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  1. It could be im not setting flap 30 in fmc... Will try again!
  2. hello guys, im getting a problem on landing, with the plane correctly configured with flap 30 i call for the landing checklist and the fo says check the landing flaps. anybody with the same problem that can help?
  3. Yes I have fsuipc but i dont use a single profile for the 747 i use a generic one for all my 4 engine planes
  4. i have a break temp warning after takeoff always, but i do not abuse the breaks on taxi at all, and when i land this happens, but it happens as sooon as i touch down, i havent even aapplied breaks when it happens, i just have full reversers
  5. hello guys can you help me with how to modify the turn around time=? would like to change it to 15 mins
  6. Ok i eill send you my cfg and shots to the support email on the manual. I truly appreciate your help.
  7. Steve I have no idea what AA i was using before i got your fixer. I disabled AA on the fixer and got some improvement, but still i get the best fps turning the fixer off.... Can you recommend a better graphics card that will work with my optiplex 7010?
  8. Thanks Bert! that was the other thing on my mind, if I could get some clarity based on my system information, if upgrading the video card would help then I would definetely do it, but I want to make sure it will actually help!
  9. Hello Steve, I was told by another costumer on another forum that I should bring my problem to you as there was a good chance you could help me. Long story short I didnt even know your program existed until I purchased the FSlabs A320, first time I ran it it sent me a message saying the software worked better with your fixer because direct X used more efficiently the memory in my graphics card. Since I usually dont hessitate on spending some money to improve my setup I purchased it, but ever since installing it for the first time I have had serious problems with my fps. I have a system that usually ran FSX at 30 - 35 fps depending on the airport and the aircraft, with the fixer is running at 9 - 15 basically it is running at a performance in which i really cant even fly, with the A320 is a little better, but with teh concorde, and 737 pmdg is terrible. A user on another forum sent me a guide to tweak the fixer and your graphics card so it will work better but it did not help at all, currently the best i can do with my fsx is to run it with the direct x and the fixer disabled, and im getting 18 - 25 fps pretty decent at least to keep flying. I have a dell i5 3470 cpu intel 3.2 gigs with 8 meg rams, and a nvidia gt610, with windows 7. Its not the newest system but it has always worked well enough. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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