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  1. I wonder what's peoples experience with this new feature. I have the ORBX lights and didn't see a huge difference with this option enabled in either normal or dense setting. Furthermore, I kept getting plenty of DXGI hangs until I set the slider to off. To be fair, I can't say for sure this was the culprit as I changed some other things as well. Just wonder what others make of it being a new feature...
  2. No, it was made to run MS Office.
  3. what GPU? It's not unusual that under certain circumstances the GPU would go to 100% depending on settings, clouds, dynamic lighting, scenery etc. It's not normal ,however, if its at a default airport under clear skies.
  4. I have a very similar system (5800+ 6900) and I'm having lots of DGXI hangs with the F22 as well as the maddog especially with heavy scenery (EBBR EHAM for instance). Things were relatively stable on 5.1. I'm using the 21.5.2 drivers. Perhaps it's an AMD thing
  5. What do you mean by "overclocking to 4.8GHz" ? Isn't it supposed to boost to that frequency out of the box? or did you put it as a static speed? and if so, to what purpose?
  6. ORBX LDSP is a bad spot to have those tests. Can you reproduce this issue in a different airport?
  7. If you don't like the bulky D15. the U12A offers almost the same performance in a considerably slimmer package that also allows for better memory or GPU clearance. Expect it to be a bit noisier though.
  8. If I didn't I misunderstand the question, the frequencies you are quoting ARE with XMP profile enabled. What you call "stock" speeds are much slower and you will see performance degradation if you don't enable XMP profile. Most likely you won't see any tangible difference between the two sticks. Sometimes AMD chips have issues when running some RAM sticks < 3600 but that's not the case with intel. Check the manufacturers compatibility list.
  9. Good luck, though the hung error isn’t card specific. Ive been getting quite a few of those with a 6900xt as well
  10. It may not recognize it automatically but you can manually point it at the application
  11. Heat is not an issue on the 5600x due to its low power consumption. Not the case with the 5900 and 5950 which draw approx. twice as much power. The 5800x is even worse in that regard as all this power (read : heat) is spread overasingle core cluster
  12. Can't say I'm blown away with the 5800x. it's a nice chip but AMD seem to overvolt their components and as a result they run as hot as hell! The same applies to AMD video cards , BTW. I had to cut down on voltage to keep it cool, even though I have some decent air cooling. I guess I can optimize things with the optimization curve but for one, their bios for the 5000 series has not stabilized yet and second, I don't really have the time nor patience for running many hours of stability tests.
  13. AMD chips don't like slow memory. Before you buy anything slower than 3600MHz MAKE SURE it is on the manufacturers compatibility list
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