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  1. I would like the default FSX C208 cargo repaints.

  2. Just a quick edit. When you run the installer you get for the update (v1.8.8 at the present time) point the installation to your root P3D v4 folder and all should go where it is supposed to, I had forgotten that this update is in the form of an installer and not just the files to copy and paste, sorry about that. Jim Hodkinson
  3. Hi The isg1.gau gauge itself goes into your main gauges folder of P2D (or FSX for that matter) replacing the one that the original installer put there when you installed and registered the gauges package using your downloaded which would have the name ISG-FSX.exe, you will need to point the installer to your P3D root folder to install the base package though. Jim Hodkinson
  4. Working OK here, once I have signed into Simouthouse. By the way Kat is female
  5. That is great news I have really missed this one, has it been uploaded to Avsim as I only see the previous FSX version there at the moment, either way thanks for taking the time out to update it. Jim Hodkinson
  6. Hi folks I just had to post about the support I have just had from Graham and it could not have been beaten, not only was the reply with my download links received within 10 mins of requesting them but he even added Salt Lake City that I had forgotten to request and service like that needs recognition, thanks Graham I am off to install your scenery packages now. Jim Hodkinson
  7. Good catch, I even managed to get a couple that I had not backed up, so thanks for the information and the link. Jim Hodkinson
  8. Hi I do have a few of the FSX liveries for the MD-11 (15 liveries and possibly more as I have another back-up for them) and the 74X (59 Liveries that I have on my system at present) but I am not sure about the legality of my forwarding them on to you, you could try contacting PMDG to see what the rules and EULA allow in these circumstances and if it turns out that it is OK by the good folk at PMDG then I don’t have a problem uploading them for you. Jim Hodkinson
  9. Hi It has been a while since I flew her but you can also edit the PMDG_MD11_kbd.ini file in the PMDG folder of FSX and look (or add) for the following entry (this is an old one of mine so you may want different key combinations)…. [Throttles] Disengage ATS=Ctrl+F5 Overboost Bar=Ctrl+F6 GA Button=Ctrl+Shift+M I hope it helps. Jim Hodkinson
  10. Hi Steve Thanks for the complement it means a lot coming from a fellow repainter and I have seen your work so it means even more, and you are correct the spine was a bit of a bear, mind you so was the rest of the patchwork quilt effect they have used, as for the Lufthansa wing text I have looked around but I have not seen anything either that gives a good enough image to be able to read the text, I will keep looking around though, on the Lufthansa A320 the text that breaks the line reads Do Not Walk Outside This Area, not much help I know but it was the only thing I managed to find. I will let you know if I come up with anything on the wing text, and thanks again for the generous comments. Jim Hodkinson
  11. Hi again Firstly my apologies for the typos in the above, by the time I noticed them I could not edit the post, I must use spellcheck more often, but back to business which is that I have manged to get the Etiad Cargo scheme to a stage that is worth taking for a spin, so if you would like to then here is the download link for the .ptp file… http://www.mediafire.com/file/n6zb44racjyk6yz/PMDG_747-4HAF%28ER%29_EY_N476MC_01.zip As usual if you should find anything that slipped by me then do please let me know and I will try my best to help if I can. Take care, and have fun. Jim Hokinson
  12. Hi krazyk It is a bit of a mess at present gut it is getting there, although I did not get to do much yesterday I will crack on with the scheme today as much as I can and see what happens. As for the post above yours regarding the logo I have sent you a PM with a download link for the raw psd file and for a .bmp version of it as the logo is a mix of available graphics and some hand drawn elements of my own, I hope one of them is of some use and if mot them just let me know what format you can use and I will upload a copy. Take care, and have fun. Jim Hodkinson
  13. Hi You are more than welcome, as for myself well it is a bit like life in general you have so many good days and so many bad the trick is to find a balance that works for you, I have yet to find the trick but I am working on it, and speaking of working on it I am having fun trying to get to grips with the patchwork quilt that is the Etihad Cargo livery I will get there though even if I go mad in the meantime, it is an interesting scheme. Take care and thank you for the good wishes it really is appreciated. Jim Hodkinson EDIT The link below is a screen dump from ModelViewer of how she stands at the present time. http://www.mediafire.com/view/vdhugurazizcjid/PMDG_QOTSII_Etihad_400ERF.jpg
  14. Hi Folks There is a pretty big mistake I made with the Emirates repaint packages in that they install into the 400F folder and not the 400ERF as they should have done, my thanks to G van Veldhoven for letting me know anout the error. I have no idea why I did that as I typed out ERF in the descriptions more than a couple of times when first installing them, well that’s old age for you I guess, fortunately all is not lost as I have uploaded three new .ptp files with the correct information in them so if you download the new version you wanted you should be good to go, so here are the new download links for the three versions (of the ERF this time sorry about that) I have run them at this end and they now perform as they should have done in the first place… For N497MC.. http://www.mediafire.com/file/vlvqm88yyqn0qmn/PMDG_747-4HAF(ER)_EK_N497MC_02.zip For OO-THC http://www.mediafire.com/file/sbz90vcun67jhxy/PMDG_747-4HAF(ER)_EK_OO-THC_02.zip And lastly for OO-THD http://www.mediafire.com/file/rkal44s7xurnkan/PMDG_747-4HAF(ER)_EK_OO-THD_02.zip Again my apologies for the lack of concentration on my part and if anyone should have any other issues then do please let me know and I will try my best to help if I can. Jim Hodkinson P.S. I will update the original post if I am able to with the updated download links, again my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused, and I promise I will get the hang of this repainting lark one day honest. EDIT it seems I cannot edit the original post containing the previous download links so I can only give my apologies again for any inconvenience.
  15. Hi Karan Please do not worry about it you were not being selfish and how could you know what my health status is, so do not worry on that score it is just old age and the various punishments I have put these old bones through over the years, and I would not change a moment of it. Take care and back when I have something for you to take for a spin, and thank you for the concern it is appreciated. Jim Hodkinson
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