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  1. I find it looks great with my Oculus Quest 2 (Render resolution at 80 and SS at 1.6). Dials are perfectly readable and so are the text for the various switches and controls. It's not a "Wow" feeling, but it looks nice (and worn if You like that, though it can be changed to a less worn look). I haven´t flown alot in it yet, but so far I really like it.
  2. I´m in the same boat... Comming from FSX and P3D, I never believed that I would buy products from Carenado. But the lack of 3rd party aircraft addons for MSFS2020, combined with some positive feedback from happy buyers, made me give it a try. For sure Carenado aircraft are not on the same level as the A2A aircraft, but for the price I still got nice looking models that perform what I feel would be realistic. So now I own the Mooney, Seminol and Waco and is quite satisfied, though I look forward to see what A2A will add to MSFS2020.
  3. Strangely I have no problems taking off. I keep the stick fully aft and does not even have to put much rudder in, other than for steering down the runway. On the left side just aft and beneath the trim wheel, there is a lever for tailwheel locking, but there is no click point and no animation, so I guess the real world Waco has a tailwheel lock, but Carenado forgot to "activate it in regards to click spot and animation..
  4. Thanks for Your great efforts to enhance this Aircraft !! Looking forward to the update. I had a flight from EKBI-EGLC yesterday, that worked really fine, despite the SID wasn't interpreted right - but t´s beta so no sour mines here. Thanks so far - and don´t forget to enjoy the Holidays with the Family.
  5. Why should they make entire new code if the one from FSX/P3D is working and simulating the aircraft as realistic as they strive to ? I´m sure that most, if not all, modelling and texturing is from the ground up. Same with the FDE. Most probably alot of the code that is in the older PMDG 737NGX has been "ported" over to the newer versions. Why start from scratch, if the previous code is generally ok and only needs some added features, enhancements and partly re-coding of areas that has been found to be wrong or simplified in the older code. Coding from scratch would be like re-inventing the wheel.
  6. It´s a bit pricey, so I rather wait a few days and will search for reviews. But from what I have seen and read so far, this little aircraft simply needs to got into my addon collection. I´m still on P3D V4.5 and also have MSFS2020 installed. MSFS2020 looks really great, but apart from alot of addon airports allready available, there are no commercial Aircraft addons worth buying so far, which only makes MSFS2020 usefull for VFR flights. So I guess for quite some time, P3D is still the way to go when flying IFR.
  7. I was looking forward to this release. Though I had the original B314 from Pilots, the CD and it´s serialnumber has been put in the bin for a long time ago. At some point I also got Pilot´s FSGRW for FSX, but has not used it for years and also got new PC's inbetween, so the installer and serial/registration number als has been deleted. Though I am registered at Pilot´s site, I never got these products registered, so it seems I have to wait until the B314 will be released for the public. Good thing is that I then will have plenty of time to read reviews / previews of it and thus might safe myself from putting money into something that is tested not to be what I am looking for.
  8. The option to choose between Imperial, Metric and Hybrid only seems to affaect weight and fuel units (Lbs/Kg Gal/Lbs/Liter) Barometric unit seems unaffected. atleast setting to Hybrid still gives me InHg instead if HPa for both the Glasscockpits and ATC. The sharpening filte for the grahics also still looks too much, so I had to disable it in the UserCfg.opt file.
  9. My system toggles fast between "Limited by main thread" and "Limited by GPU" I see this as my system and settings being properly balanced. I run most settings on Ultra, but has lowered the most FPS demanding settings to High. With the Cessna 152 over Orbx 1S2 Darrington , I see ~70 FPS, but over London (Orbx London City P + Orbx Land marks) I get around 50 FPS. This is with 1920x1080 resolution.
  10. For me the startup time is not that bad, but I wonder why we need to "Press any key". When I click on the icon on my desktop, I do so because I want to use the simulator. Asking me to "Press any key" makes no sense, since there aren´t any options to back out at that point.
  11. For a 2020 title I had expexted a much better ATC, I will even say that it is worse than FSX/P3D.
  12. Alot is missing on all Garmins for them to function properly. North up /Track up function Map options FLP functions buggy. Just to name a few.
  13. I guess this has to be expected. Airliners ar more complex, both 3D model wise and system wise. t has always been like this in MSFS and P3D
  14. Regarding the Mixture levers, I have to defend AH on those. I´m not sure how much they do to the engines management / simulating engine degradation. As the former developer of the Aerosoft Catalina, I did the same to the mixture levers, though without any locking mechanism. The reason is that by using xml for coding, features, like sparkplug fouling, carburator icing, engine power degradation etc.. the only option is to manipulate the fuel mixture. For aircraft like the DC3/C47 and Catalina (and most other vintage prop aircraft), You are lucky as a developer to have mixture levers that are using detends, i.e Cutoff, Auto Lean, Auto Rich & Full and set them via custom variables and then manipulate the mixture in the background. In normal operation You can control the mixture according to the mixture lever setting, but You can also lean the mixture to the point where engine starts to run rough / loose power, without seeing this in the cockpit. Caveat though is that it is best for the user not to assign any hardware lever to mixture settings, since with xml code the axis input would intervene with the code. A work around for the current need to click the interlocks on the mixture levers, would be to only animate these interlocks as You click and drag the levers, so no need to click on them, they simply just get's animated as activated as You move them. In normal operation You don´t move them anyway, only between Auto Rich and Auto Lean. The same could be done to the gear mechanism. If they want to please the purists, they could make this optional i.e "Auto interlock activation" On/Off
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