at this point? Install again v5.1 or wait for v5.2 ? I'm on a good dilemma here.
  11. I was a bit on the fence on whether I should get it, but I pulled the triggered today. I must say I am very impressed by the amount of detail and good textures throughout this airport. I have all their P3Dv4 sceneries and KIND is certainly their best so far, significantly raising the bar. If they bring their P3Dv4 sceneries to P3Dv5 to this standards, as seen on the latest LFPG preview, it would be very good news! Keep it up T2G!
  12. I got excited reading the first post. By the time I finished reading the first comments I'm not even try to install this if performance is the same as all people report. Pity.
  13. I have notived the red X also on LFMN, I have the latest v5 version.
  14. Unfortunately it seems they haven't updated the refresh rate of the screens. It's really stuttery/sluggish compared to all other MFD aircraft that I fly. Pity
  15. Yes I noticed. I'm just wondering what it means. Higher refresh rate? I hope so
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