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  1. Nice. I wish there were before/after shots of these new hub airports. I tried searching but came up with nill
  2. I am one of those wierdos that will do the full several hour flight without time compression. Wait, hold on.....I don't see any PMDG bashing? Something is wrong here. I can't wait for release June 25 or 30th!
  3. I thought this was about the 777? Why does every PMDG thread turn into a bash fest? Regardless...I can still wait for its release.
  4. This is great to hear about this feature (AICULL). Though, I hear it doesn't work well with some other injectors like FS traffic.
  5. Yeah, I have only encountered a few issues with lateral nav in these planes. I don't remember what happened but I remember it really annoyed me at the time. Then again, each plane that I own...and I own quite a bit....have their own quirks. I mean it took pmdg months....months...to figure out the dc6 bugs with oscillation in gps/nav mode. So, I think I will give FSS some leeway considering how relatively new they are to simming in comparison. Yeah, but if your plane cant track laterally then you're gonna have problems. Curious, was this with any other gps-related mods (tds, pms etc) out of curiosity?
  6. sorry, but i didn't mean to sound offensive. sorry if it offended you. But seriously....all of you should calm down a bit on here. Sometimes these forums/threads get too spicy over nothing. FSS makes decent stuff, they limited experience in comparison and so far are doing pretty well. I do wish they finished vnav etc before adding the larger jets but oh well.
  7. To be fair to them, not you: FSW has been around in the MSFS crowd (and other sims) for a long time. Their 414 was released a long time ago in comparison. Their learjet still doesnt have a manual. Just as an example. These are planes they've made in the past from other sims. FSS has none of these. FSS is doing a pretty good job all things considered. The Embraer line up is a different beast altogether. So far they're doing a decent job. For now VS and IAS doing a good enough job for most birds that dont have vnav yet. The FSW team had a lot more time in terms of development for several years and this current sim. I would give FSS a bit of a chance
  8. I like these planes. I am not sure why everyone is so "complainy" about the VNAV. Most planes do just fine wth VS or IAS mode. Regardless, their 17x's fill a good void for me.
  9. Great, now I am going to spend more money because of you.
  10. I think I now remember that. However, SU15 is the smoothest I've ever seen. Of course with a few mods. Part of my issue was AIG was injecting 300+ aircraft regardless of my filter or percentage setting. So, I went with FS traffic with a small GA mod to add in small planes at smaller airports. No issues any longer. Had the Royal Duke out near KLAX and KJFK with a big performance boost.
  11. I thought this happened a while ago, eh? For SU15 I have not noticed a difference in TLOD distance/quality as mine is usually set to fairly low lol
  12. Did the last few weeks of SU15 and noticed an awesome improvement with everything. Never had been so smooth. AutoFPS, FG mod and Gsync monitor makes the sim unreal in comparison to even a few months ago. Years? Amazing. Its great for me because I don't have a 40xx card and updated CPU etc. My stuff is pretty old.
  13. DC-6 is pretty good provided you don't use the "helper" mode and do everything yourself. Piston duke is good too if you're into GA. The Bae146 is pretty complex as well with 4 engines and a lot of steps taking you everywhere on the overhead panel through the startup process. Bae146 and DC-6 are some of my favorites.
  14. In short. You should be using DX12 with your 2080ti and using the frame generation mod (I have updated to the latest DLSS as well) and the AutoFPS mod. AND....if you have Gsync....you'll be in for a really good treat.
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