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  1. Not a hater, but I'm sticking with my StreamDeck+ which has buttons and knobs and profiles for most aircraft.
  2. Have an older panel myself that also collects dust. Moved on to the StreamDeck+ and really have it all. Buttons and knobs and profiles for pretty much everything.
  3. Agreed Howard, this has always been this way with most REX installers, but somehow we put up with it cause of the desired effects.
  4. Hey Mark. Nah, Under the "Sounds" section of settings I point my root folder to the Chatter directory and that's it ( I do not launch the exe ). Like Dave mentioned - Chatter gets paused when I PTT. I was assuming the OP was maybe reporting this as a problem, but this is how it should work, unless I'm missing something. Thx
  5. Odd - I don't have a Play ATC Chatter Hot Key setup, yet my chatter is muted anytime I hit my PTT button.
  6. Google maps have been an issue for 4 or 5 days now. Bing and Apple appear to be ok.
  7. I've had issues like this also but would reset my hosts.ini by removing the entries made by the map enhancer and things would work again.
  8. Try messing with NVidia filters ?
  9. Using REX until this is resolved.
  10. It has happened to me but thankfully not crashing during flights.
  11. https://www.simflight.com/2023/10/06/south-oak-co-real-effects-b747-8i-msfs/ Looks pretty cool if you fly this bird. I know //42 is also creating a package like this for other aircrafts.
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