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  1. There has been a recent update which fixes many airport issues like KSFO, KLGA etc.
  2. Count me in ! ha 2-5% is perfect for what I like to see visually and for my system to run well. Thanks Nico
  3. Hi Dave, Am curious if there is a setting which would prevent P2A from using vectors on approach and just let me fly the STAR ? Thanks, Tony
  4. Hey again Nico, I'm still dialing in my settings here and have finally nailed down my liveries. As for the amount of traffic both parked and live - is where my question lays. Basically, I would like EVERY airport to have a park percentage of only 2% and would also like to limit the amount of live traffic as well. I know you can spawn into an airport and set the % parked and that updates the file - can I just always have it be 2% ? Every time I go into a new airport that I haven't been before the setting is 30%. Also - If the % live seems off - do I need to delete the existing airport file and let it rebuild ? Just seems like the static is working fine but live % is off. Hope this made sense - please advise. Thanks, Tony
  5. He appears to be leaning towards the x-touch. I have a SD XL and am very happy with it.
  6. Yeah ok - Just figured that out now in the gui. ty!
  7. Nico, Is there some chance you could allow for a default setting of the traffic amounts through he gui rather than manually updating each airport ? Thanks, Tony
  8. This is now working well Nico - Thanks One more question - Is there any way to limit the actual amount of AI ? My system struggles to keep up with all of the live traffic. Thanks, Tony
  9. Many thanks Nico. Once I get squared away with the AI, I'll let you know if I see any more weirdness.
  10. ok - is it possible to only have PSXT look at 3rd party AI <ONLY> ? If so - can you give me an example of how the config file would look so I can avoid all other liveries ? Thanks
  11. Sorry Nico - Here are the specifics. I have all ground traffic set to "0" in the sim ( MSFS ) It appears from the screenshot that it happens on some aircraft not all. The screenshot is spawned at KJFK in MSFS. I do not have any extra livery packages except for the planes I like to fly. That actually leads me to another question - as you can see in the screenshot - sometimes I see pink and white boxes on some of the AI. Is that some sort of livery compatibility thing ? Also - is the wheel issue an elevation issue ? Let me know, Thanks - Tony My plane is the Delta livery at the bottom. AI in blue on top left has no gear - and top right has gear but the pink boxes.
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