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  1. All of this sounds very familiar, sadly. I’ve used MSFS in its various iterations since about 1995 and the issue has been the same since Intel ran into thermal limits so the marketing guys started promoting the virtues of multiple cores instead of clock speed. Clock speeds stopped their near-exponential rise. This wrecked the design principle of MSFS’s main code, which was written when everyone assumed CPU speed would double every 18 months or so. All this extra processing power from additional cores is genuine, but it’s largely theoretical for apps like MSFS which do most (not all, but most) of the work on a single thread. As currently engineered, what MSFS craves above all else, is raw CPU speed. I think it’s a pity that Asobo seems to have borrowed so much of the old code. What MSFS needed, was a ground-up rewrite with imaginative use of multiple threads to leverage the kind of processing power actually available these days.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. So it seems that nobody here can think of a good or sufficient technical reason for this way of doing things .
  3. There are three aspects to my question: 1. Why can’t updates be a one-step procedure rather than having to launch updates from separate apps (MSFS and the MS Store) and from separate places in the same app (MSFS update screen and MSFS Marketplace)? 2. Why can’t updates be smaller? Hardly anything in the code changes with each iteration, we are certainly not seeing gigabytes of new coding with each download - so why can’t we have a small download that changes the bits of particular files that need updating, instead of wasting so much bandwidth? 3. Why are updates mandatory?
  4. Game vs sim: a game, obvs ... BUT not 100%: Years ago I went with a friend to play on BA’s proper 737 training simulators at Heathrow (they don’t even fly the 737 these days so must have been a while back). My friend was a real world pilot in small planes. I had no real world experience, just hours of “gameplay” in flight sim with the PMDG 737 add-on. IMO the verisimilitude was impressive. It was easy and intuitive to move from PC desktop controls to operating the real thing. In fact in some ways it was easier: the trim function was much easier thanks to the physical feedback from the plane. And guess who nailed the best landings / cross-wind landings? And who handled the wind shear? The supervisor couldn’t believe it. just sayin’ 🙂
  5. I also had this issue with my x52 pro. In my case the solution was simple: unplug the controller. Plug it in again.
  6. Lots to fix in this sim but credit where credit is due: kudos to MS for getting this close to the real thing on such a complex system in a default plane IMHO. Not per PMDG standards of course and it doesn’t follow the textbook in all respects but it got the thing on the ground safely for me in a flight from EGLL to EHAM. What I did: manually set ILS frequency in the CDU. Approach rwy 18C from the north east, ignoring the chart and reaching OA at a shallow angle (approx 220 degrees) , 2000ft, HDG SEL with LOC armed (this engaged all three autopilots) at 180knots. MSFS captured the localiser then naughtily switched itself to APP mode without my intervention. However, it successfully intercepted the GS from below. ROLLOUT and FLARE modes armed and correctly annunciated. Touchdown was not quite right: touchdown point too close to threshold, attitude not quite right, slight bounce. Framerate unimpressive numerically (mid-teens to mid-twenties on approach: usually GPU limited but becoming CPU limited on approach) BUT fluidity was fine so no harm done. Live weather: lots of cloud: a complex sky. This is on a 8086k at 4.9g on all cores, HT on, 32g RAM at 3200 14-14-14-31 n1, 1080Ti, 4K display, default ultra settings across the board but vsync off.
  7. Yes it might be related to, or a symptom of, the acknowledged bug which crashes the sim when connecting or disconnecting peripherals. How anything this elemental got past alpha beats me.
  8. In case it works for anyone else: I have unpaired my Bluetooth Microsoft Surface Curve Keyboard and Precision Mouse, and substituted a wired USB mouse and keyboard. Before: random CTD always within about 60 mins. Now: about 5 hours so far without any CTD.
  9. User of flight sim since about 1995. Never experienced anything like the chaos of this release. Downloading crashes every 15-20 mins and needs restarting, but might be due to server overload so some leeway on this. But once eventually installed, the sim itself is just not ready: 1. No joystick presets (or, if it works for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone - which is inconsistent and therefore worse). 2. CTD - in my case, I’ve only been able to fly once without a CTD. Reinstalled : same issue. The excuse that “it’s early” is not acceptable : if it’s ready enough to take money for, it should work without this kind of nonsense. My verdict is that this obviously shows promise but it has the feel of a product that’s still in quite early alpha: not even beta. My conclusion: wait - probably quite a long time - for this to become market-ready. Or, if MS’s track record here is anything to go by, abandoned.
  10. Nonsense and please cut the patronising tone! I put in a ticket and have had no response from your company whatsoever.
  11. Not to mine 😕 And yet some people are getting multiple activation keys - perhaps one of them was meant for me 🙂
  12. We are all, always, expected to "give them some time" and accept whatever excuse they come up with. That forgiving attitude was fine, when this was just a hobby and add-ons were made as much for love as money. But these days they run this show as a 100% commercial outfit, charging prices that would have been unthinkable when many of us started out. That's fine, but the corollary is that they should not expect to get away with cocking-up on something this basic. It's not remotely acceptable.
  13. I also had a timeout (after inordinately long checkout procedure) but have had receipts from PMDG and Amex - yet I have no download link in "Order Details" page.
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