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  1. waltpop

    Carenado Phenom 300 G-1000

    Guy's thank you so much. I will try all your suggestions. Appreciate all your help. And Happy Flying!
  2. When I try to input a flight plan. I go to PROC scroll down to Depart then to PROC again to select arrival.. If I slip up and make a mistake and go back to correct it, The airport field starts scrolling fast constantly (As if its scanning) and I can't get it to stop. The only way I can re-enter a flightplan is to break out of Prepar3dv4 and try again. How do I get the scrolling to stop without restarting Prepar3d? Thanks Walt
  3. waltpop

    Synthetic Vision

    Just installed the Caranado Diamond DA62. Everything look ok but the Synthetic Vision on the PFD shows "TER TEST" and won't disappear. Document says its setting up and could take about 2 minutes. But it does not clear. Any ideas what I may have done wrong? Or what I could do to fix this. Thank You Walt
  4. waltpop

    PMDG 737 BAsepac for Prepar3dv4 Liveries

    My apologies..... I looked at the list of aircraft in Prepar3dv4 and found the add-ons. They were separated in the list and the 737's were listed in two locations, but they are installed. Thanks again. You can close this.
  5. Just purchased the 737 Base Pac for Prepr3dv4.3. Opened the Operations Center and installed some livery add-ons from the list. It showed them as being "Installed" but when I start Prepar3d the new liveries are not being listed, Just the default livery. Any suggestions on what I did wrong, or waht I need to do? Thank You, Walt
  6. On the Carenado 172 Skywagon the synthetic vision is giving me a Ter Err code on the PFD. Synthetic Vision says its is started and running when I start Prepar3d but still Terr Err is there. Any Help would be greatly appreciated Thank You Walt
  7. waltpop

    A2@ C182

    I used another aircraft and it works. I think it may not work with the A2A aircraft. Will wait to see if a patch comes out, or if others are having a problem with the A2A aircraft and have found a solution. Again thank you for your help. Walt
  8. waltpop

    A2@ C182

    Sorry, That's my fault. I thought that was the MCE co-pilot's name. I think I had that wrong. I'm going to try a flight again and see if I can figure out why. Thanks Walt
  9. Tell Clive to set flaps 10, flaps 10, extend flaps and he acknowledges it but the flaps do not move, I have to extend them manually. Same with retract flaps, flaps up etc.
  10. Thank you.... I just downloaded the latest MCE and that seems to be better. No errors.... Thank You
  11. Using Prepar3DDv4.2 from now on. I am trying to get MCE working with v4.2 but when I go so start MCE I am getting the error "Failed to initialize TTS" them MCE stops working. Any Ideas of what I need to do? Thanks Walt
  12. I have been flying multiplayer and I have noticed while flying my condition levers will automatically go back to shut off and my engines quit. I'll be going along just fine and out of nowhere the condition levers are all the way back. Pulling my hair out trying to figure why this is happening. Any Help out there, please?
  13. Is there a way to insert Victor Airways into the CDU Flight Plan. Thanks Walt