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Found 36 results

  1. Hi all, I'm taking delivery of three 50" TVs tomorrow and will be trying to fit them into a pretty cramped attic to make an immersive cockpit. (I think I've measured it correctly!) The plan is to make this as versatile as possible, with interchangeable instrument panels to allow the use of a variety of aircraft types. I've posted a video of my existing setup here: https://youtu.be/antcjU6hyzY Hope you find it interesting 🙂 Dom
  2. Hi everyone. I had a lot of people suggest I share this with you, so hopefully this is ok to post here I created a Boeing 747 cockpit out of LEGO and submitted it to the LEGO Ideas program (which can use your support). Features include: Detailed cockpit. Linked yokes (joysticks) with pitch movement (both with rotating handles). 4 independent throttle controls as well as flaps and spoiler levers. Instrument panels including main display, center console and overhead console. Sliding seats and moving armrests (seats slide via a hidden channel after using the drop away floor lever - pretty cool). Sheepskin covers too. External fuselage matching aircraft contour. 2 pilot minifigures and display panel. 1,874 parts and a rubber band. So LEGO Ideas is a program where if an idea reaches 10,000 supporters (ie a free vote) then LEGO might make it into an actual LEGO set. If that happened, well there is no reason why LEGO couldn't make an entire series out of this with different aircraft, or anything that has a cockpit (shuttles, heavy machinery, etc). Supporting is super easy, just go here, bit.ly/747Cockpit click Support and log in using a free LEGO Ideas account (otherwise this would have been at 10K weeks ago lol) I really appreciate it and hope you like it.
  3. Hi, I'm owner of RealityXP GTN 750 and I've just bought the Aerobask-LegacyRG. I've just re-download ad re-install Reality XP Garmin and Trainer sotfware, but there is no way to integrate the GTN 750 on Aerobask (3D panel integration) nor to power on the 2D GTN 750 panel (it remains black). No errors received, and the plugin is correctly installed on XPlane. Can someone help me please? Thanks Mirko (Windows 10 Pro - XPlane 11.51 Vulkan)
  4. From the album: Real World and FSX Pictures

    Freeware livery for the PMDG NGX from McPhat Studios.
  5. hi when i run the 2d cockpit or 3d, i need to press CTRL plus SPACEBAR if not, i see only the bottom of the runaway and not further, any idea? thanks serge PIC
  6. So i did a landing comparison of the FSL320 vs. the FF320. A sidestick camera is included in both videos. Conditions are relatively the same during both landings. Variable winds /w light turbulence. I made more adjustments than needed to show the differences in response and feel. Enjoy P.S. I don't intend starting a war over which is better. FSLA320: https://youtu.be/x36g0o73SKI FF320: https://youtu.be/DM7whpazKkA
  7. Hi. After a time of pause, I'm building a cockpit and this is my installation so far. This is a summary. PC1: xplane 11 with 4 FHD monitors for the game view. + XPUIPC PC2: xhsi with 4 monitors vga + SIOC + XPUIPC PC3: xhsi with 2 monitors vga At the software level, I still do not have everything working. The question I have is whether SIOC and hardware modules (efis, mcp...) should be placed on pc1 or pc2.
  8. Especially for Aztec Airways: http://www.aztec.pl/virtual/ One pilot + squirrel Without AP and SOP With English subtitles.
  9. Hi, I have problem with my dome lighting in PMDG 737 NG cockpit in FSX. If I click on dome light button in a cockpit nothing happens. The dome lights works me only if the engines are on. Does anybody of you have some idea what can it cause or where is the problem? Thank you for all your replies and all your advises.
  10. I am building an enclosed home GA cockpit sim and I want to intergrate the GTN 750 for use in the cockpit via iPad or iPhone. Anybody know the best way to accomplish this? (FSX) Thanks!
  11. Hi every One! My Name is Manuel Santillàn. I have a problem with my VC textures that are a little blurred on the 737NG and 777, the other textures like clouds ground etc works fine The problem I think is on the FSX.cfg because if I delete the existing .cfg, the original configuration when I load the FSX works fine! But I can`t fly with the original configuration because I use the Fsdreamteam products like airports and GSX originals and i suppose that the StandAlone Manager of this products change the configuration of that archive .cfg. I change the settings to "Very High" in the plane configuration of the FSX and I mark the "Allow High Textures" on this configuration and nothing So can someone help me or someone know about this problem? Thanks alot Regards from Mexico City this is an example of my problem on the link https://ibb.co/k4uZhb
  12. Hi everyone, When I do long flights, I usually like to turn off the sound in the sim when I get to cruise (by pressing "Q") so that I can check on my flight and not have the noise of the engines fill my headphones suddenly when I switch back into the sim. I have noticed that when I do this for a long time (usually on flights of 4+ hours), the cockpit noises are gone when I turn the sound back on. That is, in the cockpit, I can still hear the engines, but can't hear any of the noises such as the flap handle moving, the autopilot disconnect alarm, callouts etc. In the external views, all the noises work just fine. I have had this issue with both the 777 (in FSX:SE) and the 747 (in P3D v3). I have also checked all of the sound settings in the sim and in the FMC to ensure that all playback devices are setup correctly. I've never had the issue when I've kept the sound on for the whole flight. Does anyone know of a fix for this slight issue, or why the issue is happening at all?
  13. Due to lack of space and overcompleteness, I am selling my Boeing 737 NGX cockpit shell. It is an exact and full size replica of the original. The shell is made of durable polyester and consists of 4 main parts. Consequently, the device can be transported relatively easily. In parts it will fit through a normal door. Some measures: - height from floor to bottom of front windows is 99 cm. - width of front windows is 90 cm. - width of forward side windows is 56 cm. - width of aft side windows is 70 cm. - total length front to back is 236 cm. - total width front windows (for glare-shield) is 160 cm. Beautiful basis when building a ful size home cockpit or flight simulator. Can also be used for decoration in shops, expo, events, etc. Due to size of the item, transportation from Soest in The Netherlands has to be arranged for by buyer. Bargain price of Euro 1.500,- now valid until May15.
  14. Hello, I wanted to share my actual Home Cockpit Project. I think that some of you should be interesting. I'm making a Home Cockpit of Cessna 182/206 for P3D and Xplane. The Flight Desk is made by Ruscool in New Zealand. I make the cockpit in Wood by my Carpenter. The Rudders come from TRC and the Yoke from Flight Illusion. More details in next posts... Here are some 3D views of the Cockpit : I also made a Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/LeNezenLair1/
  15. From the album: Real World and FSX Pictures

    Freeware livery for the PMDG NGX from McPhat Studios.
  16. Rob Randazzo has tonight provided an update on the status of the B777 and has provided some pretty stunning images of the cockpit. If this long awaited add-on is of interest to you, we suggest you have a read of Rob's lengthy post here.
  17. I am new to flight sim but am enjoying learning things. I watched a YouTube video of a real airbus pilot taxing and takeoff and using headings and auto pilot to have a much smoother flight than holding the controls and using trim. What I'm wanting to learn is how to use the rest of it. How do I input a flight plan without the main menu? How do I find the airport frquency (I cam find the airport with headings but not frequencies). Ultimately I think a guide on different systems and how to use them is what I'm looking for. Any help is appreciated- thanks.
  18. Foremost, I would like to congratulate PMDG on the release of the 747 QOTSII - it is an absolute delight to fly! The hard work gone into the development of this aircraft is very much appreciated. A small thing I have noticed is regarding the cockpit lighting. Whenever I switch on the 'DOME' light, it only illuminates part of the cockpit. This anomaly can be seen more clearly in the photos that I have uploaded. http://imageshack.com/a/img924/8328/SZMwIL.png http://imageshack.com/a/img924/1219/NTu3lF.png Is anyone else having this issue? Would be grateful if anyone could help me solve this problem. (I am using P3D v3.) Best regards, Quamar Quazi
  19. From the album: Real World and FSX Pictures

    © Chris F.

  20. Hello, yesterday i got Active Sky 2016 and flew around for a bit. I saw something strange as i fly into clouds. Some of the cloud textures start to make its way into the cockpit (as seen in photo). If there is no fix thats alright because im updating to P3d V4 tomorrow. , HR PHOTO: https://prnt.sc/fdktar
  21. I bought the PMDG 737-800/900 from the official PMDG website, and it has been working properly for the first 2 months or so. (I play on FSX:SE) Around 2 weeks ago a problem started occurring. On (some) flights, (maybe something like 2 in 5 flights) the virtual cockpit stops responding to my mouse clicks mid-flight wile cruising. The 2D panels work fine, but the 2D cockpit looks something like this: (thanks @qantas747) I literally can't use anything while in VC. I tried changing camera views using (A) and getting an outside view of the aircraft then going back in, but nothing worked. I tried changing to full screen since I play in windowed mode, and it was responsive again. But once I clicked on one button, it would go back to unresponsive mode. I changed back to windowed mode and the same thing happened. But once I changed to full screen again it would stay unresponsive no matter how many times I switched between the two modes. The same problem happens if I change the scenery while already loaded in-game. This problem is way too annoying and even more frustrating because I play online nowadays. If I play offline its not too big of a deal as I can save the flight, exit the game, relaunch the game, load the flight again and it would work. It is still frustrating either way. I have already submitted a ticket, but would like to hear your opinions.
  22. Good morning all, I wanted to start a new thread here to hopefully bring some attention back to the possibility of a True shared cockpit experience being supported by PMDG. Several plane makers now have their own shared cockpit software built into the planes, and many of the X-plane developers fully support programs like smart co-pilot that provide a fully functional shared cockpit experience, even down to FMC usage etc. In my opinion, and I am sure many others here share the same, PMDG is at the top of the stack for payware aircraft quality. Their releases generally take time, but they release top notch products that you can guarantee are going to be the most realistic experience possible inside of a flight simulator. I really wish that PMDG would be willing to start building its own shared cockpit system into its airplanes. I have no doubt the PMDG shared cockpit system would be the best on the market, just like the rest of their products. Being a real pilot I really enjoy the proper use of cockpit resource management, and a huge part of that is having another crew member to help with the workload. I know that PMDG takes a lot of pride in being the most realistic payware aircraft developer out there, and I think a PMDG Developed, fully functional shared cockpit system would be the crown jewel to creating the most realistic experience possible on a simulator. I know PMDG has briefly commented some on these boards in the past regarding shared cockpit, but it has been a while. I know you guys are currently very deep into the 747 v3 and the DC6 FSX/P3D conversion, but I ask that you please give this some additional consideration. I know for a fact that this would help increase your sales since you would have more people buy your planes in pairs. Yes, I do realize that it would be very difficult if not impossible to analytically predict exactly how much it would increase sales. I am one of them that would be even more motivated to purchase your products, as well as my stream partner, because it would be an amazing shared cockpit experience. I think that shared cockpit is very beneficial for this community, and not only does it provide top notch realism, but frankly it also creates some more entertainment value. In the streaming world typically shared cockpit streams get more turnout, and I think that is because it just adds in that last element of fun into the sim that people have been missing all of these years. That is enough for my soapbox for now. I would be very curious to hear other's thoughts and would love a sincere PMDG response. Thanks for being such a top notch developer. On closing comment, keep pushing plane development!!! :wink:
  23. Hello I'm currently flying the 717 as much as possible. Yes, the release was rushed and there are many bugs which should've been eliminated before release candidate. The TFDi-team will address most of the bugs over time...in the meanwhile, I'm enjoying the aircraft despite the shortcomings. Enroute @FL360 Approaching ESGG/GOT runway 03.
  24. Hi. After i did some flights with the pmdg 737 ngx i get this error. The scenery load extremely low (some buildings are black/runway and no runway markings until few minutes after) After loading, the cockpit stands with black parts for ex the knobs, fmc keys, etc.. i can see the pfd, fms and ap digits. With the same cfg i get about 8 fps (before it was about 28 fps) I dont remember changing or install/uninstall anything. I have tried : To move prepar3d.cfg, dll.xml and exe.xml (program data and roaming directories), both Prepar3d_Default.fxml and .wx in the local directory, scenery.cfg. This happens with all planes and all airports i have tried. For 1 sec i can see sometimes the entire plane (f22) then black parts again, i suppouse it is not a texture issue. I have update p3d to the last version without working. Any ideas? I have update nvidia drivers , maybe is it the problem or windows 10 files updates? Please help, thanks.
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