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  1. Regarding the Mixture levers, I have to defend AH on those. I´m not sure how much they do to the engines management / simulating engine degradation. As the former developer of the Aerosoft Catalina, I did the same to the mixture levers, though without any locking mechanism. The reason is that by using xml for coding, features, like sparkplug fouling, carburator icing, engine power degradation etc.. the only option is to manipulate the fuel mixture. For aircraft like the DC3/C47 and Catalina (and most other vintage prop aircraft), You are lucky as a developer to have mixture levers that are using detends, i.e Cutoff, Auto Lean, Auto Rich & Full and set them via custom variables and then manipulate the mixture in the background. In normal operation You can control the mixture according to the mixture lever setting, but You can also lean the mixture to the point where engine starts to run rough / loose power, without seeing this in the cockpit. Caveat though is that it is best for the user not to assign any hardware lever to mixture settings, since with xml code the axis input would intervene with the code. A work around for the current need to click the interlocks on the mixture levers, would be to only animate these interlocks as You click and drag the levers, so no need to click on them, they simply just get's animated as activated as You move them. In normal operation You don´t move them anyway, only between Auto Rich and Auto Lean. The same could be done to the gear mechanism. If they want to please the purists, they could make this optional i.e "Auto interlock activation" On/Off
  2. Small update on my testing regarding the starting issue. The Magnetos do not work right... With the switch initially at OFF this happens: Set to OFF: Left is OFF, Right is OFF --> Correct Set to LEFT: Left is ON, Right is OFF --> Correct Set to RIGHT: Left is ON , Right is ON --> Wrong !! Left should be OFF Set to BOTH: Left is ON , Right is ON --> Correct Now turning opposite: Set to BOTH: Left is ON , Right is ON --> Correct Set to RIGHT: Left is ON , Right is OFF --> Wrong !! Left should be OFF and Right be ON Set to LEFT: Left is OFF, Right is OFF --> Wrong !! Left should be ON and Right be OFF Set to OFF: LEFT: Left is OFF, Right is OFF --> Correct Also the new 2D panel for setting Cold & Dark etc.. has some errors with certain internal P3D switch settings, as well as some missing inorder to sync it to the sim. At some point I saw both Alternators being OFF, which they never should be
  3. I did not say that the AH DC3 is without bugs. Actually I can´t get it started either. My comments about that their procedure was almost right (apart from the mixture) is still true. By that I mean the procedure shown in the manual. As a former FSX/P3D developer, I have looked into the xml code, and found quite a few errors in the coding. I will try to find out what causes the problem for the startup, by reading some of the sim variables. All in all both modelling and coding doesn´t live up to price tag in my honest opnion. Texture load has gone down using the SD textures, but GPU load is at 99%, which probably is due to excessive drawcalls, either due to excessive polygon count or the use of materials.
  4. No.... While there seems to be some issues that makes it hard / impossible to start the engines, the way it works in the AH DC3/CH47 isn´t wrong. Note that hardly one DC3/C47 equels another. There are many variations for panel layoiuts and actual switches. Some had alternators with no cockpit switchs for those, while others had generators with switches and so on. The only thing that is different between the AH DC3/CH47 and a real DC3 (the version they simulate) is that mixture should be set before cranking the engine and switch the Magnetos on.
  5. Thats not how propeller and engine relates. There is no clutch that detaches the propeller from the engine. The magnetos are not turned on before You have seen 15 blades passes by, and in the real aicraft the mixture lever should be in cutoff. The fuel primed by the primer pump should be enough for the engine to catch, and then You will move the mixture from cut off to Full or Auto rich. But the mixture thing does not work in P3D (A2A aircraft can do that via Accu-sim). The ENERGIZE switch power the starter motor, which has a flywheel. Normally it should be given 10-15 seconds inorder for it to spin up, since it would draw too much power if it had to spin up itself plus the engine with prop. Then switch the MESH switch for the starter to engage the Engine (with the attached propeller).
  6. With SP 1.1 I got it started once, but then not again. And why haven´t they succeeded in making a proper cold and dark setting in order to be sure to start from the correct setup - since many controls are inderectly linked to P4D events with no proper syncronisation when loaded ? Even with SD texrtures, my GPU usage over time reaches 99% and it becomes a stutterfest. Not even the PMDG 737NGXu consumes the level of VRAM and GPU load that is seen with this addon.
  7. PTA works flawless for me with HF3. I have not seen better FPS with HF3, but it might be hardware dependent.
  8. I could use some advice on the landing gear operation. I have no problems lowering or raising the landing gear, but I cannot find out how to set the gear lever in neutral. According to the manual, after having raised the landing gear, the landing gear lever should by lowered to the mid posistion and the latch should automatically snap from unlatched (Full up) to latched (Mid) position, but I cannot get it to work.
  9. I´m a bit eager to hear some first buyers reports too. While P3D(FSX) isn´t very god at Helicopter simulation when it comes to single rotor systems, the coaxial rotor system might be easier simulated for P3D. I´m also interested to get some reports on how deep and realistic the Helicopter systems are simulated i.e electrical, hydraulics, engine start etc.
  10. Before I buy... How does it perform FPS wise compared to other high end addons (i.e Flight1 KA B200, Majestic Dash-8 Q400, Aerosoft CRJ Pro, PMDG 737 NGXu etc.) ?
  11. I wonder how people can expect all addons to be compatible from day 1 or 2 after an P3d update or hotfix ? Many - if not most, developers are making addons and tools in their sparetime, and has a normal job, family and other stuff to take care off.
  12. Simple question... I have GSX Level 2.... What do I get with UGCX, apart from (maybe) a more refined pushback feature, that I not allready have with GSX ? Don´t get me wrong, I have a number of FS2Crew products, that I´m very happy about, but I have the feeling that UGCX is very much doing the same that GSX allready does for me. Note that I´m on a Danish Win7 system, so the voice recognition feature is out of the question for me anyway.
  13. Thats what I also have done. As far as I know, doing this means that the textures will only be loaded at that size, so it´s not necessary to resize them, other than reducing the storage size on HDD or SSD. With 2048 I made a test flight over Hamburg, and it ran smooth as always, but looked alot better. Also autogen is very repetitiuous, but though there might be hundreds of the same building, the texture for those is only loaded once.
  14. Sure.. It also works the way I flew my last Route. So it´s more a matter of understanding how FS2Crew acts and get into deeps with real procedures. Sometimes the documentation (AOM) is a bit unclear.
  15. I cannot use Voice control since I´m on a Danish Win7. I just made a flight from EDDL-EKCH. At acceleartion altitude (1500ft) I lowered the pitch and the sequnce for FS2Crew worked nicely. But the Flaps/Slats retract calls do not come above the retraction speed on the FS2Crew panel, but appears when still climbing at V2+10 (FD command bars in TAKEOFF/TAKEOFF MCP mode) right after the NAV call. The sequnce, as I tried it now - works, but I find that Fs2Crew should check the speed before giving the options to call Flaps and Slats retraction, maybe 5-10 kts before reaching them.
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