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  1. Max Reverse

    FSX crasht due to FS2Crew?

    Hi Bryan, I hope so, if not I will come back to this thread
  2. Max Reverse

    FSX crasht due to FS2Crew?

    Hello, today I got a strange failure. I had that never before. Running FSX with the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 and FS2Crew and after 3 minutes FSX stopped and I got this: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: fsx.exe Application Version: 10.0.61637.0 Application Timestamp: 46fadb14 Fault Module Name: FS2CrewQ400Voice.GAU_unloaded Till this, FS2Crew worked without any problem, so the Voice gau should be loaded?!? Can someone help please? - Thank you!
  3. Max Reverse

    Decrease FOs volume?

    Thank you very much, Bryan
  4. Max Reverse

    Decrease FOs volume?

    Hello Bryan, I just updated my MJC to the PRO version and also the latest FS2Crew to Version 1.5. All for FSX I am not able to reduce the volume of the FO and FA. I tried it like written in the manual, but no chance. Is your announced update still included in your latest FS2Crew version 1.5?
  5. Max Reverse

    HDG Toggle

    Thanks again for your help. I'll try some things and give you a call, if I need your help. Caio, Werner
  6. Max Reverse

    HDG Toggle

    Its it talking to FSUIPC. Thats strange.
  7. Max Reverse

    HDG Toggle

    Sorry, its me again. LINDA is not recognicing the push of the knob. Is there any trick?
  8. Max Reverse

    HDG Toggle

    Thank you very much for your help!!
  9. Max Reverse

    HDG Toggle

    Hi Scotflieger, you're right, its the newest Airbus series from Aerosoft. As Hardware, i am using a Self made glaershield with almost 50 functions. I am using the latest Linda software, and know the functions, but they work only on a rotarie knob, not on a push/pull knob. Is this correct? Thanks.
  10. Max Reverse

    HDG Toggle

    Hello, I hope thats not the wrong forum. I am using the latest LINDA and Günters LUA Script 1.2. In this LUA script is written, for toggeling the HDG between managed and normal use No. 22. But this seems not to work. I can assign No. 20 HDG mode normal or No. 21 HDG mode managed but not HDG mode No. 22. I hope you understand what I mean and thank you for the help!! Werner
  11. Max Reverse

    Aerosoft Airbus (module 4.4 ) v3

    Hello my friends, i am using LINDA and LUA scripts for my homemade Cockpit. Everything works perfect, but the Heading Toggle. I can eather push or pull by using the numbers 20 or 21 from the LUA script. Number 22, the toggle between managed and normal does not work. I am using the LUA script 1.21 from Günter. Do you know any way to help me? Thank you, Werner
  12. Max Reverse

    Too Many unwarrented "Checked" from the FO

    Hi Joe, I know your "problem" as it comes also in my flightdeck I am pretty sure, that this was also in the older version of FS2crew, and just like Bryan said, train your voice and it will be less. Thats what it does with my Cockpit. It does not go complete, but its much less. When my PNF says "Checked" now, I always repeat "you're a perfect checker", and gues what he answers? "Checked"
  13. Max Reverse


  14. Max Reverse

    Captain announcements

    What kind of announcments do you mean?