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  1. @Piohib The SODE xml is there but the corresponding simobjects are missing
  2. ummm… I see really nice photoscenery under milky, washed out skies.
  3. Not sure that GPU of yours is up to the task.
  4. I'd be very careful in selecting the AI models to be absolutely sure they are compatible with your platform, namely older models in p3d. Otherwise you’re in for a CTD fest - be warned!
  5. @raffaele You can expect HALF as many frames on the bus as you get for the Maddog -x. As Dave said, if you're happy with that , its your call.... but I honestly can't see how you might enjoy it with such performance.
  6. David, Even the best intentions won't speed up his 3.2 GHz cpu. What help can they offer? I predict that his specs could yield single digit frames or low teen as best case scenario. I think very highly of the FSL bus, but its an expensive and demanding addon and realistically the OP might very well be in for a bitter disappointment.
  7. Your system won't manage it. I don't remember the minimal specs as published by FSlabs but either way, its performance hit is significantly greater than that of the Leonardo maddog or the old NGX for that matter.
  8. OK, If its only the UK and not SODE, then the next step would be to disable one by one the UK sceneries you have. (or disable them all and reactivate them one by one...)
  9. Just shooting in the dark, but do you run SODE? If so, try disabling it to see if it makes a difference. I remember having similar issues . though it was long ago. I can vaguely recall it had something to do with SODE and EGKK but nothing more than this.
  10. What happens if you bump up AA one step at a time? At what point does it peg up the gpu?
  11. UTL doesn't create any files. It uses its database and injects traffic in real time. UTL has no traffic files as such. The immediate suspect then, as I suggested are those 3 additional files. Maybe they are leftover from another traffic program? Reintroduce UTL and see what happens.
  12. Dave, How likely is it to have the same flight numbers in aig and utl?
  13. Don't know what traffic_sat contains but is it possible that traffic_destination/origin contain the same flights? what happens if you deactivate them? btw, caouldn't understand what you had written, no habla Turkish.... 🙂
  14. check your AIG AIM traffic folder for a duplicate bgl file. UTL seems to have nothing to do with it.
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