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  1. It is hard to imagine that anyone could discuss modern newspapers, reporters, or talking heads as though they are really relevent any more. Those days passed us by a long time ago.
  2. Wow! I can see that this is going to cause some misunderstanding for newer folks and one who have been away for a while. To be clear...Do not get out your solder gun. We the consumers do not need to solder anything!
  3. Yes Sir and it should be covered in the emergence procedures IMHO!! 🤣
  4. I have always been a bit surprised how many people with zero experience flying think that the Sim gives them the "experience", skills or feeling of flight. I have been lucky enough to do a bit of GA flying as well as some flights in many Air Force planes including the C130 and T38 just to name a couple. I have thought about it often and I really don't think I would enjoy flight sims unless I had the memory of those experiences. I guess those memories sort of fill in the blanks that sim flight presents. Things like Neg and Pos G's and turbulence and how restrained you are in the back seat of a T38 with straps, helment and G suite. The list is endless. I once was in the cockpit of a C130 with an engine fire over the ocean that took way to long to burn out after the fire bottles were used. Trust me when I say that was a busy few minutes up in the pointy end of the bird. Folks who say they can fly from flight sim experience alone are clueless. What they really mean is that they might be able to get it a ways off the ground until it hits something really hard. LOL
  5. Well if that explosion happens then it may have all been worth it. We shall see. I guess at this point I say...OK now show me. But if things kind of muddle along then as they have in the past then I have reservations. Having said all that I do think that overall ORBX has been a great thing for the hobby. I do appreciate that.
  6. In the beginning, and I am speaking only about the US, The big implied promise was for top quality scenery and products for the entire US. It is a given that they also try to cover many other places but after years now It's a two day flight in GA to get to one of their covered areas from Florida. I would have thought that they should have continued on that goal in FSX/P3D before moving to all the other fly by night start ups. That is my personal opinion. I do understand it's about money and customer loyalty means nothing in this small area of commerce.
  7. Yep...can't blame them for making a buck but someone has the wave the BS Flag. It was FSX/P3D users who made them what they are today. Then they kind of drop us and start on all the DTG, AFS2, X-plain and next I guess it will be scenery for Pacman, Kong and Goat Simulator. It has me thinking for sure.
  8. shivers9


    Man I live in Florida. Don't just yell Hurricane!😁
  9. LOL with that kind of Horsepower and the new GPU's we may finally get Pacman to run as it was intended.😂
  10. Jeroen....You have 1000's of post here. That means that you have "earned the right" to have opinions. I think you are getting a bit of blow back because many folks come here to learn from the vast experience from guys like you. You may just be a little pre-mature in your post. I have said before that maybe in 10 years or so we will all be flying AFS2 but for now they are not even equal to the trash that was DTG. It is just a bit unfare to mislead folks on what may be just another goat rope. All of that junk has done damage to the hobby already.
  11. OK you win!! LOL Here is a similar "benchmark" I have a 2012 Ford F150 that has to potential to fly at hyper-sonic speeds. I just have to wait on Ford to develope the engine and wing design and I will be all set. I will fly over and give you a ride when it is developed and released.
  12. Not only that....Orbx is just bouncing from Sim to Sim trying to suck up every dollar they can. Guy's we have already seen this Dog and Pony show with DTG. I use ORBX products but may just dump them when I do a rebuild soon. They have not released a product in years now ( in the US) that improve the general P3D Sim. Yes I know about the Airports... Just not my thing. IMHO as consumers, we would be much better off in the the long run to support our favorite sim with our dollars and stop chasing these pie in the sky start ups. This whole thing about AFS2 graphics and FPS reminds me of Carenado and their flying graphics with no systems to speak of. LOL we have all chuncked money down that black hole!!
  13. I am sure that there will be an emergency meeting at LM any day now that you have let the cat out of the bag so to speak. You are correct that P3D is far far behind the AFS2. I mean they are a reinvented I phone app for kids that has been adapted for use on a computer. The fact that it is a gutted version of an airplane game with poor systems, no weather or other features with over priced DL material and not much of that. If we are lucky then maybe P3D with "catch up" to this wonder product with Version 5. Come on my friend....really?
  14. shivers9

    who stole the plane

    Many here have either Civil or Military flight experience or similar training. We have been trained to only worry about the things we can control. Nothing we can do will effect the outcome so no need to be concerned. It is what it is.