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  1. bcrawley57

    747-8 EFB can not log in to Navigraph

    I had that issue too and whilst the fix allowed me to log in. When I restarted P3 D after reverting the file back, I just got the white screen again. Windows 10. Are you saying that we must keep the file set to off as we fly the 748 and then re enable it when using other aircraft?
  2. bcrawley57

    P3D 4.1

    My Virtual FMC has stopped displaying feedback from the FMC again. This has ceased to become an issue in 4.0. I am at a loss on how to resolve that, so frustrating. However the MCP and EFIS are working well. I am so disappointed that it is taking so long to get stable updates however.
  3. bcrawley57

    P3D 4.1

    Has anyone hd success making VA Interface work in P3DV4.1, I do not want to upgrade if there is no solution to this working. I have EFIS< MCP and Virtual FMCs (CDU) Yours hopefully, Brian
  4. Same problem here, I am getting no display in the main screen other than telling me it is connected to VA Interface Version Interestingly it was working well on the first load after I set everything to run as Admin etc. But no display now. My EFIS and MCP work well though. I have raised a ticket and have attached several logs.
  5. bcrawley57

    About P3Dv4 Support

    Fingers crossed it comes soon, I have invested a lot of money in VA products and they are all dead at the moment. Looking forward to getting these amazing products working again.
  6. bcrawley57

    Virtual CDU

    I am guessing Virtual Avionics are waiting for the release of the NGX to finalise the interface. I hope so at least, I am waiting for it to make my EFIS and MCP work in v4, as well as the three virtual FMCS. They are great FMCS, but they seem to be having big changes in their company possibly causing delays.
  7. Matt, I am having problems buying this. I used Paypal and have a receipt to my email account. But in my account on Simtweaks, it says transaction failed. In my Paypal account it states pre approved payment and balance has reduced accordingly.. Are any others reporting issues? Brian bcrawley57
  8. bcrawley57

    Navdata Update

    Good morning, I am installing the Queen into V4 and loving it. I am getting the Navdata out of date message, despite updating using Navigraph tool into the P3D v4 PMDG Navdata Folder. Am I doing something wrong. Kind regards, Brian Crawley
  9. bcrawley57

    MCP and EFIS no longer in Stock

    That's good news, I hope they keep updating the software to maintain us through to 64 bit.
  10. bcrawley57


    That's the best news so far this weekend
  11. bcrawley57


    I just bought the EFIS and MCP, I was lucky that as a special offer they included a desk stand. It works beautifully and has 4 soft rubber feet, it sits on top of my Saitek instruments and is very stable. The performance is second to none and it worked straight out of the box. Excellent quality. I use it with P3D. I also use it with the Virtual CDU on my iPad.
  12. bcrawley57

    P3D 3.2 released. Viewpoint shift is now FIXED

    I wish I knew what you meant by the viewpoint problem. :o
  13. bcrawley57

    Prepar3D v3.2 ok with FS2Crew?

    Hi Byork, Are you referring to a client only uninstall and install?
  14. Definately, it would be interesting to see how different it is and what new technologies may have been introduced.