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    Im a new flight simmer, so if you want to suggest something, comment @ my profile.

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  1. Da Mico

    Oh dang

    Oh shoot, image broken! Heres a link to the .png instead: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img924/1842/M2Yukc.png
  2. Da Mico

    Oh dang

    (@above) Sorry,let me repost it: It is meant for people to know that sometimes AI can be funny.
  3. Da Mico

    Oh dang

    Nope, it is meant to let everyone laugh at the picture.
  4. Da Mico

    Lower Light Delight

    ;) Nice scenery & aircraft! Where do you get these from? I would appreciate it if you would reply. -Damico
  5. Da Mico

    Oh dang

    ****I.C.E ai
  6. Da Mico

    Oh dang

    *** ### AI
  7. Da Mico

    Oh dang

    AI aren't realistic.Specs: Aerosoft Barcelona, CLS A330, ### AI
  8. Da Mico

    Spot the Moon

    Truly. Amazed.
  9. Post your images here:I thank all of the content creators that I used. Mods: level-d 767, GSX, Aerosim Kansai