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  1. Thank you: my “Community” folder includes two folders starting with “AIG TRAFFIC”, so I guess that must be the explanation.
  2. Yes it’s landing and taking off too.
  3. I am sitting at iniscenes EGLL stand 515 in a Fenix a320. I want zero air traffic, so that I can use VATSIM. But I can’t make all the air traffic go away. I have set: General Options > Traffic > Off General Options > Data > Live real-world air traffic > Off … yet I still get air traffic. There is much less than if the settings are “on”, but it’s still not zero. Any ideas?
  4. Looking at the publicity video I felt a sudden nostalgia for when scenery packages concentrated on the stuff you would actually notice from inside the cockpit of the aeroplane. Lingering shots of terminal interiors, the exact number of cables supporting the Dome, etc etc …. obsessive without adding one iota to the immersion - and presumably detracting from the fluidity. Imo obvs.
  5. On the DDR5 RAM: the published specs these days seem very (deliberately?) obscure. CAS36 seems to be the tightest available for 6GHz, but … what is the command rate? Is anyone making it with CR1? Or is everything CR2 or higher?
  6. If you turn off the frame rate display and just … play the game … do you get any issues?
  7. Many thanks, that looks simple enough 🙂
  8. Sorry for this lazy request but can anyone point me to an word not allowed’s guide for the settings needed to make use of the frame smoothing on a 4090? (Nvidia’s website has the Founder’s Edition back in stock in the UK for £1600 and I couldn’t resist , even though this almost certainly means they’re clearing stock for a Ti version in the near future). {edited by me to spell out the intended word with extra spacing : without it, some kind of dystopian censor changes it to “word not allowed”} //admin edit: with it now, too!
  9. Lol. In that case … you need to get used to low fps 🙂 you need to choose between FPS and LOD. If you won’t compromise , no amount of tweaking is going to satisfy you,
  10. My question about the 3xd is whether it reveals something about the way that MSFS is coded, which could be optimised at the code level so that performance becomes less dependent on the extra cache in the 3xd (or whatever else is the magic ingredient).
  11. I tried DX12 with SU11 at EGLL and got better performance : appreciably higher FPS / smoothness. But it caused weird issues with the Fenix A320: rotary knobs stopped working once airborne and, on second attempt, ND and other parts of the cockpit became corrupted. DX11 still works but is slower on my system. 12900ks, 3090ti, 32gb
  12. Whatever the merits of MSFS when it’s working properly, I share the sentiment of the OP’s original post. For too many people and too often, the experience of just maintaining this software is execrable, from the enormous and unreliable updates, sometimes involving multiple steps which are seldom clear in advance, to the ever-present risk of some trivial system change - or no change - somehow triggering CTDs or authentication errors or the like. It’s easily the clunkiest piece of software I can recall using.
  13. Useful (essential?) if using VATSIM because it has more/better signs including for the holding areas. These are missing from the Asobo version. But, yes, performance is not great: they seem to have used a lot of detail on the interior of terminal buildings , which seems like a wildly profligate use of resources to me but each to his own 🙂
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