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  1. Thank you all for the help. I didn't think I would be able to do that, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. Thank You All for the response. Happy Flying. "Charliearon" just a quick question. I can never figure out where to post my questions. i select MSFS 2020, then there are only two options..... Tips and tricks and VR selections. So I always go to the tips and tricks. Put me on the right track if you would. I always appreciate help. Thanks Walt
  2. Is it possible to load a flight plan directly from Simbrief into my Black Square Barron GTN750xi. Also not sure where I should save my files from simbrief into the correct folder. Not the community room right? Thanks Walt
  3. You know ! ! ! ! That could be the problem, I'll check both answers out and Thank You so Much for your help. Walt
  4. Purchased the TBN850, and avionics were not turning on. Re started MSFS 2020 and the avionics had powered up. Now all of a suddenly my avionics are not Turning on again in the TBN850. Redownloaded the TDS GTN750xi from TDS but that didn't fix the issue. At a loss right now. Any ideas what I can check? Thank You Walt
  5. OK Thanks I'll do that. I bet that's why I am not seeing it. Thank You
  6. Did the latest 737 update. But still, don't see a tablet in the cockpit. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? Thanks, Walt
  7. Thank you. I appreciate your come back. Thanks again, Walt
  8. Still trying to create a full overhead view. When i start zooming, or scrolling with the mouse to get the lower and EFIS view the screen rolls over and I can never lock in on the view I want. Trying to set a view number that will show the lower panel all the way up to the EFIS knobs. Anyone have luck with that yet? And if you did, How? Thanks Walt
  9. Thank you Guy's. I appreciate the response. I figured it out. In the weather radar you can repair faults and that's where the problem was. (I forgot all about that) but that's what the problem was. Again Thank You All for help. It's great to have you to fall back on. Have a great day and see you in the clouds. Walt
  10. When I start the Baron, Batt ON, ALT ON, Avionics On, Everything turns on except the ALT/VS Speed gauge. It's not lighting up. Any ideas why this ne gauge is not lighting up? hanks Walt
  11. Yes I purchased LVFR KBWI this morning. I have always liked LVFR airports. Thanks for the come back. Walt
  12. Thanks guy's appreciate he come back. Thought I was doing something wrong. Didn't report it to LTVR as I think it is a MSFS 2020 glitch, not a LTVR glitch. Will purchase the LTVR version as from what your saying is " It works" . As always "Thank You" all for the response. I know I can always rely on my fellow simmers. Happy Flying Walt
  13. Did a simbrief flight from KBDL to KBWI. Landing BWI on Runway 33L. Flew it twice and there was no runway 33L. Sky Vector, Simbrief and Navigraph charts shows there is a 33L. But in the world map it shows only a 33R. Seems to be a FS2020 glitch no? Anyone else have this issue?
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