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  1. Do not believe that there is such an option (without being in front of the sim now). The only sync is for the baro. If there is nothing mentioned on the introduction document or on the FMC options then there is none.
  2. This is delamination effect, appears from time to time on different windows, it's like the pen and the soda cans. An eye candy ;)
  3. Support uses a different account than the store one. If you do not have a support account create a new one at the support page
  4. There is nothing yo worry about it. It does not have to do with the installers. As the new Operations Center is under development this will be rectified there.
  5. On some users running win10 the Operations Center is not installed on the start menu. You can always make a shortcut your self. OperationsCenter.exe is located under C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center
  6. You have connected the ground power, did you move the ground power switch to ON to give power to the aircraft?
  7. Welcome to the forums, please note that PMDG requires that users include a signature block with the user's name, first and last, in all posts in the PMDG forum. Failure to include a signature will result in removal of the post without comment. We strongly encourage users to set up a signature block in their AVSim user account, then you never have to worry to remember in the future!
  8. Rhys, No time frame currently.
  9. Anthony, A pint of Guinness please :) Unfortunately I have to say that this solution is not a global one, It works for some users but for other thinks are most complicated. I would suggest before doing any such actions if a user has an issue to contact us through a ticket.
  10. Dmitriy, No we do not have such internal logging, For the FSUIPC, the first step will be to delete the fsuipc.ini and let FSUIPC rebuilt a new one on the next sim start. If this does not help then you need to try with FSUIPC completely removed
  11. Dmitriy, This 100% means that something is get corrupted in the way and hence you have this issue Do the following please 1) Start the sim. On the select scenario screen you should have the default F22. Select a PMDG plane that you know you have the issue and load it on the default airport. 2) Make sure the plane is using the default panel state and everything is correct. Connect external power and engage it. Shut down the engines and save this panel state as TEST for example. 2) Close the sim completly 3) Restart the sim. Again the select scenario screen with the default F22 should be shown. Select the same PMDG plane and go to the airport of your choice. 4) As soon as it load, select and load the TEST panel state. 5) Start APU and start the engines at the stand. What is the result? Basically you need to find out in which case the problem starts.
  12. Dmitriy, When I asked you one hour ago "If you start with default panel state when the plane loads does it has the same behavior or the oit temps are normal?" you said "Nope, the temperatures are abnormal as it shown on two of my screenshots". Now you are saying that the temps on the default start up is normal. If something is corrupted in FSUIPC.ini then these thinks can happen. Please remover both FSUIPC.ini and FSUIPC.dll from your modules folder. Start the sim and laod one of the planes in the default state. Observe the OIL temp. Connect external power and shutdown the engines. Save this panel state via the FMC. Close the sim. Close the sim and restart it. Select again the same plane with the default panel state. As soon as it loads load from the FMC the previous saved panel state and start the engines. Does the oil temp is normal?
  13. Dmitriy, Kevin replied first :) I suggest the same disable all the extra addons, I would start with FSUIPC and the dll you changed for starters. And please make sure the planes are loaded with the default panel state, ie the one with engines running. Check with that panel state if the oil temps are normal.
  14. If you start with default panel state when the plane loads does it has the same behavior or the oit temps are normal?
  15. NGX

    Eric you wrote "after just completing another flight" . If you try to load another PMDG flight on top of the existing one, switch between PMDG liveries or PMDG planes such thinks will happen, You need to make sure that you are loading the saved flight from the select flight screen showing the default trike with a clean FSX start. So if you finish a flight and want to load a new one, load not start another segment, then again you need to restart FSX completely an load the flight from the select flight screen