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  1. Yeah, this seems to be very random but the message itself is annoying and distracting.
  2. Addon Linker. Load what you want before a flight even with presets you can make yourself. That way....if you want to fly airliners only in USA you can have a preset that only loads scenery/libraries/planes/liveries. Then if you want GA only etc etc
  3. Anyone else having issues deleting discontinuities or vectors in the FMS? I have done about 4 flights with this and have never experienced this problem before. I loaded in a flight plan, then added in some Dep/Arr from KMDW to KDEN and then I can't delete these issues? Only happened after this updated. I tried a few different way. I tried using simbrief and loading it that....tried just manually entering everything (which I prefer) and this still happened. Any ideas?
  4. ^ This right here. I thought Nvidia was an issue for a bit. It wasn't. I was following stupid advice on settings in the NVCP. I call it snake oil. I don't know what DDU is/does so I cannot comment on it. This recent drivers have caused no issues for me in MSFS, Starfield, Elite Dangerous, American Truck Sim, Dirt Rally, Project Cars 2 etc
  5. I am not on the beta. So whatever they did maybe something was optimized?
  6. Loved the update. Earlier I went from LFPG to EGLC on the 200qt fairly loaded. Full disclosure, I forgot how to accurately set up ILS for the runway so I was just enjoying the hand flying for the last 20 minutes of the flight and it was amazing. Slightly better performance for me. Not sure why but hey I'll take it!
  7. I find that using Simbrief is helpful for casual types like myself but I often have to scratch in a great deal into the fmc to get it to my liking. Step climbs, for example, are easier on simbrief to load in. But my downfall seems to be trying to figure out the weights etc before loading everything up. As far as the "other" forum? I have no experienced that but then again I usually just go here for information or to help others. And yeah....the DC-6 needs some work. It was my absolute favorite plane until several updates ago.
  8. Ha! True. But after a while you end up like some of us with a ton of plane you enjoy for different roles.
  9. I would check for updates as it was just updated to 0.1.10 today. Hopefully this all helps.
  10. Yeah, I am at a loss but.....you absolutely must take out every single addon/mod (like fs realistic for example) to rule anything out first. Or at least you addon linker and turn everything off. I had FSRealistic (just an example) not play nice with the Just Flight Arrow planes with a specific setting. I would not let me have any controls while it was running.
  11. Yeah, that would make it a lot easier. I suppose I could map some of that to the honeycomb bravo but I think just using the pms750 is perfectly fine for now.
  12. Fly this all the time and have never experienced this. This sounds a little odd. If this doesn't happen with any other plane then maybe its a setting? Maybe reinstall from JF
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