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  1. The message is really directed at the developer when all is said. Long story short, I have been an avid supporter of FS2Crew products (all of them) and have purchased almost every thing marketed. After jumping around some of the robust payware AC, I finally settled permanently into the PMDG 738NGXu and I have kept up with the FS2Crew upgrades . . . which are nice but now . . it has become a real nuisance. Every time the annoying in sim voice reminder of an 'important upgrade' it makes a good day, a so-so day. For me, I have to prepare to exit a robust sim [full size home cockpit] and re download the full installer and install. Please Stop . . . go ahead and post your updates, send us email reminders, texts but DO NOT remind us in the sim AFTER, in my case, a 7+ minute loading sequence THAT we will have to exit everything and go out to the site, download the installer, re-install, register again . . . a process lately for me that has been a black screen event. Anyway, it may be time to give this up. Don't get me wrong, I have loved the (voice control) interactive right seater for years . . . OK, I have ranted! Now I will decide if I have to look at something else . . . Joe
  2. Well, day one in process. I am sorting out several software, i.e., FSCaptain, FS2, several panel assignments in the NGXu, external hardware key assignments, update FSUIPC, etc., etc. as is the case when FS2 blacks out the panels and requires and uninstall/reinstall but always requires the same for the PMDG NGXu. I will get it thru this but it is very time consuming, tedious and touches so many things. I just wish I knew what is driving the gauges to not load after these updates recently. Is it possible that we can turn off the notifications that an update is available (especially in the sim). This would help. I may want to opt out of updating from time to time to save the aggravation. Just my thoughts. So you know Bryan, I am a long time fan of your products and own several . . . you got me to where I can't fly without it . . . anyways, did not mean to be complaining, just had to get it off my chest. I will have all back to norm before the day is out . . . fingers crossed Thanks, Joe
  3. I do not know what has occurred with the NGXu recently but this product has become UNUSABLE. The last two updates have blacked out the panels and requires a tedious uninstall/reinstall of both FS2 and the NGXu. I am a home cockpit builder and your product has become to unreliable to continue. Bryan, I am a long, long term user of your products including beta work for you. Unfortunately, the recent updates and your requirements that they are updated (in sim notifications) has made this product less than desirable and I have to determine if I want to spend the next 2 days reprogramming/reinstalling several integrated hardware and software to fix the issue with your recent updates. I am sorry and I wish there was another way, I cannot imagine my sim now without FS2Crew . . A long time customer . . . Joe
  4. I use FS2 SOP2 voice in the NGXu regularly and it works correctly . . . all the time. Just FYI
  5. Since that latest update the FO only sets landing altitude at 6000 ft ALL the time. Issue? Joe
  6. yes, I flew a couple of flights with it yesterday in testing. Works great.
  7. Patience all, NGXu support is very close, I believe.
  8. Interesting, I have noticed the Cruise FL and airport landing altitudes are incorrect sometimes or do not change. It has happened more than once that I know of . . . .
  9. Hoping as well. Don't like hardware sitting on the sideline. It's like we have a dollar waiting on a dime.
  10. Thanks for a great job of getting my first officer back on the deck . . . JP
  11. It seems to happen less with the NGXu but it still happens from time to time. I just thought the ground crew was pushing it back by hand. LOL.
  12. I wonder if the recent update by PMDG will fix this? I have not downloaded and installed it yet. I heard rumor that it was released earlier today. JP
  13. That's good to hear. Thanks . . .
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