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  1. MSFS was working in Multiplayer but all of a sudden as soon as my brother connects with me, MSFS closes and sends me back to the desk top. Checked all the settings and tried different servers. I set up am sitting at the airport, and as soon as he connects, he sees my plane and then "Poof" Im back at my desk top. Please if anyone know how to fix this please let me know. Thanks Walt
  2. I was confused when it said to restart to load the update. Thank you for getting me back on track. Thanks for the quick response also. Walt
  3. It seemed that when ever I started MSFS 2020 the screen would show checking for updates. I don't see that any more. In the profile content, it shows that a "Core Content Mandatory Package 80.74 GIB" available to download. It says to relaunch the program to update but it doesn't do it. It also does not allow me to check the check box for it. How do I get this update. And does MSFS automatically check for updates anymore. Thanks Walt
  4. Thank you for your support guy's. I solved the problem. When I reloaded P3dv5 I forgot to download and install the P3Dv5 patch and that corrected the problem. Once again Thank You All. Walt "Fly High my friends."
  5. I Also Uninstalled and reinstalled the plane maybe 6 times and still nothing.
  6. Both CDUs show "Loading Data Base" and nothing happens. Ran Navigraph update for all Carenado Aircraft. But nothing changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank you I will do that and thank you again
  8. Premier A390. Programming and creating a flight plan and entered into CDU. Set coarse in vor1 on PFD. Set FMS on pfd. Take off and gear up flaps up. Select FD, AP, and NAV and plane just wants to head north. I did notice that when I put the cursor over the NAV button it said on, at the same time I put the cursor over HDG button that also said on. (At the same time, this is impossible). But anyways when I try to use AP and NAV, the plane keeps wanting to do a 360 and head north. Chewing finger nails trying to figure this out. Any help.[ would be awesome, thanks Walt
  9. Guy's thank you so much. I will try all your suggestions. Appreciate all your help. And Happy Flying!
  10. When I try to input a flight plan. I go to PROC scroll down to Depart then to PROC again to select arrival.. If I slip up and make a mistake and go back to correct it, The airport field starts scrolling fast constantly (As if its scanning) and I can't get it to stop. The only way I can re-enter a flightplan is to break out of Prepar3dv4 and try again. How do I get the scrolling to stop without restarting Prepar3d? Thanks Walt
  11. Just installed the Caranado Diamond DA62. Everything look ok but the Synthetic Vision on the PFD shows "TER TEST" and won't disappear. Document says its setting up and could take about 2 minutes. But it does not clear. Any ideas what I may have done wrong? Or what I could do to fix this. Thank You Walt
  12. My apologies..... I looked at the list of aircraft in Prepar3dv4 and found the add-ons. They were separated in the list and the 737's were listed in two locations, but they are installed. Thanks again. You can close this.
  13. Just purchased the 737 Base Pac for Prepr3dv4.3. Opened the Operations Center and installed some livery add-ons from the list. It showed them as being "Installed" but when I start Prepar3d the new liveries are not being listed, Just the default livery. Any suggestions on what I did wrong, or waht I need to do? Thank You, Walt
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