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  1. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Hi, when external power is on, batt voltage raise from 25 to 28 volts and "Amps" raise from zero. Engine-System page. You did not left out anything critical IMO. Rudi
  2. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Brightness of the displays is not adjustable. When HDR is switched off, as recommended in the user guide, it is a little darker.
  3. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Hi @MatzeH84 first of all many thanks for your valuable contribution to this topic. I am with you in many points. No doubt, a dedicated user forum can have its advantages. No worry, guys. My intention never was and never is to block such a forum in general in any way. Not "the official way", not "behind the scenes". It is the decision of Vertx, if, when and what kind of forum will be raised. But I was personally addressed and accused by a posting, therefore I took the freedom to answer with my personal view, in my property as being an ordinary member here at AVSIM. From being a ordinary customer/forum user to being a forum mod and community evangelist for a simulator publisher, I have had the "joy" and at the same time more "pain" in my life to witness all kinds of "human factors" over a very broad span of view points. You do not get a good working forum "for free". Not at the user's side. Not at the operator's side. Cheers, Rudi EDRY
  4. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Dear Haseen, I also use Active Sky here, but for clouds I use Rex Sky Force. Used this for the first part of video part 4 C for example. Strange problem you have. You might try out what happens when you install Active Sky first, in a second step the DA62, so that the DA62 is the last one installed. I suggest the following steps: 1 - uninstall the DA62 2 - install AS, fire up P3D, perform a short test of Active Sky in Live Weather Mode. 3 - install the DA62 4 - test the DA62, but without AS running first. 5 - test the DA62 using AS now Cheers, Rudi
  5. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Dear Haseen, the three different possible types are not implemented:in the Vertx G1000: - hold at present position - hold at waypoint - hold at direct-to Cheers, Rudi
  6. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Dear Haseen, somewhat simplified: 1 - When map gets stuck, have a look into the DA 62 user guide page 22 (and 21). No need to use GLORR transition. NECIP (initial approach fix in this case) at 3000 ft MSL might be a good choice. 2 - "Vectors (to final)" means, (the ATC advised you) to perform a "direct-to" to the final approach fix LOTKE. For this approach, faf and glide path intercept point (this one you need) are identical. No inital approach or intermediate approach segment in this case. 3 - Allowing/performing descend to 2100 ft might be the solution in your case, and compare with video part 4B. The altitude at the glide path intercept point LOTKE is 2100 ft MSL. If you are too high, you are above glide path. No intercept possible. Might depend on nav data base which solutions are possible and if they work. 4 - Depends on your current position when activating (not selecting) approach if this makes sense. If yes, it should work. If it is a real direct to you might have to cancel direct-to first via menu 5 Two of several solutions how to enable waypoint sequencing of a GPS flight plan and what to look for you can watch (in another context) in video part 4C, start at 16:24 Cheers, Rudi
  7. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Dear Haseen, good to know. Thanks from my side for testing this. Cheers Rudi
  8. Dear Haseen, your questions have no relationship to Little Navmap anymore (there is also a LNM subsection here at AVSIM). "We" try to collect any questions regarding the Vertx DA 62 in this thread you might post your questions there. Or one of the mods might merge the threads. To include the ILS RWY 11 approach at VGSY only there is no simple way AFAIK. I use the nav data from and had a quick look, this approach is included, but I did not fly it, not sure if it works, if the data of "airport itself" "differ" from the nav data base, which might have caused the "parallel shift" you observed at VGHS, or if there are other issues. I moved from P3D default nav data to FSAerodata, and I do not know which scenery addons you have installed, to recommend an airport makes no sense IMO. Aero sors you use does not update approaches/procedures AFAIK. The P3D default data are from 2005, all major airports wordlwide have had ILS approaches to that date. Notably in Europe, US, Canada. EDDF, KJFK, KSFO, KLAX, KSEA, KATL... In the approach page of the Vertx G1000, you can change airport while on ground and have a look this way which approaches/transitions a particular airport has. Cheers Rudi
  9. Dear Haseen, it seems you do all right. The B200 seems to use a Navigraph nav data base, is completely different, comparison makes no sense. basically, you can watch part 4B and choose an ILS approach instead of DGPS LPV. It also demonstrates VNAV again, no need to engage this to fly an ILS. Note: CDI mode will change from GPS to LOC without pilot's action needed. GS has to be armed by the pilot as you already did. Rudi
  10. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    @jalbino59 I tried it several times by P3D shutdown (and several times reload a/c only), no problems here. Would be interesting what user "everyone" says... You might try to "reset ini files", user guide page 23.
  11. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    You might try the following: After changing/retracting flaps, do nothing for 10 seconds, notably not reload the aircaft, not load another one, not shut down P3D. Does this help?
  12. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    @ha5mvo your answer starts very friendly first, but then it drifts away into a lot of partly somewhat unfair accuses/assumptions into a lot of directions which have nothing to do with my posting, which still seems to apply. 1 - Let me point out that I have absolutely no problem when "simple" questions are asked. Many infos regarding the DA62 are widely spread over many postings and many threads. The DA 62 is a complex aircraft, and IFR/approaches are new to many. A lot of docs, overwhelming. I understand that it can be difficult to find an info or even get an overview, get things sorted out. I am glad when I can help, regardless if the same questions arise again and again. 2 - I do not "brush off" questions with a "RTFM answer". Do not declare this as the "RTFM" polemic usual in some communities. If I decide to post an answer, point to the user guide or to my videos as the optimal solution is my decision and has nothing to do with any kind of arrogance, taunt or criticism what, when and why someone asked. When I point to the Vertx user guide, my intention also is, that more and more users find out that this one is really very helpful, easy to understand, in a nutshell. A real guide, dedicated to the user. To open the user guide from an empty desktop takes 4 mouse clicks, less than 10 seconds. Type ctrl + f, "CTD", enter, 5 seconds. You find yourself at page 21. The CTD topic has a length of one and a half page, starts at page 21. Much better than if I would try to formulate all that in my own words. Why should I do this extra work? If the user does not understand what is written in the user guide or elsewhere, or has not gained an overview across several documents, or if a request can answered in a nutshell and this saves the questioner a lot of search, this is a completely different task. I am sorry that the CTD info did not help in your case, but it would have been nice to have gotten this feedback earlier, not several days and accuses regarding "lack of support" later and after I had to ask twice. Again, I expect a minimum of kindness, feedback and cooperation. I see no duty at my side to offer support, in your case definitely not anymore. See also here: Regarding support forums, my two cents (the PMDG section at AVSIM you mentioned is a very bad example, technically has absolutely no relationship with the common publisher's support forums): 1 - I do not want to register and to create a user account for every item I buy in my hopefully long life: In most cases as a non-customer, even in many cases as a customer, for write access, often even for read access, to the support forum of a publisher I have to register and to create a new user account, assign a new passwort, have to keep my records up to date. 2 - In many cases access is only granted after purchase. Even then access may be restricted to the product I own, no chance to have a look into the other forum sections. What about people who are interested, but do not own yet? How many users got interested in the Vertx DA62 as the result of the "enthusiastic" discussions here at AVSIM? 3 - In one "support forum" I have access complete threads "disappear" completely after a few days (get moved into a closed admin/mod section)! Thread list is always clean, not much problems/issues. A big bluff. Unacceptable information hiding in my eyes. And absolutely no help if someone has an issue and searches for informations. 4 - there are some publisher's forums which exhibit more or less censorship of any kind. This is definitely not the case at a public forum like AVSIM. I do not want to discuss here why many publisher set it up this way, in many aspects/cases this might be centered at the interests of the publisher, not the customers. Do not consider this as any kind of pre-judgement or pre-rating regarding a possibly upcoming Vertx forum of any kind. Therefore I prefer public forums in general. The lack of a "Vertx support forum" is not a "gap" in my eyes. I see absolutely no reason why AVSIM should not be the right place for "open discussions", nobody has ever hindered that here AFAIK, like in some publisher's forums. Even in such forums threads disappear from the front page after some time and the search function might have to be used. Regarding email support as an alternative, this is a decision of Vertx and the Vertx customer requesting support. No statements from my side.
  13. rudi0310

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    You did not do more than counting the pages of the user manual, but you know exactly that it is "insufficient"? 1000+ pages of docs are not acceptable for you, because they come frome the real thing, not Vertx, how strange is that? You ask, get answers, but do not try it out, or at least respond? You do not say "thank you" after others invest their private time and answer? What do you expect? That somebody searches the info for you, copy and paste and post one and a half page regarding CTD? Friendly people get friendly answers... Or are you just looking for a fight? No forum in the world can help you I guess, regardless of its name or where it is hosted. My personal impression so far. And personal view.
  14. Haseen, ok, it seems you config ILS manually, setting ILS freq, course and CDI mode by hand. Does white "LOC" status message turn into green? To be sure, localizer gets captured, and aircraft turns to a course of 144 deg? Not aligned with the runway centerline, "far left" means how much? Rudi
  15. Dear Haseen, thanks for the feedback. I can not say anything regarding "Sors", sorry, using FSAerodata here. I did not check that at VGHS so far using FSAerodata. From what you post, I do not know for sure if you armed really the approach or if you have set up ILS manually. To name only one question arising here regarding your query. Most time I try to answer such questions it ends up in that I perform several test flights regarding the flight plan in question and at other airports/under different conditions to compare. All in all most time work for several hours. This represents my understanding on how to process such queries. I produced these videos, 110+ hours of work. And took care of the AVSIM community during pre-release, during the "release night" and after release. And perform beta tests. All in all a "24/7" task. I try to help were I can, but have to limit that in time from now, regarding the actual conditions. There are other tasks I have to take care for also. I ask the AVSIM community for understanding. I am a beta tester on a volunteer base. Regards, Rudi, South West Germany