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  1. shivers9

    Vertex website is Live!

    Wait.....You mean we each get 3 ladies like that with this release. Sign me up!!
  2. shivers9

    Vertex website is Live!

    Mr. Young....that says about all that needs to be said. To a true General Aviator one of the best uses of the Radio is to say "Approach we have the field in sight and would like to cancel IFR". Thanks for dropping in and I hope you are enjoying retirement!
  3. shivers9

    Vertex website is Live!

    Well we don't even have a release on this airplane and so far we have been able to insult the Dev, we have seen the Beta Testers called liars and today we have even seen the former company, RealAir insulted. I don't know if it is a new low for us but it must be in the bottom 10 for sure. Personally, I think I get what Vertx is trying to do here. They just want a good solid DA-62 platform to build on using custom code outside of the P3d sim. I think this is what LM has been suggesting for several years now. If everyone would take a deep breath and relax we could get on with the project at hand. To Sean....all of the above sins can be forgiven, but, looking over your nice website, I did not see any mention of a "head" (Potty)! How can you even think of a new release of a modern airplane without a potty?! I just simply can not fly with out having a potty on board!! 😁
  4. shivers9

    Vertex website is Live!

    I am starting to think we may still be a couple of weeks away. Looking back over this thread no one seems to care about having a nice new "SUV" to is all about "I can't live with out a SID/Star simulator". I would not be at all surprised if the release is on hold because of that.
  5. shivers9

    Nvidia Titan RTX

    No that price the card better come with a new car and a 22 year old blond too!!
  6. I tend to agree with you on that point and especially for those of us who are simming our way through retirement.👽 That is code for old farts. LOL The days of hardware taking hugh leaps in performance every year is for now a thing of the past. That don't mean that it is stagnant. We are just pushing the limits of current tech. Having said recent upgrade from 3770K/GTx 980TI to 8086K/1080TI is a huge improvement. So progress is still there. It is just not going to happen every 6 month to a year. All in all I think there is reason to be very hopeful because I think there is much more headroom today in the area of coding improvements than hardware. The result I predict will cause us all to be pushed, kicking and screaming like a little girl, into the 21st century...finally!
  7. shivers9

    Vertex website is Live!

    Lots of questions! Let's not beat up Vertx and start reducing the price because of Navigraph data. At least let the thing get released. Vertx is , like all Flight Sim models confined to what the software will do. Many of us grew up flying in a cardboard box with a piece of broom stick and we could go right along with Sky King. I am sure we can find a way to live with this.👽
  8. shivers9

    Vertex website is Live!

    Before this plane is released, I would like to congratulate all the Beta Testers and Vertx Sims. You have done a great job in respecting the NDA! We are all completely confused and as excited as a 5 year old on Christmas Eve! I hate it and I love it all at the same time. LOL!!
  9. shivers9

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    Even stranger...I did not have this problem prior to upgrading my computer a few days ago. I am not sure I made any departures to the south between new build and loading Ver 4.4. I sure have it now!! LOL
  10. shivers9

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    I have a similar problem. I don't know all the locations I see mentioned but by any chance is there water in site of the pause area. When I take off to the south at KPNS just as I lift high enough to see the bay I get a pause. Using the normal orbx stuff. It just seams like it happens word not allowed it is trying to load water textures. I don't get the pause when landing from south to north passing over the same area. Edit ...I guess "when" is not allowed here on this site?? These guys are really sharp??
  11. shivers9

    Vertx DA-62 News

    Kind of a bummer. Hope they get things sorted soon. They must have run into a couple of last minute problems. I am sure they are excited to get this thing launched too. LOL I guess we will just "eat worms" and wait.😁
  12. shivers9

    In other PBR-related news...

    LOL I can remember being pretty happy to get a cold PBR or schlitz over in SEA even if they were in rusty cans that had been stored out in the rain. No Alum cans back then.
  13. shivers9

    Am I the only one?

    Yep...I have been there before. LOL I used to do a lot of bass fishing and ended up with a Ranger Bass boat that would do 68 MPH on the water. I also owned every lure known to man. I quickly realized that I was not catching fish anymore because Bass can't swim near 68 mph and so they could not catch up to bite all the lures. There is a life lesson in there somewhere I am sure.
  14. shivers9

    In other PBR-related news...

    LOL there is a long list of things the West Coast hipsters love but if I list them I will never be able to log in here again! Roll Tide!
  15. shivers9

    Am I the only one?

    Ya I hear you. I can always find a couple of $'s laying around. It is the sanity thing that holds me back. LOL