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  1. "Of Foam and Fury" by Galway Bay Brewery. Good luck finding a bottle of it outside of Ireland 🥺
  2. "Panagra Green" is my favourite color on the Braniff Jellybean jets 🤙🏻 love seeing people giving the DC-8 some love!
  3. "av-sim" for me too. You can go away with your "A-V-sim" @charliearon 😂
  4. It may look a little "plasticky" visually, but when I saw the other week that Sim Accoustics were doing the sounds I was more than excited for this bird!! Sound quality and accuracy is often overlooked by many developers (Leonardo 🧐), but between JustFlight's 146 and this Corcorde, my audiophillic tendancies will be more than satisfied 😂😂 Good on DC Designs for putting the effort into getting the sounds right for this amazing bird!! Love those Olympus 593's 🤤
  5. Oooh well spotted!! Should be an interesting one. Nice to finally have a "heavy" getting released!
  6. Absolutely magical Noel 😂 It's all ahead of me 😳
  7. It certainly runs toasty compared to a desktop, but it hasn't actually affected any performance or overheated. Add the fact that I sit my laptop on a cooling pad (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MU2T4F6?pd_rd_i=B01MU2T4F6&pd_rd_w=KyRzh&pf_rd_p=3ec6df4b-16ab-45fd-a468-a6a02a2d3c02&pd_rd_wg=TvmOW&pf_rd_r=SSX0S2A6XAZFKB63PBCY&pd_rd_r=bef44d65-e8c8-4c03-a437-d5afd9d5342d), everything is fine 💪🏼
  8. Hey bud, I was in the same situation as you, actually I just moved country 2 weeks ago. But a gaming laptop was the only option for me and I've been getting on absolutely fine with my HP Omen 17. You can see my specs in my signature (I think 🤔), but I've not been having any issues running MSFS and any add-ons so far, and I have my settings on high/ultra
  9. Hmmmm, I have a bit of personal experience with this, seeing as I was 7 years old when FS2004 came out (my first introduction to the FS world!). My dad bought it and installed it for me and loaded up the tutorial flight in the C172 and I was so bored I walked away disinterested because I had no idea what to do and couldn't be bothered listening to and following instructions. Also, I was clearly an ungrateful brat! 😈 As time went on I figured things out. When I had friends over and we'd load up the sim, it was either takeoff and fly (either the zippy Extra 300S or the trundling 747) from somewhere they knew, like the local airport or a city they've been to. Or just set some ridiculous weather conditions like "Major Thunderstorms" etc. and have a laugh and fly around.
  10. Am I right in saying the new visual effects system has been released but just not implemented? So do we now need to wait for a developer to create a smoke/runway spray/wing and engine condensation/fancy 747 loop aroundy dynamic contrail effects package?
  11. Douglas aircraft are my absolute favorite (besides the 757!). The DC-8 is just about the coolest plane out there! First supersonic airliner, longest narrow-body airliner, built stronger than any competing airliner at the time! What I would give for one is MSFS, especially with a decent soundpack 🤤
  12. 737 between the end of summer and most definitely by the end of the year! That's better than I was expecting TBH! Cant wait for the 74 and T7 too 🥳
  13. I wonder is it supposed to be a smokestack of some sort 🤔
  14. Never thought I'd see someone post a link to TG4 on these forums 😂 Act tá sé Seachtain na nGaeilge anois so that could explain the hype 😄 it's a very impressive tone that lad is making though, pretty fascinating!
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