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  1. yeah I know, Flight1 lack of support. I talked about this in their forum and nobody seems to be alive in there.
  2. Does anybody know if Flight1 have updated their GTN product line? At the beginning of this year, Garmin updated the GTN trainer to v6.70, so now I'm unable to use the GTN in any plane because Flight1 cannot identify the installation path even if I manually select it.
  3. I first download the e-commerce zip from the RXP installer, I open the e-commerce installer and click REINSTALL, I put my f1 account and then the installation begins. After that, I click finish and go to FSX to check if my RXP has the new version. While FSX is loading (the first window, not a free flight) a window pop up saying if I want to run RXP gauge (only occurs when I put a new or update an addon to FSX) I click YES, then run a free flight with the A2A Cessna 172 to check the latest update, but still say that I'm in the same version that was before doing the update. No make sense to me
  4. Sorry, but that's what I do and still, show that I have instead of the new version.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a few days I'm trying to update my RXP 530W from to; when I do the whole process with the update file when I open FSX:SE the gauge still says that I have to update to saying that I have version Then I uninstalled and reinstalled RXP 530W with all windows programs and antivirus closed, but still says the same. What am I doing wrong?
  6. Before buy the RXP GTN650, I want to know if my A2A Cessna 172 is compartible with it.
  7. Hi everyone, It is a possible way to update the GNS 530 database to current? because the one that I have is from 2009.
  8. Could be, because I just updated my computer yesterday. I will do that.
  9. Just happen today, and did not reboot my computer. Another thing I got to mention is that my simulator is running very well without lagging, just the GNS is lagging.
  10. When I first set up my RXP GNS 530 on Flight Simulator X:SE, the GNS were performing very very smooth. I don't know if I click something inappropriate, but the next day my GNS were lagging, when I click something its wait about 3 seconds to response, instead of response instantly. My computer specs: Windows 10 Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3260 @3.30GHz 3.30GHz RAM 8GB 64-bit
  11. Ok great, I will wait 30 days for my refound.
  12. Ok that's right, I just asking for refound, this software is very espensive. I read the user's manual but it was no very helpful according to my problem. I try many differents ways to solve it. In conclution I want my $49.99 back, just that.
  13. Can you please confirm the GTN is not displaying "Invalid License" when booting up? My license is valid because the GTN display my name on the screen and I installed and reinstalled the product many times, I use the "Select key" option from the installer. When the bezel buttons are not working, can you confirm the touch screen is working on the other hand? Yes, the touchscreen is working but the bezel bottoms don't. What 'bezel buttons' are you referring to: buttons displayed in the 2D popup window, or 3D buttons around the screen in the 3D cockpit? I referring to 3D buttons around the screen in the 3D cockpit
  14. First, the GTN 750 no display in any aircraft, when finally start working, only in 2D view display and not in VC, then the brightness was too high impossible to see the letters in the display, then outside bottoms (Home, Waypoint, Volume, Small/Large knobs) not working in the display. So many problems for a product of $49.99.
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