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  1. Thank you guys for the help. I really appreciate it. I installed the 2004 Windows update, cleared shaders cache, untick the "high resolution ground textures" and backed off the LOD slider to 'Ultra' from 'Max' and I was able to takeoff from FlyTampa EHAM + ORBX TrueEarth Netherlands with around 2GB of VRAM margin. Over the Atlantic now and I am using 4.3/10 GB of VRAM so I guess I should be fine.
  2. So we are back again at the OOM nightmare of the 32bit era? I have a 2080 Ti, I get fine FPS but can't leave the gate on complex airports before I a get a VRAM out of memory forced exit. Does anyone knows if HF2 is going to address that? Also is there any "magic" setting that can greatly reduce VRAM usage in order to do a flight? At any complex airport/aircraft I start at 8.8/9.2 GB of VRAM.
  3. Enhanced atmospherics look better to me that if I don't use the option, however still there is a orange hue. Am I the only one who sees that?
  4. Hi all, I have transitioned to P3Dv5 and installed all my add-ons that have P3Dv5 versions so far. The thing is, I don't think I can get to like P3Dv5 colors. If I use enhanced atmospherics, the colors look orangish. Like there is an orange filter everywhere. If I not use enhanced atmospherics, colors look too bluish. I am currently evaluated if the performance over v4.5 after I've installed many add-ons and I can't exclude the possibility to revert back to 4.5. What do you think? Do you like P3Dv5 colors over v4.5 ?
  5. I just did a full reinstall of P3D v5 HF1, installed my addons. I try to load ORBX TrueEarth GB with Aerosoft Hearthrow and it is stuck on loading. Does anyone has this problem?
  6. Amazing screens! Can I ask where is the photoscenery from as well as mesh?
  7. I am quite impressed by this slow-down after V5 release. I am wondering what is the purpose of developers being included in the LM beta for "a long time" as it has been noted. LM has said they worked together with developers. I tend to believe that most developers did not want to lose time working with the betas and decided to wait until LM releases the final version to start working on it. Otherwise these issues should have been reported before the final release. Except the developers had been talking to LM about these issues and LM didn't do anything until now. Who knows.
  8. So you are saying that its the installer that SimMarket is building for them that costs money and not the delete/upload action of a new file ( @Farlis ) . This is a good assumption, but sorry still an assumption. Why? Because this is not what they say on their announcement. They say "this is policy of the publisher". So, even if what you say is what they are talking about they could say "We don't make our installers, instead we pay SimMarket for our installers, so we pass this cost to our previous customers". Agree? If the word "lying" is not allowed in Avsim then I can rephrase it to "bad business in my opinion". Regarding the: "about Justsim not giving you something you have somehow convinced yourself that you are entitled to..." I will kindly ask you to rephrase your irony here and dial back a couple notches too. A company can do whatever they want for a new update, they can charge 3x times more if they want to. And me as a customer can judge their actions? Right? I am not entitled to anything, I express my opinion about their strategy based on what the rest of the developer's world is doing and what they are offering compared to this company. Do not confuse yourself and do not be sarcastic.
  9. So if they remove the current installer.exe file and upload a new one, you think SimMarket charges money for that. So all other developers uploading new versions have to pay for each delete/upload action 5 euros per customer. This is what you say.
  10. I know this: If they do, they charge all developers, not only JustSim. Right? I also know this: If a developer uploads a new version (installer) which includes an AFCAD fix or if the developer uploads a new version (installer) which includes P3Dv5 compatibility, it is the SAME for SimMarket. SimMarket does not care what you updated. Also, as already proven by so many installers we have already got for P3Dv5 (FSDT, FlightBeam, FlyTampa, FSDG, LatinVFR etc.) the P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 installers are in the same file. So, it can't be that SimMarket is only charging JustSim if they upload a new file. Right? This to me proves that JustSim is simply lying. Do you agree?
  11. Sorry my friend, but you can't make this look right. I chose to pay full price, I gave them full credit for many products. You did not. How "ethical" is for you that I have to pay even more for V5 than you? I am not saying anyone is twisting any arm or forcing. I am commenting on their strategy which is outrageously unfair. That's all I say.
  12. I have so many other products that got free updates to V4 and now V5 and these are for free. One of the two is true: 1) All other developers pay 5 euros for each customer who downloads a new version. 2) JustSim is lying. Both can't be true. What do you think?
  13. You are completely out of context here. "Forcing" means "the only way they give you to make their sceneries compatible is to pay". Nobody is forcing me to buy the upgrades, and I won't as I said. Do you even read before you write? I guess you look into a mirror. Guess what. You'll see a person who doesn't understand English.
  14. Sorry @F737NG but this is wrong to say and you shouldn't fall in this trap. I would agree with this point, if they offered a limited free upgrade to previous owners. The fact that they offer 5€ sceneries for some days, does not apply to me or others who have already bought the ones we wanted already before their offer. The 5€ offer is a gift to people who haven't bought their sceneries before, not to the ones who was already their customers. So, in fact their practice is even more unfair to us than it would be without the 5€ offer ! Why? Because, to me who paid them full price and maybe even bought on release day, they force me to pay even more. But to someone who didn't want to pay them/they didn't like their scenery as much/they thought its overpriced/ etc etc. , they will now give the V5 version for 10€ as you say. You find this something to applause? I get even more mad over this. This is a zero excuse.
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