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  1. Am I right in saying the new visual effects system has been released but just not implemented? So do we now need to wait for a developer to create a smoke/runway spray/wing and engine condensation/fancy 747 loop aroundy dynamic contrail effects package?
  2. Douglas aircraft are my absolute favorite (besides the 757!). The DC-8 is just about the coolest plane out there! First supersonic airliner, longest narrow-body airliner, built stronger than any competing airliner at the time! What I would give for one is MSFS, especially with a decent soundpack 🤤
  3. 737 between the end of summer and most definitely by the end of the year! That's better than I was expecting TBH! Cant wait for the 74 and T7 too 🥳
  4. I wonder is it supposed to be a smokestack of some sort 🤔
  5. Never thought I'd see someone post a link to TG4 on these forums 😂 Act tá sé Seachtain na nGaeilge anois so that could explain the hype 😄 it's a very impressive tone that lad is making though, pretty fascinating!
  6. Dannnnnnng!! I can't even remotely comprehend how he did that! I need to get myself an Aussie though 🍺😉
  7. Coming from my part of the world, I am quite unfamiliar with the chain. However my only real memory of the brand was from some magazine when I was a kid with a picture of a 747SP with "FRY'S.COM" emblazoned on the side! Beautiful!
  8. I couldn't agree more! I honestly thought at the very minimum the cliffs of Moher would be done! Oh well, I bet within 6 months, some wonderful human will terraform it and share it for us all to enjoy (going by the incredible rate of mods being uploaded each day from all over the world).
  9. In case anybody was wondering what the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland now look like. They've improved, the mesh is definitely better, but could definitely do with a lick of paint 😄
  10. Any word on the new particle system? I thought that was coming with this update? New contrails, wheel spray etc 😄
  11. Out of curiosity, is it not possible to stich the default A320NEO flightdeck into other aircraft models, like we were used to back in FSX? Or has Microsoft locked the files?
  12. The world is in lockdown, it's not like we're missing much outside 😄
  13. Anytime I've tried landing it, the approach speed wants to be at something like 97kts! And even then it acts like it's too fast and floats half way down the runway and then nose wheel touches first.
  14. I would get it, but I just can't get passed the fact that it has Rolls-Royce Trent fan blades and spinner cones in the engines. Not to mention the fact that they are placed too far forward!
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