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  1. ha5mvo

    PFPX 2.0 OUT

    Was the best planner at the time. Since the advent of simbrief I haven’t used it at all. what does it offer that simbrief can’t do?
  2. ha5mvo

    external frame rate limiter

    I use NI to cap the frames at 30 (HT off it that's relevant) and I observe a significant difference for the better when it comes to microstutters with FR capped. Might not apply to all, but it certainly makes a difference for me
  3. ha5mvo

    NECROPOST:Horrendous FSDT LAX ground texture

    To be honest I get that effect with dynamic lights in many airports, none of which is FSDTs (I have none). I always took it for a general shortcoming with the way dynamic lighting interacts with some asphalt textures.
  4. For Serbia and Montenegro there are sceneries from the now defunct FlyHigh Sim for LYBE and Tivat. They work just fine in P4D and of decent + quality (as well as being freeware now). Kiev's Boryspil has also a rendition or reasonable quality (freeware),which, albeit being an FSX port over works just fine in P4D.
  5. One thing I find surprising is the lack of community shared configuration files, considering the popularity of this addon. Replacing the marshaler with a guidance system can greatly upgrade any given airport, especially with the marshaler stopping the aircraft invariably too short or too long. This is even more surprising given very little,if any, skill is required to produce such files using the tools provided by the developer
  6. ha5mvo

    Scenery glitch

    What happens if you try and slew the aircraft just a little bit?
  7. ha5mvo

    B737-800 cockpit sound

    go to the "sound" section in the FMC see if the device listed matches the one being used
  8. ha5mvo

    symbolic links

    Thanks Jack, Just one more question... Does that mean that whenever I update or change something on drive C things will take effect on E? And, If I want for instance to free up some space on C then I cut and paste say the "documents" folder from C to E , then create a symbolic link between "documents" in C and "documents" in E? Thanks again, Mike
  9. ha5mvo

    symbolic links

    Hi, Just got a new ssd in addition to the one I'm currently using, as its free space keeps getting smaller and smaller. Now, since the bulk of the occupied space belongs to p4d and its addons that reside in either scenery, addons or documents folders I'd like to move some of that to the new drive to free up some space on the C drive. I know one can create a sort of "link" or pointer in my p4d installation (residing on drive C) to keep the folder architecture intact, yet keeping the actual space occupying data on another drive (in my case E). So my question is really, how do I go about it?
  10. The need for a powerpack is IMO somewhat exaggerated. If you are missing an airline altogether, then there are tools already available, that will convert flightplans into the xml format which in turn could be incorporated into UTL. Now, I can't imagine someone constantly amending the existing database, especially for larger airlines with dozens if not hundreds of daily legs. If one has the intention of doing that, then I suggest he seeks the assistance of a professional other than a software developer.
  11. ha5mvo

    Lost all ATC centers

    Brandon, Mind checking if you also have the entry for the default Africa in place? While most people don't fly there, ORBX installers use that line as a reference to put their own vector entries so if you use orbx vector and that line is missing from the scenery.cfg... then there's the recipe for even more trouble.
  12. ha5mvo

    The worst experience with a 4K display

    Huge, if you get around serious clouds. its all a matter of trade offs between performance, shimmering/ jugginess and dynamic lights. As your blanket size is a given constant, you just need to decide which areas to cover and which to leave exposed.... btw, i’m contemplating a replacement for my aging 23” screen. I know I’ll get a 1080, probably larger (had 27” in mind) but other then that, what else should I look for? (Frequency, responsiveness etc.)
  13. ha5mvo

    Lost all ATC centers

    Ok, I have managed to trace the issue. Apparently, the scenery/world/scenery folder entry in the scenery.cfg file was missing. Once at it, I also discovered that the entry for Africa got deleted somehow. After restoring the world/scenery entry everything got back to normal, at least so far.... hope this helps.
  14. ha5mvo

    Lost all ATC centers

    I'm struggling with a strange issue, namely I had lost all the ATC centers (nothing suggested mid flight and with an IFR plan atc switches to "nearest airports list" once I should be handed to center, and the IFR plan disappears. Also, on map view there are no ATC boundaries whatsoever. My guess is that this is due to some corrupted bgl file, or the result of some scenery excluding or otherwise interfering with that info in the sim. I stumbled on a thread outlining the exact same issue in FSX from 2005 (I'm on p3d 4.2) but other than presenting the problem there was no solution there. I'd be much obliged if anyone has a clue or suggestion of how to go about it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling both scenery and content but to no avail.
  15. ha5mvo

    Maddog frame rate

    The issue with DL mostly stems from several factors, not just DL in itself. Those would be higher AA settings (anything SSAA) and overlapping light cones. Try lowering your AA settings wherever they are set (in sim or NI) and see how it effects your FPS and the way your sim looks (p3d requires high settings to generate decent visuals, that's the catch). As for the light cones , there's not a lot you can do about other than avoiding turning up all the lights together. Visually, landing lights on their own or taxi light alone will be bright enough for you to see what's ahead of you.