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  1. As the title states - I'm in the market for a new monitor or TV depending on which one will work better with P3D. I have a 1080ti and want smoothness, visuals, the works. Also size matters but want to here what people think. Thank you. Tony
  2. Tony P

    NYC Dusk on 9/17 - Stunning!

    Thanks guys - this is P3D v4.3 More shots...
  3. Looks promising as long as it doesn't take years for our 3rd party friends to catch up.
  4. Hello Guys, Any word on when / if the remote CDU will be compatible with Aerosoft latest A3xx release ? Thanks, Tony
  5. Tony P


    Really? Start app, make a flight plan, start sim, start ProAtcX flight. Of course there is more to it, but once your keys are configured and general settings good, and database is up to date, you will not be doing much except loading and flying. You will not be disappointed once you learn it.
  6. Tony P

    PRO-ATC after recent patches

    +1 and there forum is packed with valuable info. Go see!
  7. Tony P

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    Nope and no word from the dev. Took his ver 4 money and disappeared. Really a shame because he admitted on his website that a new version of the bridge was going to be made but failed to deliver. ProATCx and Pilot2Atc are the goto apps at this stage.
  8. Tony P

    FlyTampa's Boston Released!!

    Just bought it - first try had everything enabled and frames were mid 20s. Went back and disabled most of the enhancements and frames are way up and acceptable and smooth rides. Nice work Fly Tampa!
  9. Tony P

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    Other than what I can read about VR improvements - is it really worth upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2 for those of us without VR ?
  10. Tony P

    New to Prepar3Dv4 - Getting Stutters

    Just a guess - anti virus still running ?
  11. Tony P

    PMDG RainMaker preview

    In four words..... yes!
  12. Tony P

    Installed: does not show in game menu

    Try changing this to your real path ? <Path>.\RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll</Path> Instead of .\ make it c:\<path> Just a thought.