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  1. That was my thinking also. It's always a gamble. These days the only thing we can be sure of is how pretty the little blinking lights will look inside the case that no one else will ever see!!🙈
  2. I am speaking more of good components and good heat sinks. I have been guilty in the past of thinking the $130 MB will be "good enough" and saving a couple hundred dollars on the MB. I am now of the opinion, based on having sit through hours of reviews on memory and MB ratings and reviews, that these thing are more important now. My thinking is that because we are now pushing these chips and memory nearer to the limits the quality of the parts that goes into the MB is more important.
  3. Sorry I may have confused the issue with the 390Z. My real point is make sure the Z370 you mentioned is strong enough. It most likely won't make much difference in how the new computer performs just may be more durable and stable. At any rate your builder can best answer that for you.
  4. Yep....I am leaning towards getting just the 1080TI at this point to replace my 980TI which is over taxed running 4K monitor. It seems like the best choice for me because I fly only GA and don't get into a lot of FPS costly airport add ons. I do just fine with the ORBX free airport add ons. In the end I think we are going to take a hit in the wallet either now with the 2080TI or in a year or two. LOL just a matter of choosing when you want to deal with the pain.
  5. Hard to argue with this Kit. I too have parts on order to build an 8086K setup. My suggestion would be to talk with your builder about the MB. I decided to go with the more expensive Z390 (ASUS Hero in my case)because I want to give the 8086 every chance to perform to its max. Don't care about Brand. That is mostly personal choice. It's worth asking the question about a stronger MB even if you go with a 370.
  6. It just seems that the info we have at this point leaves some of us in between a rock and a hard place. If you feel that you just have to have a 9xxx at this point then the safe thing is to pay the $500.00 or $600.00 US for a top of the line board. It sounds like they may force enough juice through these things to make them clock slightly faster. The trade off is that now you have a computer that doubles as a furnace to warm you home and grill your hotdogs. At that point you may be looking at $400.00 or more to cool it back down. Something just does not seem right with this picture.
  7. Well my thoughts are that I am glad that I decided to stay very very far away from the 9xxx mess. If it is true that the Hero boards are the cause of the weird numbers then until proven otherwise, I have to believe that its not the fault of ASUS. I have done more research on this processor than anything I have ever bought computer wise and I have bought a bunch. No where and I mean no where did the 2nd graders who are running Intel say that to use this over heated boat anchor would require a Godlike $600.00 MB. Well that is my thoughts at least as far as I can post here.🤬 EDIT: It is like buying a Corvette and you pick it up at the dealer only to find out that the new one only have a 4 cy engine and no cooling system and oh by the way they cost 40% more than last years model.
  8. LOL that sold me on the z390. How can you turn down Auto overclock that is kitty cat resistant. My new 8086 build is in transit as we speak. Still up in the air as to 1080TI or 2080 for GPU.
  9. Thanks Rob. That all makes good sense as usual. It does however seem to me that you would have to be running some pretty insane settings on many ad ons like AS4 before P3D performance would suffer noticeably between 6 and 8 cores. That is actually a question.
  10. Bob I am ordering the 8086 today. Just makes good sense for P3D. What Mother board and Memory did you decide on?
  11. just know he is testing V4.4 LOL He is as slippery as a snake in a grease fight!🤣
  12. I am with in a few hours of making the same decision on the 8086K. I salute you on standing on your principle. I had high hopes for this new hardware and it will most likely turn out ok but I just am not very happy with all of us getting caught up in this fight between intel and amd (non-caps intended). Competition is fine and good for us all but it has got to the point that intel is now lying through outside hired companies. We now don't even know which testors to believe for sure unless they are the regulars here on AVSIM. Some folks call it marketing but as I have said before.....where I come from if you are not telling the truth then it is a lie....plain and simple. The fix is easy for me since I don't run the big tube liners and heavy airports. GA is a wonderful thing!! LOL
  13. Yep...I posted a week or two ago that we may be getting to the top of what can be improved performance wise with hardware at least with the Tech we know about. Both of the new cpu's and gpu's seem to indicate that.
  14. "only" may have been a bad choice of words. I think we were maybe expecting overclocks like we got used too in the past with solder. It's not in any way a bad product that I can see. Just a bit different than what many expected to see. It's early times yet. Still a lot to look at.😀
  15. Thanks... I am not into bragging rights for sure. I only fly GA and not really into the big heavy weight airport add ons and so that gives me a little more wiggle room than others. I was just looking at motherboards because they can make a big difference in the system. My stuff is getting old and I expect to make pretty large gains from bigger data pipes and faster memory and will spend a little extra to get some future proofing in case the RTX and the DLSS or what ever it is called actually works and makes it into P3D.