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  1. Saw the same. Closed the sim and started CP separately and it updated again and now it works for me.
  2. Just for the information, this is released since July https://fselite.net/news/fangzahn-aviation-studios-releases-zakynthos-airport-freeware-on-p3d/
  3. not funny really. I asked about the product and you make fun?
  4. Thank you very much Frank for commenting and helping about this. I'll have a look at the manual. I tried the automated RXP GNS Replace panels function through the P3D menu, but it was unfortunately did not make the screen fit the dimensions. I was actually seeing two GNS screens at the same time.
  5. Hello Joe and thank you very much for commenting about this. I understand perfectly your point and that its a lot of work to remake a model. Just an idea..maybe if you could charge for an upgrade price you could see also more motivation in doing this, I am sure all of the current C441 owners will purchase and much more people who hesitate to buy currently because of the visuals will purchase too. Wickedbacon is for sure a talented designer and he would so such an amazing job I'm sure. At least we can still hope.
  6. Hi, I am in the search of a config for the RealityXP GNS to work with the C441 but I can't find any so far. Maybe someone is aware of such mod?
  7. On the other hand FSW has so far 4 aircraft that the majority of the simmers are excited. The Lear35, the Falcon50 the C441 and the MU. That's my personal impression, but I feel that these four aircraft is what most people would buy or at least buy first rather than anything previous on their list. So in that respect, I think that remaking 2 instead of 1 "old" models is not too much to ask.For many the C441 was the first aircraft that showcased the capabilities of FSW.
  8. Hi all, I would like to ask, is there any C441 liveries available to download except the one that the plane comes with? I searched in avsim library but couldn't find any..
  9. Hi all, Just under 15 hours left for the discounted price of the C441, and I'm on the fence to pick it up. I would be glad for people who own it for an honest opinion. As you can imagine my biggest concert is the modelling and texturing but I'm also interested in the overall experience.
  10. Thank you guys for acknowledging..Let's hope someone who reads this knows how to solve it.
  11. That would be really helpful! Thanks! Also, is the Navigraph charts integration working on the current build or its planned ? Amazing job!
  12. Same here..Waiting to get access to the forum
  13. Its unreal !!! I just load it cold and dark and can't stop staring at this model. Its a work of art! And I haven't even started it yet. Congratulations Milviz! This raised the bar!
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