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  1. jfriz

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    Folks, I installed 4.4, client, content, and scenery, so far have done flights with the 747-8, and NGX, running like a Swiss watch, perfect. Regards, Jerry
  2. Folks, this is way I switched to P3D, years ago. Regards, Jerry Friz
  3. jfriz

    Trackir and PMDG

    I tried very hard to use TrackIR, several years ago, for me it was good in VFR conditions flying small airplanes, not with the PMDG planes in 3D cockpits, gave me a headache. Now with VR, for take-offs, and landings, works for me. VR, is not perfect yet, but it will get better. No problem with slow frame rates here. Jerry Friz
  4. jfriz

    PACK SYS fault on power up

    I have been getting the same. Jerry Friz
  5. jfriz

    FMC Error on certain Runways in PMDG

    Thanks, Kyle.
  6. jfriz

    FMC Error on certain Runways in PMDG

    Kyle, where do I go to delete?
  7. jfriz

    FMC Error on certain Runways in PMDG

    I wonder if it is what I am seeing at UUEE, [or rather not seeing] when I click on arr/dep., in the FMC, nothing comes up, no runways, no nav. info at all. I am using P3D4.3,.... I get the same at Clark Air Force Base, also. Thanks, Jerry Friz
  8. jfriz

    PMDG "Leaving No Stone Unturned"!

    I just encountered my first rain on a flight into Anchorage, the image on the windscreen is so realistic,, even have to turn the wipers on,,,,incredible!!! Best, Jerry Friz
  9. jfriz

    Hot brakes after landing

    Hi All, I think I have found my problem. My rudder pedals are over 15 years old, both springs are broken. I have ordered a new set. Jerry Friz
  10. Hi Folks, Flying the 747-4, or -8, I get brakes overheat warning, even if I don't use the auto-brakes, or, even light manual braking. Usually, resulting in not able to taxi. I do have Saitek rudder pedals, but am careful with the brakes. Not a problem with other aircraft. Ideas? Jerry Friz
  11. Hi again, That did it, I had over looked installing the Nvidea driver. Works like it should. On a long haul from Cologne, to Louisville, in the -8, for UPS. Many thanks to all....! Jerry Friz
  12. No, it is not PMDG only, but, more savvy people here. I am using the Rift. The rift is installed, and works good, not with P3D v4.3, maybe I should go back to .P3D4.2. Jerry Friz
  13. Hello folks, I just built a new computer, had to install everything.. Now there is no drop-down for VR. Never had this problem running V4.2. I am missing something, probably very simple. I have searched P3D, just thought someone here might be able to help. Thanks in advance, Jerry Friz
  14. Thank you Kyle, excellent video, very well done. Regards, Jerry Friz
  15. jfriz

    Error reinstalling PMDG products

    Jack, You might have to re-install your operating system. Regards, Jerry Friz