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  1. The PMS version does have the 650 as well.
  2. I solved my issues for FPS loss by following someone on the msfs forums. No fancy Nvidia stuff. No ridiculous settings. I just tuned my GPU-heavy settings all the way up, then tuned my LOD and TLOD down until I was no longer "main thread limited" for the most part. Set Vsync (in the sim!) to 30fps and couldn't be happier. But alas....I wasnt... I then deleted parts of photogrammy and it really helped my FPS. I did not delete or disable photogrammy. Instead, I selected World in the market place, selected most areas that said "3d cities" and deleted those except for the US. Again, this is from the forums. Only deleting the photogrammetry cities really helped my FPS significantly in places like KJFK, Gatwick etc.
  3. I only have the PMS50 premium version. Had it since early release and have always loved it. Have that with Navigraph, Pilot2ATC and a bunch of other mods. Several of the aircraft also have working title technology built in as well. So, there's also something to think about. I really appreciate using my navigraph in flights with the charts.
  4. Odd. I was not off topic. I was in fact talking about Simple Traffic, about the AI behavior being an issue and having it as a backup in case other programs fail.....I did mention something about another program but also said, "Simple traffic does work, however. I wish I would have saved my money but if sometimes on AIG side breaks at least there's a backup."
  5. I am more concerned about aircraft behavior than liveries but AIG gives more life to airports and with the GA mod its even better at smaller places. Simple traffic does work, however. I wish I would have saved my money but if sometimes on AIG side breaks at least there's a backup.
  6. Yeah, had AIG since the beginning. Even had to do a full reinstall after some upgrades. Have simple traffic. You know what? I don't install any longer as it serves no purpose. AIG is fairly simple to install, has several settings, a ridiculous amount of liveries and can even work with offline ga traffic as well. (with a mod). For Free! All of the issues and limitations with AIG involve the sim itself, not AIG.
  7. This is awesome! One of MSFS' best planes to date. Glad it's always being updated.
  8. Yes, it's even better now. Just updated it and bought the 310 as well. The 414 is amazing.
  9. Can't edit this as I disagree with this currently. Haha. Been using AIG and the offline mod for several months and love it. Easy to use. One click. Bam.
  10. I should redact my previous statement. I use AIG all the time now with the offline traffic mod so I get airliners and ga traffic as well. I just click AIG and then wait for it to load as the sim loads. Love it. I think I update the AIG database about every other week or so. The initial install wasn't difficult at at all. And.....its free and their discord for AIG is very active. The forums as well. I deleted simple traffic. I
  11. Any and all of these issues, comments, feedback etc need to be sent to their discord. The developer may not even see these and they take suggestions, feedback etc very seriously. Go to discord.
  12. It is nice to have some options but I prefer to load into the sim, start the traffic AI, then start feeding the fmc/garmin etc. I will say that with Navigraph/Simbrief really helps find a good route, airways etc. I can copy and paste this into Pilot2ATC, add the sid/stars and then input into the plane. Tedious? Sometimes. Fun? Always.
  13. TLOD, traffic of all types and glass refresh rate will hit the FPS if you're main thread limited. There are several others. I have skimmed over several forums and finally have it dialed in.
  14. I think everyone needs to get away from the internet and go fly some flight simulators. Me too.
  15. I think its great we have the option for these in the first place. I just want to know when it's released on the ORBX app. The 414 has been go-to for nearly everything since release. The CRJ did that....the DC6 did that....Kodiak...etc etc
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