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  1. Hi all, I'm thinking to pick up the TDS GTNXi and use it with the JF Arrow. Coming from RealityXP in P3D and XP, do you think the experience is similarly realistic with the TDS? Also, do you think there is a chance RXP makes one as well after TDS?
  2. I guess its time to finally start buying big airports for MSFS...
  3. Any idea how to claim an upgrade from the pro version? I can't find it so far... Edit: Ok! Found it. It is same way as for the previous upgrades, the voucher is on the previous order pages for those who also wonder.
  4. As many I guess, I would be interested to know how it compares to the Majestic version in term of systems functionality and accuracy.
  5. Unfortunately I had to also return to G2 in my case. But this time it was a much harder decision. It seems to me it boils down to three things: What monitor resolution you was used in using before VR What type of flying you do in VR How much limitations of current VR bother you For me, it was like this: I was using a 2K ultrawide display before VR. Even at 2K, the clarity of everything is a huge jump from the Reverb G2. Even though some people referred to the G2 as "4K clarity" for me it was more like 720p. I could certainly read everything in the cockpit in the sweet-spot, and it was indeed a big jump from the original Rift I had tried before. So clarity wise in the cockpit, was not a problem although not even close to a screen level pixel density. The type of flying is an important one. For someone flying GA or light aircraft in MSFS for example, the G2 is perfect. The instruments are usually very close to the pilot view so even outside of the sweet-spot you can read everything. However for me who is flying mostly airliners that include several displays, these are located more far away from the pilot's eye. So, you have to constantly move your head to read numbers and indications that in a monitor you read those instantaneously by moving your eyeball while keeping your eye in the runway for example. By limitations of current VR I refer to the sweet-spot which I already explained but not only. So, another feature that bothered me a lot was the colors. The colors are not as vibrant and alive as in my monitor. Instead they are more washed out and in combination with the lower pixel density, it didn't seemed as alive to be in the VR environment. The lower resolution became more bothering for me outside the cockpit as there are even less pixels. Certainly enough to fly realistically but not as immersive as if you could have more pixel density. Besides all that, I can certainly say that the G2 is perfectly usable for VR in flight sim. It's just me that I rather wait for the next gen. The feeling of taking off and climbing and feeling the pitch up attitude of the plane out of the windows, or taking turns is just amazing. I didn't returned it with no hesitation. I just know that the limitations will make me regret it in the long term. But if you don't mind spending 700EUR then its certainly worth it. In my case, I chose to wait for the next generation. What I think will make me stay next time is OLED displays and at least double the resolution of the Reverb. I know I may need to wait for both VR and PC hardware to catch up to this requirement, but I know what awaits me. Until then I choose to enjoy the high-res visuals from my 2K display. To me 2D vs VR is something like this. In current VR, it feels like you are in the pilot's seat, with a mesh grid in front of your eyes so you see but not as clear. In 2D it's like you have put a robot with an 8K super clear camera and you use the robot's hand to push buttons (but faster). You see everything crystal clear but its a camera view. The future is for sure VR, just for me I need to wait for one more generation.
  6. Thank you very much guys. It means a lot when it comes from professionals/real-world pilots. My Reverb G2 comes at the end of this week and I can't wait to try it out and find the sweet-spot for settings for my hardware. When I returned my Oculus Rift it was a mixed feeling. I knew I'd be losing the unique 3D feeling that no screen can replicate but due to the low resolution I couldn't use it in flight sim. With what I'm reading about the G2, this seems to have been solved. Also this headset hardware is in front of the current computer hardware. When we'll be able to run the G2 at 90 fps in flight sim then I will start looking at better higher resolution headsets and I bet this will take a good number of years to have justified the cost for the G2. I'll post my impressions a few days after I have tested it enough in all my sims.
  7. Hi all, As the title states, I am about to re-enter VR after I decided it was not for me about 5 years ago when I tried the Oculus Rift (CV1). Back then, while I was initially very impressed by the 3d presence that VR makes possible, I was turned down by the low resolution. I couldn't read the gauges or recognize a runway in the distance, so things like that made me return the Rift and decided to wait for the next generation. Even though the resolution was low the VR experience convinced me that this is where I need to be in the future when hardware allows. Flying on a 2D screen can be easier especially for IFR flying where I need to check maps, dial frequencies fast etc, but with all these conveniences its not as immersive as VR by any means. So, yesterday I placed an order on Amazon for the Reverb G2 + Controllers. I can't hide you that I still have reservations about if I will be satisfied this time. especially after I read many posts here of people returning their G2 and complaining that the resolution is still not good enough. I am a bit confused to be honest. Nearly all people on YouTube say that the resolution is stunning and the image is very sharp and I am aware of the sweet spot issue. I am aware that it won't be 4K quality, but am I also aware that VR is the best way to simulate the flight experience from the convenience of your desk. What is your view after you have used the G2? Would you recommend that the resolution is still not good enough for IFR flight simming? I use all simulators (P3D, XP, MSFS, DCS).
  8. I just added them 🙂 List of Mars landers - Wikipedia
  9. Wow, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity is missing from the list ! 😯
  10. Thank you very much again Simbol and the //42 team for offering an upgrade path. I really appreciate your gesture and I have now purchased 777 v2 immersion. I am sure this move will make many V1 owners to purchase the upgrade the remaining days of the offer.
  11. Thank you for the reply Simbol. I personally fail to justify how V2 can require a full re-purchase as I don't see such drastic difference from V1, but I understand that's a company decision and I respect it. I will consider if I'll invest in it.
  12. Hi, Thank you for bringing the 777 Immersion to P3Dv5. However I don't see any option for previous owners to use this update. What is the upgrade path ?
  13. You're right...I'll install 5.1 (and then 5.2 may come faster : P )
  14. Should I install 5.1 or wait? I hope there was an answer
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