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  1. Nonsense and please cut the patronising tone! I put in a ticket and have had no response from your company whatsoever.
  2. Not to mine 😕 And yet some people are getting multiple activation keys - perhaps one of them was meant for me 🙂
  3. We are all, always, expected to "give them some time" and accept whatever excuse they come up with. That forgiving attitude was fine, when this was just a hobby and add-ons were made as much for love as money. But these days they run this show as a 100% commercial outfit, charging prices that would have been unthinkable when many of us started out. That's fine, but the corollary is that they should not expect to get away with cocking-up on something this basic. It's not remotely acceptable.
  4. I also had a timeout (after inordinately long checkout procedure) but have had receipts from PMDG and Amex - yet I have no download link in "Order Details" page.
  5. I have bought this product but there is no download link in the "Order details" page. What's going on?
  6. ... as an update : download eventually “sped up” to >6MB/s so it’s propagating nicely 🙂
  7. “Counterpoint” is fine. Condescending add-on about MB vs Mb totally uncalled for .
  8. Thanks for getting straight to the heart of the matter 🙄
  9. Really?? <100KB/s here in London, even using a 370MB/s fibre-optic internet connection.
  10. Wow no I’ve never thought it worthwhile but 20C is huge.
  11. 38-50C in normal use, 80-98C under P3D. I’m sure there’s some throttling going on, but it doesn’t seem noticeable in the sim.
  12. Actually it's at 5.1GHz to be precise. Motherboard = Asus Maximus X Code Cooler = Noctua DH15
  13. I couldn't find a simple before and after comparison so I thought I'd post this in case anyone else is curious. After a break from FSX of 6 or 7 years I recently started again from scratch with P3D running on up-to-date kit (8086K all cores running at 5GHz, 4GHz RAM (very important) and a 1080ti with 4K output) using the usual addon models and scenery and weather engine optimised for P3Dv4.3. As an acid test of how things have changed since I was last involved, FlyTampa Kai Tak v2 on the old Rwy 13 approach in PMDG's newest 747-400 is completely transformed: a whole new level of fidelity, detail, smoothness and fluidity with FPS hovering closer to 60Hz than 30Hz using VSync and triple buffering. By way of comparison, using cutting-edge kit about 6 years ago, as I recall, it was a struggle (involving big compromises on the sliders) to get to 20Hz. I have found the same is true of other heavy airports: EGLL and EDDF (MegaAirport Pro) and KLAX and KJFK (FSDT) but it's at Kai Tak that you really need the smoothness and, finally, it's achievable. The level of immersion is now very impressive throughout the sim. It is no longer the frustrating experience of 6/7 years ago.
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