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  1. Hi, I don't know if this subject has already been dealt with but in the past several days I have been trying to find a way to read the display offsets from the electrical panel on the 737NG. Unlike the ALT and LAND displays, there are no offsets listed in the SDK file for the 7-segment displays in the electrical panel. Is via PMDG 737NG offsets the only way to interface LEDs? Or is there an other way to read these numbers? thanks for your help in advance! Greetings, Wout
  2. Some reply please?!?
  3. Dear Simmers, I'm just curious in what the most 737 cockpit builders are interested to. QUESTION: What are you looking for if you were to buy an 737NG Overhead panel? ( considering cost and quality ) 1° An overhead panel which is fully operational ( Plug n' Play ) => Very High cost, No work 2° An overhead panel which is standard fully operational ( Plug n' Play with less attention to detail ) => High cost, No work 3° An overhead panel which I bought online without any buttons, gauges, switches so you have to make it yourself => Medium cost, A lot of work 4° An overhead panel of which I bought every part ( 18 panels ) separately and assembled myself => High Medium cost, Work 5° An overhead panel which I fully made myself ( with wood, own structure ) => Low Medium cost, Huge amount of Work 6° An overhead panel which I bought second-hand ( fully working ) => Average High Medium cost, almost no work Please state your answer, I would love some opinion on this matter since al those internet websites offer various types which come at sometimes very high prices ( +- 6000 euros ) What are YOU looking for in an O/H panel if you opt to buy one? Greetings, Wout
  4. Okay, thanks for the suggestions this far, about that DC10 solution, I dont find any plans to make a DC10 throttle quadrant either :( Is there a chance i can buy a throttle quadrant from an MD11 or a DC10? I heard some people did buy those and convert it. Dunno if i could convert it but it would be a great example of what it should look like Greetings, FOwout ( Belgium )
  5. Dear simmers, I have played a lot with the PMDG MD11 and its quite fun to fly ( even if its hard to :P ). Now I want to take it to a next level and make something from the MD11 cockpit. I want to build a Throttle Quandrant to add more realism to the flight. I have searched and searched and came up empty. I have really found nothing related to the dimensions or structure of which the MD11 throttle quandrant is built of. Im doing this as a summer project with a friend of mine who is going to build the throttle quandrant of a Boeing 737. Im hoping you guys could help me in any way possible because the summer is getting closer :P Hope to hear you soon Any help is welcome Greetings FOwout
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