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  1. Elaine, Will fsx interfere with the install of ut2 if both are installed?
  2. pride545

    PMDG 777 Activation

    I have reinstalled P3d 2 times after deleting all folders pertaining to it and the PMDG 777. Now every time I try to use the PMDG 777 it asks for activation and says it activated successfully but no landing gear and black gauges. I have been contacting PMDG and did the sim connect (all 3), but get the same result. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. pride545


    thanks everyone. I have the program, now to figure it out!
  4. pride545


    Could someone tell me the program to moniter VAS? Thanks
  5. pride545

    MyTraffic V6 for P3D inbound

    That is not entirely true, ASN, fsdreamteam, flight beam, orbx, to name a few!
  6. pride545

    MyTraffic V6 for P3D inbound

    If I own ver 5.4 do I have to repurchase 6.0?
  7. pride545

    777 Prices?

    it is also against PMDG rules to discuss prices
  8. pride545

    FSX to P3D Pricing policy....

    I also think that this thread should be locked. I thought discussions about pricing was against PMDG rules!
  9. I had all of my addon aircraft (PMDG,Coranedo) in the simobjects/Aircraft folder and today on startup they were moved to simobjects/Airplanes and would be recognized by P3D. Anyone else have this?
  10. Robert, could you please tell me where the readme file is located. It is not in the zip file I downloaded?
  11. pride545

    installing v3

    Thanks, Moe
  12. pride545

    installing v3

    Is everyone uninstalling v2.5 before installing v3?
  13. pride545

    NGX Liveries: From Me to You

    Seems like you should put this in the 737 section- just saying!
  14. pride545

    Setting ILS freq

    I did that and get invalid entry! I stated that in my post. If there is PARK in the ils freq, you cannot change it! Ollie, your post makes no sense to me!
  15. pride545

    Setting ILS freq

    When I go to the nav lsk on the cdu sometimes the ils frequency is set to park. How do I enter the ILS freq manually. Entering the freq and hitting the lsk beside the park notation gives me an "invaled entry"