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    Interest in Microsoft flight simulator and personal computers began with a Radio Shack Tandy 1000 PC.

    Been on hiatus from Flight Simming and online Motorsports for 6 years. Got the itch to jump back in. A lot has changed since, plan to read the forms to catch up on lost time. I have put together a preliminary PC build on PCPartPicker.com. Plan to make a purchase soon, as always new hardware coming and may put off purchase until hardware becomes available.

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  1. Looking at performance Benchmark charts, not all NVMe M.2 SSDs are created equal nor are all SATA SSDs created equal, with equal performance. I was hoping if comparing top-tier Samsung SSDs NVMe M.2 to SATA SSDs we would see a difference in load times within simulation as I described when flying low and fast or slewing from point to point over a large area. Samsung's 960 PRO and EVO have much higher IPOS and much lower latency then there 850 PRO and EVO SSDs. Jim, you said.... "I'm hoping that technology or drivers will increase the value of owning an M.2 in the future." Would that mean a software / firmware update to the drivers may unleash the full potential of an NVMe M.2 storage module installed now on a current motherboard in the future. JoeHassell
  2. LOL! I'm at the beginning stages of putting together a PC for simulating flying and racing. Would you see any tangible difference between a M.2 NVMe SSD and a SATA SSD at low altitude, supersonic speed over highly dense ORBX land area. An extreme example would be to slew from Los Angeles to San Francisco for example. I don't expect anybody to reconfigure their PC to conduct such a test, just wondering. Hoping to avoid the shiver factor, JoeHassell.
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