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  1. Not being able to override it is one thing, but the weather related calls in SimConnect are all marked 'deprecated' so we can't even access the data for planning puposes - for example Little Navmap has no access to MSFS weather.
  2. NB (Nota Bene) while Latin (note well) rather than English, it should be understood by most of the English-speaking world.
  3. I wonder what the status 'Matches FAA' means for 'ATC Incorrect Phraseology'? Is this what they're aiming for in SU IV? If so, they're continuing to alienate most of the rest of the world - matches ICAO would at least please a greater number of people, but automatically switching between the two based on location would be best.
  4. Hi Dave, I can't answer the m4.csv question, but the BG against the ILS frequency in r4.csv indicates the ILS has backcourse and glideslope (could also have D for DME). CT means closed for takeoff and CL is closed for landing.
  5. @Ray Proudfoot Although the information gleaned by MakeRwys is incomplete (no Country information, for example), I don't think that's the main issue whick causes RC to work only partially, I think its other information, such as weather, AI traffic, etc., which is not documented/available in Simconnect, and hence FSUIPC struggles to provide in the required level of detail for RC to operate correctly. If that's the case there may be some hope that as the SDK & Simconnect are improved RC might become usable again.
  6. If you trawl through Will this work with FS2020 Once FSUIPC is Out ? a few posts down, you will see that I tried to get it working. ShowText makes the display on screen work better, but there was still a permananent 'tips' type box displayed by MSFS in addition to the ShowText one. The main issues I had were that weather was not being reported correctly, so RC wanted me to set altimeter to 0000, and kept chastising me for being at the wrong altitude - every few seconds. It became so irritating that I never completed a flight. I've not tried it since - I haven't seen anything mentioned in the SDK notes, or in FSUIPC, that might indicate an improvement, and to be honest my availability for simming is minimal a the moment.
  7. When ths was discussed on PPrune, the informed opinion was that due to the extra weight from strengthening the floors, and other factors, a freight conversion just wouldn't be cost effective, so I suspect that there will be very few A380s flying, even after the pandemic.
  8. From some comments on the FSUIPC support forum I suspect the AI traffic status is not reported correctly by Simconnect, and hence by FSUIPC. This requires a fix by Microsoft/Asobo.
  9. I've finally had a bit of time to do some more testing. Firstly Bob - thanks for the suggestion about ShowText. That does allow RC4's menu to be displayed correctly. TBH I haven't been simming for at least a decade so I'd forgotten about that one. However, there are still major issues preventing an enjoyable experience with MSFS. The aircraft's altitude isn't being picked up by RC4 correctly. Initially this results in being called out 4 times for busting the altitude assignment, with the consequent threat of being visted by Flight Standards 😄. Thereafter it still doesn't seem right - for example when being handed off from one cotroller to another (in the climb!) you get something ridiculous like 'out of FL560 for FL210'. Maybe because of the above, every few seconds you get a 'Your assigned altitude is ...' throughout the flight, which must be acknowledged. Even if comms are handed to Otto this becomes very wearing. A semi-transparent '(!) Tips' box is constantly on the screen, even if all assist options are turned off. This must be due to the interaction between RC4/FSUIPC/ShowText, which I guess uses the same display routines in MSFS as the flight tips. Weather etc. is not being reported properly, so for example ATIS reports temperature 0 dewpoint 0 QNH 0000. There may be more problems - I don't know as I didn't get to do a complete flight, due to a CTD. Consequently, I'm not sure how the descent is handled by RC4, but I guess with all of the above there may be significant issues. The CTD wasn't anything to do with RC4, FSUIPC or ShowText, as I tried a very similar flight plan afterwards without any of these running and that eventually also CTD'd. I'll try to track that one down next. All in all, I think I'll leave any further testing for a while, and maybe try again if/when the Simconnect SDK is improved and the changes are incorporated into FSUIPC.
  10. Hi Bob, I haven't tried this yet - I will at some point but I'm not sure when as RL is getting in the way at the moment.
  11. Frustratingly, RC4 *almost* works in MSFS. The main problem is that the display window functionality doesn't appear to work. As you can't see the available options you can try to guess which one to select to continue with the flight, but that's very hit-and-miss. Unless someone can get that working it looks like it may be no-go.
  12. Are you sure you are only using the drop-down? If you click on the map to select the parking spot it will reset the flight plan.
  13. Wishful thinking Ray. Although a test flight reported reaching 1.04M it's not considered likely that it really did exceed 1.0M.
  14. Could be that you're missing that your quote was posted on 12th August.
  15. Yes MSFS uses FSUIPC and hence simconnect, but a few people have tried RC4 and have reported that the display doesn't show up. I've only had a half-hearted attempt so far, so I can't say for sure there's no way to get it working. Maybe the beta FSUIPC7 need tweeking. (Sorry - just noticed your comment agreeing about off-topic, so I'll leave it now)
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