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  1. There seems to be a lot of demand for ATC. Rightfully enough, the default ATC is as bad as it gets but who uses default ATC? Currently there's no decent 3rd party ATC program so the default is all there is but eventually someone will make one. It's a good bet, that a 3rd party ATC program will be better than whatever ASOBO might come up with. Just like the weather in p3d, a third party developer will do a much better job than the stock offering.
  2. Physics!! First and foremost. They say they will fix the ground physics that are currently a joke. We’ll see how that goes. beside that, expose as much as possible to 3rd party developers. They’ll do a much better job in whatever it may be
  3. I wouldn't know about x-plane as I don't use it but why is it either\or ? what's stopping one from having both? isn't that what a "complete" simulation is about?
  4. Like this guy you mean? Start watching at about 2:08.... Maybe the both of us need more practice.... I bet we can use some advice from a senior fleet captain with 2100 hours behind him.....
  5. And way too much drag on descent...and way off on the pitch/power curve... or else why would they even bother to completely re-model the engine. Did you ever attempt to land it with a x-wind > 10? Heh, don't get me started... 🙂
  6. This really boils down to one's perception of "fun". the MD82 and the 737 are quite different than the airbus, the latter being heavily automated. Some may find an Airbus to be more "boring" while others would appreciate its excellent systems simulation, especially if you intend to use the failures feature. Won't go terribly wrong with either as they are the best the platform has to offer to date.
  7. What I am missing is the ability to cycle through a set of views, like you have with chaseplane, so one can bind those to a 4 way hat switch and run through a couple of “up”, “down”, “left”, or “right” views. As far as I understand, the whole camera system in msfs remains closed for 3rd party developers to improve upon, which is a shame really.
  8. There's a problem with the various videos, streams or "reviews", namely , that one can't get a balanced and objective review of a product in most cases. Drawbacks and faults are either not shown and mentioned or are mentioned very briefly if they are. Long gone are the days one could relay on an honest objective and balanced review as a guide for ones purchase choice. I suppose there are exceptions to this occasionally but they are few and very far between.
  9. That's perfectly fine! Perhaps I am indeed mistaken thinking this is more of a simulator than a game....
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