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  1. hey!...a new F35 would be great. We could buy a bunch of USB interface cards and connect our computersto the flight instruments and have a proper "Flight Sim" home cockpit!
  2. Well this will be the end of the MSFS2020 thingy for sure!! If I had ever down loaded MSFS 2020 then I would be removing it now to make room for the new Prepar3d. One question for the experts out there: Will my computer run this new version of P3D or should I just go ahead and order the new HAL 62000 and maybe 400 GB of RAM? I am also keen to find out if my add ons that I bought for FS2000 work or will I have to wait for new installers? I hope so because I have already spent my yearly flight sim budget of $3.95 for this year. I heard that one beta tester for the new P3d release was able to run it just fine on an old Iphone 6 using an xbox controler mounted to the top of a Cigar box.. I can't wait for this release I am so excited!! Just knowing that this release is almost ready just makes the current flight sims boring and I am just not going to fly until this new program comes out. Good bye MSFS2020!!😂
  3. LOL! I just over come this glaring over sight with my short attention span and poor eye sight which most times have me 10 to 1500 feet off of my desired altitude.🤓
  4. There are probably thousands of us who have this same discussion with ourselves at least once a week. At his point I have not even been tempted by the MSFS thingy and I stick with Prepar3d. This is due to a several of things. Probably the number one thing is that almost every day when I log into AVSIM and look at the recent topic, I see post after post like I can't get it to download. The new update broke everything. We are just going backwards and then there is every Joe and Bubba in the world who now think they are flight sim add on designers and yes some of them are probably doing some good work. After a ton of years in the hobby I just don't want to deal with a new sim every day. Would I like some pretty pictures and a new version of P3d today. Sure I would! That would be great but, not at the expense of poor weather from Active sky and not if it breaks all my home cockpit switches. Long story short, it depends on what is important to us personally. LM is never going to throw a bunch of marketing trash at you like you see from MS. They are just two different kinds of companies. One makes and hypes for more the gaming community and the other builds systems that may someday take us to another planet.
  5. That was indeed a strange choice of words from Milviz. I think that it is just their way of saying that they are washing their hands of the whole Prepar3d thing. It has been an interesting hobby for many years and sad to see it die out day by day. It has been an odd turn of events where MS brought the whole thing to life and now they are the ones who decided to kill it off after all this time.
  6. That whole test is just dribble. There is no way that any such survey can be taken as scientific because there is not one question about choosing you favorite simulator: 1. MSFS2020 2.Prepar3d or 3. X-Pain. You simply can not correctly evaluate a person's mental preferences without including that data. I declare it as "Officially Bogus!"
  7. Good Job! Would you mind sending me a copy of all your answers. At 73 years of age my email has gotten a bit boring lately. Guns and Sex toys....I am all in. Thanks...... From A Real RightWing🤠 Red Neck
  8. I have never been able to find one. To be honest, I have used it for a long time and I still don't know the correct way to do it. I find that the correct way to set up the add ons has at best been a mystery in this hobby. I have spent a good bit of time over the years searching for advice but alas most who try to explain it regress into ancient dribble that should be reserved for the dark cults. 🙈
  9. When MSFS moves to DX-12 I am guessing that Popcorn and beer sales will set a new all time high in the Prepar3d community. That will be something to behold I am thinking.😵
  10. Good Morning Bob. I have the FS Spotlights working pretty good in the Mustang Cockpit. Do you use spotlight for Landing and taxi lights. I can't seem to figure them out. If so, could you share your .ini files. I am a bit of a hack when it comes to this sort of thing. Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Thanks for the info. Please do let us know if you get that sorted out.
  12. HI and thanks for posting about the Mod on the thrust. I have been spending a lot of time with the Mustang and following your post over at Flight1. Have you made any other Mods? Any idea on how to get a little bit more light on the cockpit panel?
  13. I tried TE Florida and to be honest, I just did not like the look of it. I just don't see the point of it at all. I guess it is just a matter of taste. LOL my wife says I don't have a creative gene in my body and she is most likely correct!!
  14. These discussions always end up with someone posting pictures of some game that includes a castle and a sword. It is just not the same world as a flight simulator. I love to look out the window and see scenery that looks a bit like my home airport just like every one else but we have to remember this is a "Flight" simulator first. In the beginning it was not a Bing map viewer, a Honey wagon simulator or a swaying tree viewer. I am afraid that until we all get our own satellite we are going to have to be less demanding about the accuracy of the pretty pictures. For those who just can't wait, there are plenty of blow up the castle games featuring large breasted damsels in distress for you to play with.
  15. Yep I get what you are saying but I see a lot of copyright problems but maybe a better idea would be to have LM or the Google nerds develop automated process for that and have users pay some sort of fee either in the base cost of Prepar3d or a monthly fee maybe. The commercial or military user would pay of course pay a much higher fee to use the data. I just don't think Google is going to give it away for nothing.
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