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  1. Well I must say that I find this “update” is a real head scratcher. We are now 8 pages into discussion and so far I must say that this is somewhat of a nothing burger on a plain bun with no French fries. I have not seen any report of even the smallest change either good or bad from those who have “upgraded”. At best only a couple of folks have said that they “might” see a bit smoother performance but that is always subjective at best. I thankfully have a stable V5.3 working but I do find this whole sort of do noting upgrade to be followed buy a possible V6 that may be revealed at a June get together just plain strange.
  2. That’s great news! May be all those UFOs and Uaps that have been flying around will now tun on their transponders since they won't be breaking the speed limit anymore.
  3. Lol Ray…….”Never wrestle with Pigs. Even if you win, you both get muddy and the Pig loves it!!
  4. I have to wonder what would happen if we all went over to the MS 2020 forum and started to badmouth Bill Gates and Microsoft and how they have dumped their customers two or three times over the years. I suspect that the moderators would not let that go on. The fact that we are mature enough here in this forum that we would not do that makes me believe the future of P 3-D will continue to be very bright.
  5. I am not a techy guy but it may be possible for LM to expand or change its SDK and make it possible for developers currently supporting the MS2020 simulated simulator to more easily convert their work from MS add ons to work on P3d simulator. That would be the best of both worlds. Since MS and LM simulators share the same family tree then it should be possible and it is possible to place add ons both inside and outside the LM sim. OK...Techy guys.....blow my dream out of the water!!🙃
  6. Well I don't know if you are asking too much or not. I don't think it is going to happen but who knows. What I do know about us Flight Sim guys is that even if LM comes out with a new version 6 of P3D that comes with a set of the new magic exploding batteries now being flooded into the world and will give us real smoke and fire in our home cockpits then within hours of release there will be a roar here on the forums that we now have to buy our own fire suppression systems and fire bottles which is not fair and should have been included at no cost to us.
  7. Really?? LM is a Defense Contractor 1st and above all else. They are happy to share Prepar3d with the Sim world but for lots of very good reasons they have no desire to be mixed up with the silly stuff that has become the norm with a lot of online gamers and hackers. One needs to look no farther than this weeks news about Bud-NOT-so-wiser or even the American Government for a couple of reasons why that might be so.
  8. This is a fun thread while we wait to see where LM goes with V6.0 if it comes to real life at all. For once in my life as a simmer, I am glad to find that I am not in that group of hand wringers worried about the next release. Like many others I have said before that I could be happy with the current version for some years into the future if that is what it comes too. My hope would be that should I not like where the LM sim goes I will at least have a few years for MS to improve on their product. Win Win for me. We can all guess at what the next few months and years may bring from LM but we just really have nothing to base those guesses on. We know that LM is working on the new graphics program but none of us have a clue how that may be introduced into the sim. If you do know then you have a stack of NDA's as tall as your monitor laying there on you desk. LOL. We do know that for right now there are not many folks making add ons for P3d. We also know that in some form LM is going to have a flight sim. We also can be pretty sure that they have and will continue to contract for content for that sim even if we are no longer allowed to purchase those new releases. I personally have reason to believe that LM gives a lot more credit to the value of the inputs from users here in our hobby than some seem to believe. LM is a big company and as such are not going to have the time of even the desire to take the time to pet each of us on the head. This seems to really get some folks in an up roar but such is life. I look forward to seeing what comes next but for the first time in a lot of years of crashing into buildings, I see that whatever comes next will just be icing on the cake.
  9. LOL OK Adrian123....We will put you in the book as undecided or maybe....LOL!!
  10. What a very enjoyable thread. It is nice to hear from all the folks who are hanging in there with P3d or older versions. The longer I wait for V6 or whatever from LM, the more I find that I enjoy V5.3. I have become a real fan of the Vertx DA-62 and as time passes I am just more impressed with what a great job the developer did with that add-on. It is just a pleasure to fly either by hand or using the autopilot. Ray Proudfoot mentioned a while back that he used the Aivlasoft EFB with it for flight planning and sure enough....it is great stuff! Thanks Ray!! Like many have said the ground friction bug causes some problems with high power getting the thing rolling but other wise pretty sweet if you are into GA. I did run across a nice piece of software called GroundAssist for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D Copyright © 2012-2020 William Ruppel. You can get it here in the AVSIM Library. I some how missed it until I stumbled into it this morning. It is worth a look if you get tired of fighting with taxi speeds and throttle dancing with the light twins.
  11. It is easy to see why so many folks get caught up in the well known mental exercise of hand wringing over the next version of flight sims. It does not matter what version or platform you are using. Mark my words…..on the verY day that LM releases V6 there will be a lot of folks who down load it and will, as we have seen for years and years, post that man I hope V6.1 has this or they will post something like I am going to wait on V7.0. It is just something that we of humans seem to always do to ourself and yep I have done it too lol. I hope that l have learned that but who knows LOL We have to dance with the girl we brought to the party. Just pick the prettiest girl you can find and enjoy the music and her company.
  12. LOL and I was just thinking how well we have used our Anger Management skills and ability as Leaders here today. I was just down right impressed with the performance of all my Pals here today.
  13. Well thanks for that. I had no idea that us “crazy old P3d guys” have so much pull with a multi-billion dollar company. I think you may be giving us a little too much credit but just is case I am going to call LM today and tell them about a couple of changes that I have in mind for their proposed Mars station. I will let you know how that turns out. Lol
  14. I am with you all the way Ray! In the early days after the MS thingy was released, this hobby was making me crazy. At first I found out that I live about 2 blocks north of a fast internet connection. Next came all the MS promise marketing about sending a couple of French guys to airplane school and someday all would be wonderful. That is about when I waved the BS flag and starting getting my little home cockpit set up and starting upgrading my computer to the latest and greatest to run Prepar3d. I have never looked back and I know there are a lot of other folks just like you and I. I am pretty sure the LM will continue at much the same pace we have become use to over the years and that is just fine with me.
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