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  1. Have You checked Your USB power settings ? Check for all USB devices in the Device manager -> uncheck the option "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".
  2. In this video is shown that Anisotropic filtering on/off in MSFS2020 does has an effect regardless is it is set in the Nvidea control panel or not, but I guess it enhances it doing so: MSFS - NEW VR SETTINGS 2024 - The Holy Grail Tweak for VR in Microsoft Flight Simulator (youtube.com)
  3. I have seen somewhere that when using DLAA / DLSS it´s important to set texture quality in the Nvidia control panel to high quality. Also set Anisotropic filtering to 16x in both MSFS2020 and the Nvidia control panel.
  4. Yeah - Your right Speech recognition is not mandatory with P2ATC. I think Asobo has given up on proper ATC because so many 3rd party apps are in the works - so why should they bother doing something that probably won´t be as good as these. With Sayintentios.ai You don´t need to say exact phrases. It simply feels very natural to speech to the controllers f.ex asking for You destination Tower frequency, Active runway, vectors to Your destination and so forthe. You don´t need a list with the exact phrases, just ask naturally and the will give a proper answer - it´s almost scary 😲.
  5. I took the plunge at bought a subscription for Saiintensions.ai after having tried it for 24 Hours. In a former post in this thread I said I found it too expensive, still find it expensive, but it seems the developer hasn´t much of a choice. The reason I bought it is that it really is the best ATC experience I got so far. Voices ar natural and communication with the controllers works absolutely fine, even when the "raw" detected speech from me is a bit garbled. Though the speech from me is garbled, the App seems to be quite good guessing what my intentions / request are. The problem I had with P2ATC is that proper speech recogition is mandatory for it to work. I often have to repeat myself too many times to feel immersed. The only issues I have seen so far, is getting wrong taxiways for taxiing from / to the runway. and sometimes it doesn´t get the destination name right when f.ex asking for vectors to a certain Airport (F.ex. Salzburg might become Sullesberg etc., probably because of my dialect or bad English pronouncements). But You can always use ICAO codes i.e LOWS (Lima Oscar, Whiskey, Sierra).
  6. Try this folder: C:\ProgramData\TDS\GTNXi\FPL
  7. It seems that PRO-ATC/SR has been forgotten by both the community and the developer himself.
  8. I use P2ATC too and find it quite good. Sayintentions.ai looks good, but doesn´t seem to control AI traffic - I also find it too pricey - 30$ per month is outside my budget. Beyond ATC looks quite promising, but who knows how good / buggy it will be when released. FSHud seems to be great too, but it doesn´t offer speech recognition. I have also used PRO-ATC/SR, but it seems more like a port over from P3D, just with added speech recognition that feels canned. Until further I look forward to Beyond ATC and hope it will be released soon.
  9. Yeah - the release felt a little rushed when both the TBM850 and the FS Reborrn M500 was released.
  10. It could have been implemented with the option to turn it On/Off. Beside the slider for TLOD, OLOD and Cloud Quality setting, a simple tick box, called Auto, could have been added. Optimizing graphics is also when not rendering things in the distance, that cannot be seen anyway, when You are on the ground.
  11. Instead of choking Your work that way, they should have reached out to You, asking You to help implement it into the sim instead. If they had been more clever, they would have added this in the early days of it´s release.
  12. I agree Smooth-Flight seems to have been "stolen" from 2 other Dev's without mentioning of these. The code was open source, but normally one would put a note up in the description who the original Dev's are. So I stick to Auto-FPS
  13. Yeah i wonder about the coincident of now having two apps doing almost exactly the same, just with different UI's. Is one of them code stolen from the other ? I think ResetXPDR's Dynamic LOD and Auto FPS came first.
  14. Not to be negative in any way, but.... I just wonder what this new non EFB can do that other Aircraft addon EFB's can´t. As far as I can see other kown EFB's for A320's BAE-146, MD-82 etc. has almost the exact same functions.
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