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  1. Hi Frank, I spoke about proatc and active sky becouse was the way I realized that the swap from stand by to active frequency doesn't work. They doesn't affect the result. Anyway, I have also the F1 650/750 (though I prefer XP version becouse has most recent airac); with the F1 650 I don't have this problem.
  2. Thanks for your question. What happens is that the frequency swap doesn't work anyway. For example, If I set 122.00 with active sky running, nothing happens (unlike from when I perform the same procedure with any other aircraft). igor
  3. Hello, After installing and configuring Reality Xp for A2A Bonanza v35 (P3DV5) all works, except when I switch on gps panel the COM1 frequency between standby and active. The frequency switch doesn't work, becouse when I request clearence with pro-atc nothing happens.; moreover, if I display pro-atc flight plan information it always display the same active frequency, it doesn't change when I switch from stanby to active. Any idea? Thank you. Igor
  4. I'm not able to set vertical speed anymore. Nothing happens when I scroll the mouse wheel over the knob (when hdg & alt are static green).
  5. It drive me crazy the fixed TA & TL at 18000/FL180. I only fly in Europe...
  6. Hello, Is there a way to set a list of favorite aircrafts (as in p3d/fsx) and liveries? I have default aircrafts that I'll never fly, others with mods that I gradually "insert" into my favorite list, and so on...
  7. EA is not anymore on beta, It went back to alpha.
  8. I opened a ticket on Iris website about AP issues and knobs not working. I also noticed stutters that I don't have with others aircrafts.
  9. Fortunately Pointsoft announced a new version of pro-atc for msfs 2020...
  10. I have the same problem. I did some flights in the past days, today I can't get past "Press Any Key"
  11. I Completely agree. ATC is useless (the lack of transition level/altitude management drive me crazy...), as it was in FSX. In P3D I use pro-atc or RC4, but I don't think we well see any of them on MSFS.
  12. Swtiching to offline solve the problem. Anyway maybe not listening atc is not so bad... it is very very basic. I can't stand it doesn't have transition level/altitude management...
  13. Hello, when NGXu came out it didn't work, then Bryan was able to fix it. Now it doens't work again. But I'm not sure it is related to fs2crew version. It stopped to work to me after latest pmdg update.
  14. Yes, as I said it is not a real problem. Perfection is impossible to achieve. Anyway I would never fly 737 ngxu without fs2crew...
  15. Ok, I know it is a minor issue, but I don't climb like a rocket, at all. A very normal climb at about 2000 ft/min. As I said it happens when there is an important gap between standard pressure and altimeter pressure. If the gap is not considerable it doesn't happen, it is not related to the vertical speed.
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