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  1. Hello dear Avsim members, After watching MFS trailer for a 100th time it looks I found something new about autogen. Before I move any further I would like to say sorry if this information is already been found by some of you because I haven’t read all the posts here. So let me get straight to the point. My personal opinion that we all have already seen autogen example in the trailer. It was on 0:46 with a great view on Palm Jumeirah. Here is the screenshot from the trailer. If you look at the skyscrapers at the left corner you will notice that they do not look so unique. On the screenshot below you can find zoomed up view I believe some of you may still have some doubts about whether it was an autogen because it looks so beautiful. So here another part when I can actually prove that all these building that are randomly generated. Please take a look at the picture below. Can you see this building above read line? Do you agree that this building looks different from generated buildings with photogrammetry? Let’s take a look on a Bing Satellite view. Oops, there is no such building on a Bing maps. Okay, let’s take a look on a google maps satellite view: So, as you can see this building is actually present on Google Maps. Let us stop here for a second. What is clear at the moment that this building is not present on Bing Satellite view but it exists in the trailer. What are our options here? Maybe Open Street Map(OSM)? Thankfully we have a great OSM 3d map Let’s look at the screenshot from there: And compare that image with Bing Maps(Road view) Looks similar, isn’t it? So, my opinion is that: Autogen is present on Palm Jumeirah (Dubai) in the MFS trailer (0:46). Microsoft uses 3d generated buildings based on OSM data + Othophotos(ground texture) to create autogen for areas when photogrammetric generation is not possible. ( Thanks for reading, and sorry if you all have seen this before.