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  1. P.M. sent with download details. Jim Hodkinson
  2. Hi My apologies for the tardy response I don’t visit as often as I used to but I do have a copy of the 222b exits gauge and I have uploaded a copy to the MediFire folder I used to use for my repaints when I did them, so here is the link to the gauge file… https://www.mediafire.com/file/q05vbup3c6aaurw/Cera_222B_Exits_Gauge.zip/file I hope it helps and although you should not have any issues let me know if you should get any. Take care and stay safe. Jim Hodkinson
  3. Hi Felipe

    I am not sure if you already have them from CXA001 but if not then here are the two download links for the FSX paintkits just as they were downloaded from the QW web site…

    Part 1


    and Part 2


    I hope it helps.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Jim Hodkinson

  4. Hi All the Sim Skunk Works add-on aircraft needed a separate download for the actual aircraft textures and panel textures from the previous Sim Skunk Works web site which now appears to have been taken down, you will probably find the same issue for the moving map files for the Tornado and Harrier, not much help I know and you would think that SimMarket would be aware of the extra download requirement. Jim Hodkinson
  5. Hi I have just noticed your post regarding the MilViz 737 exits and I did make a gauge for operating all three exits / doors some time ago, now it worked in FSX and P3D v3 and I am pretty sure it worked in P3D v4 but as it is just a cab file containing the graphics and xml file it should work in pretty much all flight sims, anyway if you wanted to try the gauge out here is the direct download link to the gauge and installation instructions… https://www.mediafire.com/file/xoi18psswyar5xe/MilViz_737_200_Exits_Gauge_03.zip/file you should not have any problems but if you do then please let me know and I will try my best to help if I can, although as I only have P3D v5 installed so I cannot actually try the gauge out in-sim as it were until the 737 is updated. Take care and stay safe. Jim Hodkinson
  6. Hi These things happen so don’t worry about it, as for the two units they are now installed and I will test them out later today, I suppose some of it is also my fault as well as I did not read all of the instructions to the end where the date is mentioned, but I am just like most folk in not reading manuals or instructions I suppose. Thank you for the help and for the gauges in the first place. Take care and stay safe. Jim Hodkinson
  7. Hi Thank you for replying to my issue with the coupons for the RXP units and I have recived a reply to my F1 Support Ticket which has pointed out that although the RXP website shows the expiry date for the coupons as Feb 28 2021 the actual readme in the zip archive states that the coupons are only valid until Dec 28 2020, so they have asked me to contact RXP directly to see what the status is of these coupons. Thanks again for the reply. Take care and stay safe. Jim Hodkinson
  8. Hi I have just purchased the RXP Garmin 530 and the GTN 750 but when trying to apply the bundle coupon to either the 530 or 750 I get a message that the coupon is expired or invalid, the coupons I am using are the following.. rxp-add-430-to-530-fltsim and rxp-add-650-to-750-fltsim I have even tried the coupons the other way around but that does not work either. Any and all help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Jim Hodkinson
  9. Hi Mark Thank you for the feedback I am just glad to hear she is what you were expecting, as for the texture size differences the standard texture sheet is 2048 x 3048 pixels against the HD size of 4096x 4096 pixels which can put an extra load on the system as they are four times the size but then again most systems these days are in advance of the systems we had when the original QW 146 was released, but you can give it try yourself if you like as I have uploaded a Standard sized scheme in case you wanted to try it out, here is the download link for the file set and installation instructions… https://www.mediafire.com/file/ce9beaf9fyoo58a/QW_FSX_146_100_G-W4GN_STD_01.zip/file Well I think that is about it, so good luck with the 146 as she can be a bit “quirkey” to get to grips with as she is certainly no Boeing when it comes to the aircrafts systems. Take care and stay safe. Jim Hodkinson
  10. Hi Mark Well I have got G-W4GN to a state that is worth taking for a spin so if you would care to don your test pilots hat then here is the link to the zip archive for her….. https://www.mediafire.com/file/4tlgefz743kke1f/QW_FSX_146_100_G-W4GN_01.zip/file There is one thing I didn’t mention and perhaps I should have is that out of habit the scheme is in HD so if that proves to be an issue then just let me know and I will update the files to the Standard resolution. Well that is about it I think except to mention that if you do have any problems adding any logo’s or nose art then if you let me have the images I can easily update the file set for you. Take care and stay safe. Jim Hodkinson
  11. Hi Mark I have only just seen your request for the QW 146-100 “Caterpillar” scheme and as it has been a while since I last did a QW scheme I thought I would have a go at it, now you did not mention anything about a registration number or if you even wanted one so if you could confirm either way that would be great. I did do a very quick draft of the scheme and with any luck there should be a screen shot of her below. Take care and stay safe. Jim Hodkinson
  12. I would like the default FSX C208 cargo repaints.

  13. Just a quick edit. When you run the installer you get for the update (v1.8.8 at the present time) point the installation to your root P3D v4 folder and all should go where it is supposed to, I had forgotten that this update is in the form of an installer and not just the files to copy and paste, sorry about that. Jim Hodkinson
  14. Hi The isg1.gau gauge itself goes into your main gauges folder of P2D (or FSX for that matter) replacing the one that the original installer put there when you installed and registered the gauges package using your downloaded which would have the name ISG-FSX.exe, you will need to point the installer to your P3D root folder to install the base package though. Jim Hodkinson
  15. Working OK here, once I have signed into Simouthouse. By the way Kat is female
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