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  1. Well this was embarrassing today on Pilots Edge of which I fly regularly as well as with FS2 Crew PMDG NGXu. First voice did not work, so instead of dumping my flight, I switched to button, That was nice, except it locked in a routine which just stuck on one checklist item and repeated and repeated. Well, I tried to switch back to voice, no luck. Just plain stuck in repeated check list, again and again, So I looked for a way to just dump FS2 and NO Way . . . This doesn't happen often but there has got to be a way to close a program if it locks. . . . just frustrated and disappointed. . . Joe
  2. I use FS2 SOP2 voice in the NGXu regularly and it works correctly . . . all the time. Just FYI
  3. Since that latest update the FO only sets landing altitude at 6000 ft ALL the time. Issue? Joe
  4. yes, I flew a couple of flights with it yesterday in testing. Works great.
  5. Patience all, NGXu support is very close, I believe.
  6. Interesting, I have noticed the Cruise FL and airport landing altitudes are incorrect sometimes or do not change. It has happened more than once that I know of . . . .
  7. Hoping as well. Don't like hardware sitting on the sideline. It's like we have a dollar waiting on a dime.
  8. Thanks for a great job of getting my first officer back on the deck . . . JP
  9. It seems to happen less with the NGXu but it still happens from time to time. I just thought the ground crew was pushing it back by hand. LOL.
  10. I wonder if the recent update by PMDG will fix this? I have not downloaded and installed it yet. I heard rumor that it was released earlier today. JP
  11. That's good to hear. Thanks . . .
  12. enough is enough, I paid a lot of money for this hardware and not have it work with either my prior version of PMDG is a joke. I went back to my prior PMDG NGX and I cannot get this to work again with my prior system. Bolting up your software and hardware should NOT be this difficult!! JP
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