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  1. Turpentine, Any chance you have a gSync monitor and have it enabled/disabled in NVidia Ctrl Panel ? Thx
  2. Just wanted to create the first post in this new forum section. 🙂 Love FS2Crew and everything they make - I'm sure I'll be a buyer of this project as well.
  3. Yes - it (mostly) all works in MSFS using Linda and default modules built in for default aircraft. Even in the FBW A320. I have the MCP II for years and it is still going. Great piece of hardware from VRInsight. Tony
  4. Completely agree. The future of our beloved hobby is in a great place again and I’m really looking forward to continued progress.
  5. Excellent - Thanks Manuel - look forward to testing. Tony
  6. Hi Bryan, Really wish Davy would stick to his own thread! ugg Anyway - progress - Appears I have to hit <esc> to be in the MS Menu and then everything works with pushback express. Is that proper or can things work while inside flight sim ? Thanks, Tony
  7. Hi Bryan, Has anyone else reported issues after the latest patch ?? I purchased the product after the patch was released so I have no experience prior. I have NO other Mods besides this and FBW A320neo and FSUIPC. Also - besides Davy highjacking my thread - I want to mention that clicking on the assigned "pushback" key WORKs ! It's all of the other buttons on the menu bar that do nothing. Like settings etc. I mentioned this in my first thread as well. Thanks, Tony
  8. Hi Bryan, I do not use MSFT firewall at all and is disabled. Engines are indeed shutdown. Any other ideas? Thanks
  9. Hi, Seems like the only thing that works for me is initiating the pushback. ALL buttons on the PE window do nothing when pressed. When I click X to close PE it asks me to exit PE and I say YES and nothing happens. I cant load settings etc. Has this something to do with the new patch? I'm running and I also use FSUIPC. Thanks, Tony
  10. yeah but that snow! LOL Patience men - they will correct soon enough.
  11. That happened to me a long time ago and I believe you will need to uninstall / install to fix it.
  12. Tony P


    I like it very much but now I need a Linda module!! anyone ?
  13. I know there is a 757 for CS - anyone try the 767 ? Thanks
  14. Maybe another app/util conflicting with the keys possibly ? Have you installed anything new ?
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