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  1. Hello, friends, own the P3Dv4.5 . I am trying to download LINDA version 3.0.12, but I can't because I always get this page {deleted} Currently I have version 3.0.9v2 for the PMDG 738 NGX,aqber switched to the B738 NGXU a week ago. Thanks a lot Regards Peter
  2. Peter

    I have moved your post to the more appropriate LINDA Support sub-forum and replied there to your question.

    Andrew aka Scotflieger

  3. Hello, fluff friends, I am in the process of adjusting my LINDA settings for my installed NGXU,to match the version NGXU 1.4,Current FSUIPC has been installed My new NGXU I have installed under H:\P3Dv4.1-Sim\SimObjects\Airplanes, there is also the NGX stored! To install the module I follow these instructions, 1)Download the zip file and expand it to a suitable accessible place (e.g. desktop). 2.)Open LINDA and make sure that the aircraft selector is not synchronized with Sim and --Aircrafts-- is displayed 3.)Click on the option Maintenance = Maintenance. 4)Under Import Aircraft Module, click Select Source Folder and locate the folder PMDG_737_NGXu_v1_0. 5) Click Select. 6.)Click on the Install/Overwrite Module button 7)Open your Flt-Sim and click Sync To Sim (make sure that PMDG_737_NGXu is displayed and outlined in orange) 8)Have fun. Open your Flt-Sim and click Sync To Sim (make sure PMDG_737_NGXu is displayed and outlined in orange). But this folder is not there, only PMDG 737-800NGXu and as model I use the SSW version: I can't get any further. Many thanks in advance! Greetings Peter
  4. Hello friends, i have a keymapping today in ChasePlane for my B737-800 NGX and tested it, but unfortunately ChasePlane hangs up again and again before this key-free mapping was not the case What should I do, create the P3Dv4.4 from my backup and reinstall ChasePlane? Is it possible to backup ChasePlane settings (without key settings)? Thank you in advance! Greetings Peter
  5. Hello, friends, I now switched to P3Dv4.3 to 4.4 and use for my B737-800,ChasePlane v1.0.22,now I have the following problem! The start from P3Dv4.4 runs without problems, but after a selection of an airport or aircraft with OK confirm, P3D switches itself off and gets the message "disonnected from P3D". What do I have to change and I have to recreate my settings! Thank you Greetings Peter
  6. Hello Flusi friends, I own for my P3DV4.3 from PMDG the 737-800 NGX plus current update version 1.20.8885. Now I have the problem, that when programming the FMC under PAYLOAD>PASSENGERS the value 92/174 can be seen, I leave the value at 174 everything is OK. I do my flight planning with PFPX, in the aircraft list Pax 189 is indicated, but with the input in the FMC the value /189 is not accepted! In the PMDG 737-800 NGX Aircraft cfg under General is this entry [General] atc_type=BOEING atc_model=B738 editable=0 performance="Cruise Speed \nMach 0.78 452 kts \/h\n\nEngines \nCFM56-7\n\nMaximum Range \n3,060 nm 3,521 mi 5,425 km\n\nService Ceiling \n41, 000 ft 12,500 m\n\nFuel Capacity \n6,875 U.S. gal 26,020 L\n\nEmpty Weight-Standard \n90,710 lb 41,145 kg\n\nMaximum Gross Weight\n174,200 lb 79,010 kg\n\nLength \n129.5 ft 39.5 m\n\nWingspan \n112 ft, 9 in 34.3 m\n\nHeight \n41.16 ft 12.55 m\n\nSeating \nSeats 189\n\n" Category = airplane Can one work with the value 189 in the FMC, or in the PFPX under Pax 174 enter. Many thanks in advance! With kind regards Peter
  7. Hello friends, I have ChasePlane as well as precipitFX and have also installed. Now a question, how do I activate precipitFX to work under P3Dv4.1? Normally I first start the weather Active Sky for P3Dv4 (ASP4) and hope that also precipitFX will start. On the homepage a current update of precipitFX for 9.00 USD is offered, have I already installed this with the current VFXCentral? Thank you and a happy new year 2018 greeting Peter
  8. Hello Flusifreund, I use the PMDG 737-800 NGX WL for my P3Dv41. Now I am about to configure my configuration for my PMDG 737-800 NGX WL by means of FMC. For the seating I use the single class but under load I am only able to adjust to 170Pax, although I could allegedly load 189 Pax. If it is possible, where can one change the Pax from 170 to 189, because in the FMC can enter only up to 170 Pax, I plan only with Kg and PFPX and TOPCAT. Many Thanks! Greeting Peter
  9. Hi my name is Peter, P3Dv4 possesses the PMDG 737-800 NGX and have the following problem! If I start P3Dv4 I get an error message ChasePlan is corrupt and P3Dv4 can not start! What should I do, it is because ChasePlan is still a beta version and wa one can count on the final. Many Thanks! Greetings Peter
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