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  1. I tend to think that way myself. We call our hobby "Flight Simulator" however, more and more what we have going on over the past 10 years or so is really flying in what is becoming an "Earth Simulator". As I watch the effort and money that MS is throwing into this new simulator I more and more believe that MS is very interested in much more than getting "little Johnny's" money at Christmas time. Training with Simulators is a solid part of our future either here on Earth, on Mars or the moon. It is easy enough to see a future where MS, Boeing, LM, and many others will migrate towards using a common "Earth Simulator" to develope their training programs and ideas.
  2. Yikes Ryan!! Check your Video Card...The wings on that thing are backwards!!
  3. I have beat that snake! I have 2 GA planes loaded, the ORBX basics AS and Chaseplane. I like GA just in the Southeast and got off the ORBX Merry-Go-Round years ago. I started out buying everything Orbx released for the US. After it became apparent that they were never going to release anything for my part of the world I was done with it. My computers, my wallet and wife have loved me for it ever since. LOL!!
  4. Actually they (LM) have done just that. The problem is that Dev's of many products insist on installing their products directly into the Sim. I would think that you all should be on their web sites with your complaints. Coming here to spew hate against Prepar3d every few days is indeed what's preposterous!
  5. Of course you are correct. We can hardly blame the folks at LM for this. They are working with a limited budget and sometimes it is hard to attract qualified developers because many of the top guys and gals are working on the little known coming release of "World of Colon Cleansing II" which is due to release on the fall of 2020. Until that comes out, we are doomed to continue stumbling around the world using less than perfect software like Prepar3d and X-pain with no relief in sight.😷
  6. Hi Keith...I have been using the Honeycomb Yoke since first shipment. Personally I don't use that software that they put out. I just plugged her in and set up just like any other yoke. I have had zero problems running that way for many months. I have set up several aircraft both button and axis and even works fine with Linda. It has been trouble free with both Prepar3d V4 and V5. I have not seen any videos on the subject. For the price it is great. I think you will like it.
  7. So here is the thing that really bothers me about this whole situation. Let's say I do decide to buy rent (or what ever it turns out to be) the MS2020 thingy and get one of these x-boxes. If I fly a chopper and land in my own back yard using the x-box, get out of the chopper and go into my house Virtually and fly my P3D sim on my regular computer , do I then become a gaming simulator pilot or would I be a simulated simulator pilot or perhalps a simulated gaming simulator pilot??? Let's face it guys...there are some real unknowns that need to be considered here!!
  8. Look I don't even know what the real name of the "Simulator of the Gods" is going to be so I sure don't know what it is going to cost. What I am pretty sure of is this.....If....MS is going to give us the greatest Simulator the world has ever seen + Free weather and add ons like planes that have 1000 pressure points each + all those pressure points over the terrain so we can just watch the breeze flow over mountains at will+ scenery so out of this world I can land a chopper in my back yard + I can just download all the weather and scenery with bandwith not a problem at all -just let it flow down til you little heart is content and if that is not enough then MS has commited to continue to make this all better for the next 8 years or so at least. The guys in the MS shirts here say yep all that and more for $9.95 per month. But wait!! there is more....not only to you get all that for one low price and it will even work on that old Etch-a-sketch that you saw in the basement last week and if you call right now we will throw in hundreds of other games for the same low price. Oh and the thing I mentioned above about being sure of......It just don't add up.
  9. We all get to decide which saddle to put on our horse! I completely understand not being ready to chunk another 1000 dollars at cyber space. The thing that gets old is that so many folks get up set when a new sim or new add on comes out that has a bunch of new features that so many scream for almost daily. Here is a cold hard fact. There is not going to be any thing released that is going to over come the fact that your equipment is older or to little VRam or what ever the problem is. That also goes of MS2020 or 2025 or what ever it turns out to be. If your current rig is not up to the task with P3D or X-Pain the latest then it is only going to get worse.
  10. I would not be surprised to see V5.1 very shortly after The Windows 10 update 2004 that is due out any day now.
  11. Hi Shaun....KPNS is my home airport. I have never had a problem with stutters in this area. I can tell you that when taking off to the South there has been one of those spots where you could get a slight hesitation just after lift off. I have seen several posts by Bert Pike and others about several of these areas and I don't think anyone has been able to nail down the cause. One thing that may cause some drop in FPS is that there is a lot of water in the area including the Gulf, lakes and streams. Since moving over to version 5, I have not noticed that hesitation but I will have a closer look this afternoon. Since you are working on this airport is there any chance of leaving out the static aircraft in one of the hangers in the GA Ramp so that we have room to shelter a single or twin engine aircraft. Would be a nice addition. Looking forward to you updater to V5 and thanks for the nice add ons you guys build.
  12. LOL it is just a joke. Some folks here need to get out of the house once in a while for a bit of sun light.
  13. I already have a 1080TI. Will I be able to get a free upgrade or will the developers rip me off again for another new video card? After all this is just the same thing as my 1080TI with just a few more "trans_twisters" stuck together plus a small increase in VRam. Honestly I get so tired of this word not allowed.
  14. They work great. Just set them up this morning and did a quick and dirty and no problems at all. It's good that the Legacy lives on in P3D.
  15. I had forgot how nice this thing is!!LOL All working fine in V5. All the lights come on but they do not light up the ground or runways. I just moved it from Prepar3dV4 add ons to the V5 add ons. Any ideas on what I may have missed?? I don't fly much at night but would like to get it fixed.
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