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  1. Hey guys! I decided to pull the trigger before inflation and shipping problems start driving the prices through the roof again. My specs are listed below and I fly GA into smaller airports so my needs are not as high as many others. I have been running on the 1080 TI for some time now and it was very smooth for me. With the New 3080 TI the scenery is very jerky during taxi as well as in the air. I also get the same results when panning around. This occurs with the same settings that I have used with the 1080 TI for a year or two now. I run at 30 FPS with vsync on and triple buffering target frame rate unlocked just as before changing GPU. Here are the things that I have tried so far: I installed the latest nvidia drivers...two times. Cleared the .cfg and let system rebuild and the same for the shaders. Lowered settings and tried different airports with same results. Anyone else run into this problem? Suggestions? Can anyone with similar system suggest another Driver. I am using the latest 512.77. Wow I thought this would be simple LOL!! Got to love Flight Simming!
  2. Wait...How do you guys get to the golf course if you no longer have a horse and buggy. I took a long lap this afternoon did I miss something??👽
  3. I too use the Alpha and Bravo and like them very much. As far as being able to find much in the way of profiles I have not had a lot of luck. I find the software from honeycomb to to be a bit hard to use and yes I have watched the online videos until my eyes were bleeding. LOL I am thinking of just getting rid of the software completely and going back to using FSUIPC. You don't get the cute little blinking lights but I can live without them myself. I recommend you look into the FSUIPC macros. That system works very well these days or it has for the GA aircraft I fly. Just a suggestion and good luck!
  4. I too have discovered just how stable and fun that Prepar3d is now with v5.3. Sure I don’t see my house as I depart KPNS for a flight. Oh the horror. When I feel like I am missing my back yard then I struggle my way out of my comfortable chair and look out the window……I know that is old fashion but it can still be done. Hell the other day I saw a woman in the back yard who looked somewhat familiar and so I raised the window and after talking to her and asking a few questions, turns out it was my wife. I have not seen her in months!!! lol! I don’t care how many folks troll their way here to tell us how old and stupid we are. I will not be going anywhere as log as the other sim is just one forced update from starting all over again or your continue to see the near daily cry for help because they can can not even get the software to down load.
  5. I don't recall ever having that much of a temp difference in cores when over clocking. May be normal but I wonder if it is caused by your cooling solution or maybe how your thermal paste is applied. Interesting question for sure! Maybe the guys with a clue will roll in with an answer.
  6. As a US Air Force retiree I sure hope milviz is not working on anything for a real aircraft. I always found the few airplanes I tried from them to be just a bug fest and it seem like they just hacked anything together they could to get something that halfway worked. I will not be missing them in the future.
  7. They are not dumping LM they just don't want anything to do with home sim users. It sounds like they are making a new company to suck as much cash out or the MS xbox thing as they can.
  8. Rob_Aincough makes all good points as usual above. MS may end up taking themselves down in the long run if that Board meeting happens again pulling the plug on this project just like it has done in the past with Flight and FSX. I was just thinking that it would be funny if X-Pain ends up being the real top dog and winner of the great MS Flight Sim goat rope. That might be a good wager if you are so inclined LOL!
  9. I can see why you might think that. I suspect that it is more likely that many folks are still just following the "Herd" right now because it is just human nature to to seek safety in numbers. They tend to make easy targets for well oiled marketing planners. At some point the "herd" will realize that MS is approaching half way thru their planned "10 year dev cycle" with what appears to be not much forward progress and that may be when the stampede starts.
  10. The problem is....How do you know when it reaches the finish line? They could have a solid perfect product out tomorrow and then based on past performance that gets blown out of the water on the following release in a few days. If the NASA space program were to follow their example then the list of want to be Astro-nuts would be very short...LOL!!
  11. There is likely a lot more going on behind the scenes than we know at this point. There are lots of hints going around that the better developers are having a hard time getting deep system type products to work with the MS x-box thingy. The PMDG, A2A and now MILVIZ. I suspect that this is by design and I don't believe that problem is going to go away as it seems more and more likely that MS went into this thing intending that the Xbox was the target. One thing I do know is that LM has not missed a beat in moving forward with Prepar3d. I also know that any normal person 12 years or older could make a good legal case in any court of law that LM is not stupid! They probably would not continue down this road if they did not know that someone is going to be making airplanes to fly around in this world they are developing. I don't know what form it will take but I think in the near future we will see MS simulator type aircraft and some form of more professional type aircraft for P3d and maybe even X-Pain. Yes you can bet those "Pro type" products will not sell for 29 USD LoL!!
  12. I suspect that there are a bunch of us who burn a candle every night and make that wish. If wishing will make it so then I would expect an announcement On MONDAY……TUESDAY at the latest. LOL!!
  13. You make very good points above! And...oh yea they will come for you! LOL!! One of the problems that we face is that for what ever reason, So many folks seem to feel that unless there is something new every couple of days then the interest in the hobby of flight sim is dead or dying. I happen to believe that there is a fairly active group of users out there busy flying around and have no time for wishing and wanting. It is sad but the MS marketing guys and a few Gaming Content developers over in France have been able to shift the attention of a lot of folks from flying and systems to pretty pictures. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure out that the whole mess was designed to move as many people as possible toward the x-box thingy. It is just what we have to live with at the moment I am afraid. Want proof? Just have a look over in the MS2020 forum and count how many post you see something like "OH boy! a new release. I sure hope this one does not wipe out my whole system like the release last week!!" and yet......here they go again with a mega ton of o's and 1's being downloaded. Some times it is just pure folly. LOL My A2A V35B works great in P3d with my Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo and MFG pedals. I am a happy camper and if it never gets any better then I can live with that just fine. I am much more satisfied when I hit that final approach speed by the book and a smooth touchdown than looking out the window and seeing the Kentucky Fried Chicken building down the road.
  14. It is so nice to see all the positive posts about our “old dead LM flight Sim”. I have to say that at this point it is the smoothest and best performing Sim that I have ever experienced and it appears that things are just going to get better this year. My hat is off to the entire LM team! I can’t wait to see what V6.0 might bring.
  15. Perfect timing....I got all updated and ready to fly about 5 minutes ago.....Thanks
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