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  1. Almost - it's my understanding that you only need to top up if/when your credit runs out.
  2. That seems to be true of anything which limits the FPS. For example I use MSFS options to limit FPS to 30 (I know some of you who love high FPS won't be able to understand this 😀) and the default for the performance limiter of FSHud is also 30, so I have dropped the limiter to much lower and I appear to get more traffic.
  3. I haven't had chance to test this new version yet, but if I encounter any major problems I will raise a ticket so that the developer gets the appropriate logs and has a chance of fixing the problem. Without logs there is next to no chance that it can be fixed.
  4. As an FSHud user myself, the most disappointing thing about that video was the voices - I don't know what the reviewer had done, maybe turn the 'radio effect' way up beyond normal, but I have to say I find FSHud's voices, while currently very limited in number, sound very good with only slight 'radio effect' selected.
  5. The button on your stick must be set to 'AUTOPILOT OFF', not any other function. If that is done the first press will disconnect the AP and the second will silence the alarm (after a minimum of one cavalry charge I believe),
  6. Are you 100% certain you have no other controller axis assigned to throttle, which might conflict with the one you think you're using? Many people use the Thustmaster stick and throttle quadrant, for example, and the default is for the stick throttle to also be mapped. This leads to the situation where things appear to be calibrated, then all of a sudden the sim starts prioritising the stick throttle over the quadrant and you lose the ability to move the thrust levers via the latter.
  7. Looks like we're both half-right. The speed brake has 5 virtual buttons, but flaps doesn't have any.
  8. I don't see any response concerning this part of the question, so I'll try. You can assign virtual buttons which the quadrant will 'press' when the flaps and speed brake levers of the add-on pack are set to certain positions. As far as I'm aware this is a little-used facility, as the Fenix, and I assume other Airbuses in MSFS, tend to read the position of the lever axis to determine which flap/speed brake setting you require. If an aircraft used buttons instead to select brakes or flaps, then you could use virtual buttons to translate the position of your quadrant lever to a particular button press. I've always had virtual buttons disabled.
  9. If you have a problem with the product, as you described in your original post, the most likely way to get it fixed is to submit a support ticket, and give a description of why you think it is not behaving correctly. Support tickets automatically include the relevant logs, which should show the developers exactly what's happening. The developer has recently been suggesting that actual bugs should only be reported via a ticket, and not via the forums, as the latter does not provide sufficient detail to diagnose the problem.
  10. Something else that irritates me: On the "Rebuild Rescue" YouTube channel they're always saying something "needs fixed" !?! It either "needs to be fixed" or it "needs fixing".
  11. This is so off-topic, but I think you might have to update your end date slightly. Cards were still in use after that. At Uni we had a CTL SAT1 operating as an RJE (Remote Job Entry) station until around 1976. This regularly needed to be rebooted from cards, with the card deck being regularly replaced due to it getting worn out.
  12. It's a long-standing 'feature'. I doubt it will be fixed any time soon.
  13. Just to add to the solution by @Farlis that there's also a problem that if you use the right mouse button to pan around it will cause the same issue - the switch will flicker between norm and ign/start. The work around is to use the middle button to allow panning.
  14. I'm curious about from where LNM gets its Airport Names. For example, LNM gives the name "Arlada - Airport" for ESSA, but MSFS lists it (correctly) as "Arlanda, Stockholm" in the world map, and Navigraph charts refers to it as "Stockholm Arlanda" or "Arlanda (Stockholm)". I even tried searching for "Arlada" in the LNM files and MSFS BGLs to try to find out where this incorrect name comes from, but it seems that if the BGLs contain any airport names they don't appear in plain text. I guess it's not a major problem but it would be nice to have the correct name in LNM, and also if any other airports have similar issues.
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