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  1. Instead I re-installed FS2Crew and it seeme that it fixed the issue. But thanks for the quick reply. FinnJ
  2. After updating the PMDG 747-400/8 the 06.January and with FS2Crew enabled - I get a CTD on exiting P3D V4.4. This does not happen if FS2Crew is disabled. Finn Jacobsen
  3. Just a headsup.... When I exit P3D V4.4 using the 747-400/8 and FS2Crew is enabled. It does not happen with FS2Crew disabled. I will post a bug report in the FS2Crew forum ! Finn Jacobsen
  4. Wothan

    VERTX DA62 Update

    Such a support forum would not necessarily mean the Sean & Co should be around there much. It should be a place where users help users and changelogs, release announcements, etc. could be posted.
  5. In my post I never said I was bashed by the developers, there are enough users around to bash posters with either positive or negative critisism. As a former FS developer, I know how much work there is put tino addon aircraft, but that also holdes true for every other developement team. My initial post was not put pressure on the release of the upcumming PMDG update, quote me where I did that, I have no problem waiting on the update. My only mission, and all I did, was to correct the accusation that the Maddog X only had 3 models, while the PMDG 747-400/8 had 21. The outcome was the common feedback from other users that don´t like to see any critical (positive as well as negitve) feedback or corrections. This is a very common beahviour in this forum, but very selvdom in other support forums, be it A2a, Leonardo, Majestic or elsewhere. As said numerous times - I´m a big fan of the PMDG Jetliners (I own the 737, 737 expansion, 747-400/8, 777-200/300 and DC-6) and regard them as benchmark addons, but that said I still feel other developers are doing as good a job on their favorite aricraft marks as PMDG. Pointing ot bugs or possible bugs, or request for features or enhancements are just more well recieved in the other forum than here - at least thats my many yearlong experience, otheres might see it differently. Once again though, my post, which only was about a correction turned into a string of unfriendly feedback. Now I will keep quiete and just look forward to the upcomming update and fly the PMDG beauties instead of lingering here. Happy New Year to all of You btw...
  6. Wothan

    VERTX DA62 Update

    Nowhere - thats what I suggest they should make !
  7. Wothan

    VERTX DA62 Update

    Even better - a support forum for Vertx.
  8. I did read his entire post. In all fairness I just wanted to point out that the Maddog X has more than just 3 models, as stated in various posts - I did not mean to be trolling. Not that there are big differences, but still.... I´m actually a fan of PMDG's products, but that does not make me a FB. I dont like to live in a cheesebell, so therfore I also use other developers addons, and during recent years a handfull of addons has come to life that are very close to, and even as good as the PMDG products - the Maddog X being one of them. Problem here is that You cannot give any kind of critic without being bashed, not even even critics that are meant as a help to further enhance the great products PMDG are making. The general attitude, in f.ex Leonardos forum, is just more approachable and friendly - even if You point out bugs and features You would like to se fixed or enhanced.
  9. I didn´t think it was allowed to talk about competitors products in the PMDG forum, or compare them to PMDG. The MD-82 / 83 / 88 are not just 3 models There are two engine types for the MD-82 and each version also comes with two different tails (Flat and Cone). 4 possible MD-82, 2 possible MD-83, 2 Possible MD-88 = 8 versions.
  10. Cause its easy for most to compare it that way.
  11. Wothan

    Short freezes & FSUIPC autosave

    I don´t know the computer system You run, or the ones You had before, but I have been around flightsims for many years - also as a developer, and the freezes from FSUIPC Autosave have been reported by many users with all kind of FS versions and addons. So - maybe Your one of the lucky ones, who never have seen this, but depending on Your system, whenever FSUIPC Autosave saves something to disk, it will take resources away from running the sim, and might cause a stutter or even freeze for a moment. Antivirus can exaggerate this, as well as the type and speed of Your disk, and the utilisation of Your CPU.
  12. Wothan

    Short freezes & FSUIPC autosave

    It has been a problem also for FSX, P3D V1, V2, V3 and V4.x. Simply disable it.
  13. Wothan

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Have You checked the amount of cross wind ? In a relative slow aircraft You will have to crab alot more than in an airliner to follow Your course.
  14. Wothan

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Neither arrival/departure procedures or TCAS are featured in the Vertx DA62, but they might be added in a future update.
  15. If You feel Your in the right job - then You will almost always feel it as a day off 😄 Finn Jacobsen