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  1. OK, Yes I saved the flight Plan in simbrief and saved it to the GTN folder like you said, and It didn't load into the GTN750. Not a big deal, I'll just keep entering the flight plans right from the GTN. Again, i appreciate the quick response from you. and Thank you. Happy Flying. Walt
  2. Thank you, no I didn't and that sounds like it is the problem. A big Thank You. Have any idea why the navigraph chart doesn't load? Going to give the simbrief solution now. And Thank you Very much. Walt I went to simbrief and added the GTN750 into the download path. Trying that as we speak. I think its going to work, with simbrief now. Ill let you know. With Navigraph Charts, I can create the same flight plan as in simbrief and from navigraph charts it gives me the option to save the Flight Plan into MSFS 2020 which I did, but that one was not loading into the 750 either. I'll keep you updated. Again "THANK YOU"
  3. Thank you, no I didn't and that sounds like it is the problem. A big Thank You. Have any idea why the navigraph chart doesn't load? Going to give the simbrief solution now. And Thank you Very much. Walt
  4. I created a flight plan with navigraph Charts and Simbrief. I saved the flight plans and they are showing up where they are supposed to be. When I start MSFS I select other, I select load, I load the flight plan and it is showing on the World map. So far no problem. Now, when I enter the cockpit, turn on the GTN750, select Flight Plan, the flight plan is not loaded. Am I doing something wrong? Or how do I correct this to get it to load when I hit FLY? Thanks Walt
  5. How do you turn on the pulse light in the longitude?
  6. Arming the HDG and VS on the ground before take off. AP should not be on.... . Then as you fly out on runway headiing, gain an altitude of about 1000 feet, you would turn the AP and let it take over. At least that's the way I fly. Also the ILS and RNAV isn't working with the 182 update. We just never had a problem until they did the update. I can stick with the Kodiak for awhile, till this is all sorted out. But again I do appreciate all the input you give me and appreciate you all trying to help tis old guy out. Happy Flying. Walt
  7. With mine, If Im on the ground and hit VS, NAV, HDG the autopilot comes on by itself. That's not supposed to happen. It should go on, when you Turn It On. Never did this untill the resent update. Also ILS/RNAV not being followed. A few other glitches also. Hope someone can fix this. Thanks for the comeback. Walt
  8. No The sound is OK. That hasn't been a problem. Just The Autopilot is doing it's own thing.
  9. No The sound is OK. That hasn't been a problem. Just The Autopilot is doing it's own thing.
  10. i Know but the AP is turning on automatically while on the ground and thats messing everything up. Everything on this plane was working perfectly "Until" we installed the 182 update. Thats when things got messed up. Melissa had the same problem we are having. She was able to install the older version again and everything worked. (Not sure how she was able to have a backup of the 182 but it fxed it. Then when she downloaded the update everything worked.
  11. Yes, But why did we not have a problem untill this last update on the 182. "It was working perfectly until the update.
  12. Monica, thank you. I don't have a back up though. Purchased from Market place so right now I am stuck.
  13. What is happening is that if I arm HDG, or ALT, or VS, or IAS automatically the Autopilot goes on. This is not supposed to happen while I'm still on the ground. Seems like most of you are not having this problem. I sent a test to Honeycomb to see if they might have a solution. Again everything was working good on the Carenado 182. Problems only started when i did the latest 182 and NGxi update last week.
  14. Wow, guess I'll keep trying to figure this out. Again, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone trying to help me out.
  15. Yes, I know. I have the Honeycomb Yoke and The throttle Quad. Uninstalled the C182, GTNnxi and reinstalled them both. Rebooted and still the same. Pulling hair out because I'm puzzled that no one else seems to have this problem. As I said. This plane was perfect with no problems at all. It was one of my best planes to fly until I installed the update from MSFS2020. Determind to figure this out. As a last resort, I may reinstall MSFS2020 and see if that fixes it. Hope I don;t have to do that though. I do appreciate all of you for trying to help this old man out. Thank You all
  16. Not quite I understand you. I do have the Honeycomb Yoke also. If I set VS, or NAV while on the ground the AP is coming on automatic while on the ground.
  17. Was flying the Carenado 182 with no problems. Actually one of the best aircraft that had no problems. Everything worked as it should. MSFS 2020 had an update for this aircraft, and now they screwed it up. Autopilot comes on automatically on the ground as soon as I set VS. Auto pilot not following the flight plan, Throttle seems to not be able to slow down like it should. This update just messed this plane up terribly. Is it possible to get the old one back. They should have left it alone, as this is probably the only Carenado aircraft that was working properly. Thanks Guy's Walt
  18. Thanks Bob. Just out of curiosity, How do the join the BETA. May try it and thank you
  19. I am going crazy trying to put this into my MSFS 2020 Longitude. How and where are you getting this MOD from? Thanks Walt
  20. .OK I'll give it a try again and thank you all for the support.
  21. Yes, there is 3 modes to this one. I tried changing that FD switch in different positions and no luck. Doc says there is Mode 1) FD off-AP 0ff Mode 2) FD ON- AP OFF and MODE 3) FD ON- AP ON
  22. Just tried to Fly The Carenado PA44 Siminole. Haven't a clue how to turn on the Autopilot. No On Button, Checked the fuses, No switch or selection on the main panel. Anyone know how to turn this on? Thanks Walt
  23. Funny thats just what it looks like. Can't figure this one out. Driving me crazy.
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