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  1. patcal

    Getting flying again-widescreen

    Just figured out how to get a custom resolution. I rolled back to older Catalyst drivers & used a program called "Radeon custom resolution manager". After clicking on gpu scaling in Radeon settings I got this. Whohoo! Time to get flying. Thanks all. Pat
  2. patcal

    Getting flying again-widescreen

    Think I am just going back to my 19" 4:3 monitor. Thanks for all the advice. Pat
  3. patcal

    Getting flying again-widescreen

    Maybe I will just pull out my old Dell 19" 4:3 & use it. Not nearly as good as my HP but lot less hassle.
  4. patcal

    Getting flying again-widescreen

    I do not have FSX:SE running very well. Crashes a lot & very poor frame rates. Plus all my addons are for FS2004. I updated my computer in July in hopes of running FSX better but it has not helped much. AMD FX8350 with Radeon HD 7970 video & 16gigs of ram with Win7 64bit. Pat
  5. Hi all, I have been out of touch not flying for awhile. My question is, I have always used a 4:3 ratio monitor using only 2D panels for my flying. 4:3 monitors have gone the way of the Dodo. I now have a HP 2509m. Some of my planes have OK widescreens but some like DA Fokker & Aeroworx B200 do not. When I try to fly in 3D, I get a lot of vertical tearing when I pan. I have FSX Steam but the lack of 2D panels is a problem. Just looking for some thoughts on this. Thanks. Pat Callaghan
  6. patcal

    Missing certain airports

    Problem solved. Thanks allot. One question, how did you know what cities or airports are in which BGL file? I have the excel sheet with the files that are on the install disks.
  7. patcal

    Missing certain airports

    I found the file but it is dated 2011 instead of 2003. I will swap the one from the disk & try.
  8. I have recently discovered some of my Texas airports are gone. San Antonio & all the ones around are gone. Austin is still there. I am trying to figure out where on the FS2004 disc is the right files. I know the scenery files are on disc 4. I really do not want to do a full install. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. patcal

    Duplicate default AI traffic

    I will give that a try. Thanks. Pat
  10. I have a few questions with the same goal. I want to delete duplicate default AI planes flying in FS2004. I do not want to remove all AI, just the duplicate ones that look like they are flying in formation. Seems like Cessna & Learjets mostly. I have the 2 sets of bgls decompiled but do not know what to do now. I use WorldofAI for my airline traffic with no problems. 1. What is the difference between traffic.bgl & traffic30528.bgl? Any assistance would be appreciated. Pat Callaghan
  11. patcal

    FSX piston engine start

    I have the mixture controls to full rich since the scenery is MSL. The fuel valves are open as per CTRL-SHIFT-F4. I have tried the Flight1 default situation. Nothing seems to work but uninstalling Acceleration & reinstalling SP2. Pat
  12. I have had this problem multiple times before. I have FSX with Acceleration installed I can't start any piston engines. CTRL-E does not work. Default or 3rd party planes. Jets will start, pistons will not. If I uninstall Acceleration & install SP2 everything is fine. I have tried different startup situations, deleted my FSX config. I have had this happen on 3 different computers with different operating systems with no change. For the record FS2004 works perfect. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Pat
  13. patcal

    White flashing

    Happy Holidays all, I am still running FS2004. I have had FSX on the shelf since right after the first SP. When I switch views I get a pause with a white flash. Nothing I did would get rid of it so I gave up. I would like to try again but was wondering if any progress has been made. Here are my specs:Intel P4 Northwood 3Ghz in a Dell Dimension 4600. I have 2Gbt of ram, 160gig non-sata hard drive, Radeon X1650 w/ 512megs of ram. I am looking for any input on this. Thanks.Pat Callaghan
  14. patcal

    Texture loading too long

    Thanks for all the responses. I have the slow loading on almost any plane with a VC it's just the Cheyenne is the worst. I do convert all my aircraft texture files to DXT3 w/ no mipmaps. Will DXT1 be that big of a help? Pat