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  1. Yes he’s asking whether flight plans generated by simbrief are the same as those used in the real world.
  2. I used to spend hours on VATSIM back in the day, great fun and as others have said, nothing to lose really. For starting out, maybe pick a flight from a VATSIM-controlled airfield and then fly somewhere nearby with no controller, so you get used to departures and the general pattern of chat. Then when you’re comfortable with that, fly to a destination with approach and landing and ground control for the full experience. It can be frustrating when controllers go offline but … it’s not really a big deal and if you time your flights to the busiest times of day at the busiest airfields, you reduce the chances of this happening. Quite a good route in terms of time in the air and chances of good controller coverage, is EGLL (or EGKK) to/from EDDF. The fiddliest bit, I usually found, was taxiing correctly on an unfamiliar airfield.
  3. Since the Fenix launch, I haven’t noticed as many updates to the FBW “experimental” branch (and AGuther seems to have gone completely AWOL) 😞 - so I sure hope they haven’t taken a morale hit
  4. Lol I’ve “landed” all sorts at EGLC in MSFS and its predecessors. It’s one of the first things I do with a new sim/ aircraft: LevelD 767 (remember that one?), PMDG MD-11, PMDG 737 and, yes, the PMDG 747 🙂 Plus ofc the FBW and Fenix a320. Best done with lots of crosswind and a wet runway ofc. … because, why not? 🤪
  5. I’m sure a line pilot needs a lot of in-depth knowledge that’s hard to come by, but just operating them is pretty easy tbf, with “skills” being readily transferable not only across product lines of the same manufacturers, but also between Airbus and Boeing: it certainly ain’t rocket science. So … don’t overthink it 🙂
  6. If you head over to the PMDG forums you can find a post by RSR in March 2019 admitting that LNAV was basically the same as in 2002 and that an overhaul of LNAV was “long overdue”. It’s not ARINC compatible and so it can’t handle (for example) a DME ARC except by drawing a polygon instead of a curve. Doesn’t stop the 737 from being fun overall and it’s not a big deal for many people, but they’ve fallen some way behind the competition on this one.
  7. I also get what I thought was pretty good performance - I didn’t know I was unhappy until I saw that for much less money someone else is getting massively better results with the new 3800x3d 😵‍💫
  8. Yikes that looks too difficult for me 👴🏻
  9. Many thanks ! I’ll look into that! i must admit though, the temps reported by FPS Monitor are all below 77C and all performance cores show running at 5.2 (with no overclock), so I’m puzzled
  10. Maybe my Noctua dh15 or whatever it’s called isn’t up to the job? Do you happen to know if there is consensus about the best “all-in-one” cooling solution for the 1700 socket CPUs? I can’t be doing with lots of pumps etc but I could probably manage to install a “plug-n-go” water cooling solution if the consensus is that it makes a worthwhile difference
  11. Old kit was 8086k 1080ti 4K - but my comparison is with the earlier post in this thread, which used a 3800x3d
  12. No way! It was a moment of madness on my part, just wanted to see what performance [I thought was] the best current kit could deliver for MSFS, but totally not worth it.
  13. I know! It’s not fair! maybe I’ve set it up wrongly but I can’t immediately see how 😕
  14. Guess what, I just found a post in the hardware forum giving the results from a 5800x3d under conditions I can replicate and … it’s a LOT better than what I get: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/617534-amd-ryzen-7-5800x3d-review/?do=findComment&comment=4786260
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