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  1. Probably will be 5.4 I really would like to get version six working because I would prefer that weather. Assuming hi-fi doesn’t dump on us also.
  2. It is all about making sure we all leave Lockheed Martin. Surely you guys can see that after what’s happened over the last 24 hours.
  3. Has anyone got Vertx DA-62 or Realair Legacy installed to V6?
  4. You thoughts and opinions are always welcome Sir. Good Day.
  5. LOL...I think I said that it was just something to consider. Must have struck a nerve for some of you guys. LOL Now that is some injected humor just for you. Do have a good day.
  6. I agree. That is why I find their actions today a bit odd. It won't cause the world to tip off it axis or anything.
  7. Yes...Grand conspiracies are term used today when some one does not agree with your thoughts questions or opinions
  8. It is odd that A2A and PDMG are so quick to get a statement out on their no-support. They usually never comment unless they are looking for a payday. One has to consider that they may just be part of a effort by the some of the Dev's to use this as a chance to force more people out of P3d to the other sim. After all each one that is moved is worth a lot of sales over on the other side. We are likely to see more of the big boys pushing the buttons over the next few days. There is just no way we will ever know for sure, but it is worth thinking about before you throw you credit card at them again.
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