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  1. I have same problem where MCE loads in background but copilot never boards . . . Thanks. Joe
  2. jport1

    No FO sound in P3D 4.3

    Got it fixed with a hard reboot. On another topic, what happed to ASDX set up for airports requiring transponder set to mode C during taxi, out/in. This was option in prior FS2 settings. joe
  3. jport1

    Stutters and FPS drops

    Great, glad it worked for you. I just did some more tweaking myself but I still am butter smooth and strong FPS with most sliders mid to max . . . have a great 4th!
  4. jport1

    Stutters and FPS drops

    Or easier yet, just rename your Prepar3d .cfg in your user (you)/AppData/Roaming/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3d v4 folder and then restart P3D and it will rebuild your configuration file. Fire up P3D, go to options and reset your graphics settings to your liking. Alternately, just launch P3D without changing your settings, then, in the sim, tweak away. I was shocked at the change for the better for my system. Sometimes, I suppose, Occam’s razor proves the best solution. Joe
  5. jport1

    Stutters and FPS drops

    Hello, I had similar problems upgrading to 4.3 from 4.2 I updated client, content & scenery. I lost significant FPS after the update. Played with The shaders and even fiber_frame . . . To no avail. However, I found a simple solution that worked like a charm and P3D is now running smoother than ever and got a 20% increase in observed FPS. The solution for me; backup P3D .cfg, deleted it, let P3D rebuild it, and reset your graphic settings to your liking. WORKED! At least for me. Joe
  6. I have lost all FO sounds after new install of P3D v 4.3today. Cabin crew ok, just no lpilot voice for FO no matter which voice pack used. There were several other challengers during this update. This is just the ‘last one standing ‘ thanks, joe
  7. jport1

    MaddogX working in 4.3?

    i prefer this conversation is left here. I see little communications on your board. Joe
  8. jport1

    New update STILL CTD!

    There are too many CTD's with this AC. Should not be ignored please. Joe
  9. jport1

    Unable to move Fuel flow levers.

    It seems to be related to binding to an external mixture lever on my CH yoke, precluding using the mouse clicks. Don’t understand why though. Uninstalled/reinstalled, no fix. Any ideas are appreciated. Joe
  10. jport1

    Unable to move Fuel flow levers.

    Yes, many time, many ways. . . No help. 🙁
  11. Hi, I am running P3D 4.2, Win 10/64 and I am unable to introduce fuel with the pedestal fuel flow lever. It won’t move. I use the Mouse and have tried to grab the lever many different ways but to no success. Every now and then they will turn on, even then, I can not later move them to-cutoff. Makes the AC unusable I’m afraid and I love this aircraft! any help appreciated. joe
  12. jport1

    Chaseplane & P3d v4 Crash

    Having same issue with latest version on final approach and attempting to change view. I like this product but may uninstall until stable. Joe
  13. jport1

    B350i King Air GTN 750

    Is this mod still available? If so could I get a copy? thanks so much, joe
  14. jport1

    Sim Labs A320

    Any word on this since March? Joe