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    Russian born and raised, future airline pilot, current student pilot. Piper > Cessna
  1. @RSR and PMDG - thank you SO much for everything that you do for us! I absolutely can't wait for the Queen V3. Now, a question from the painters' hangar - is the paint kit somewhat like that of the NGX, or is it something redone? Thank you!
  2. P3Dv3: No Effects with 737 Immersion

    You actually already helped me via TeamViewer! You slid the effects to medium.
  3. P3Dv3: No Effects with 737 Immersion

    Sorry to bring this thread back up, but I might have a weird solution (onto something, at least). Is there supposed to be an entry in the P3D v3 dll.xml file of the fsfx_RealEffects_1.dll? If so, it's not there, and adding it might fix the problem. Actually, hold on; I found something. I was playing around with a livery I made and found something interesting. It seems that the effects work in the clouds (1/8SM vis), overcast, one of the FSFX weather settings, after I used "Y" to slew up. I went back to a random airport on the ground and all of the effects worked. I am yet to reload the sim but it works for now; will report back. After restarting the sim, I am not able to recreate the effects.
  4. P3Dv3: No Effects with 737 Immersion

    It looks amazing. Sadly, reinstalling didn't help.
  5. P3Dv3: No Effects with 737 Immersion

    Yup, I've checked everything. Can't find a fix. Also, I did send you guys an email - have a good night everyone.
  6. P3Dv3: No Effects with 737 Immersion

    Wilco, thank you Keven!
  7. Hello, First of all, thank you for your 737 Immersion package. It looks amazing, and I say "looks" because mine currently does not work. I've got FSUIPC installed and the package seemed to install fine; I checked the aircraft.cfg file. Nonetheless, I see no effects, anywhere, under any conditions. Any solutions for this? Thank you, Alec Liberman
  8. NGX Liveries: From Me to You

    Alaska Airlines "Fly & Ski" livery! Download:
  9. Adding McMurdo (and co) to the FMC

    Wouldn't I also need the precise heading, or not really?
  10. Adding McMurdo (and co) to the FMC

    Theoretically, that's all well and good. Practically - there's like no data for NZIR.
  11. Adding McMurdo (and co) to the FMC

    Do you mean NAVDATA/airports.dat?
  12. Hey gents, Having recently acquired Aerosoft's Antarctica X, I explored NZIR (the Ice Runway) a bit. Any way of adding that to the FMC? This would apply to PMDG, but also to the QualityWings 757 if anyone knew a bit about that. This question also applies to NZPG (Pegasus Field) and NZWD (Williams Field). Thank you! Alec
  13. NGX Liveries: From Me to You

    9M-MXC! Download here: Can't seem to get the photo editor working in this post, but it's here: ------------- Sunwing C-FYLC. Download here: I still can't get AVSIM to take my pics. -------- Turkish TC-JFI Pic:
  14. NGX Liveries: From Me to You

    Sorry, have been wildly busy. My newest repaint! (AVSIM library is down) Note: the shot below was still a WIP, and various errors have been fixed post-shooting before I released it. Download here. Next livery is 9M-MXC in oneworld colors.