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  1. ankh21

    ILS On 737 and 757

    I can only offer assistence to your second question. First, you should join the CS forum, there you may find many useful advise. But new users there can only read the forum, you have to post at least 10 comments before you are allowed to open a new topic. Ok, here we go: To me, it seem there is a little mistake in using the autopilot on the 737. First, you must be sure to capture the ILS course in a correct way. There is no need to tune both radios, one should be sufficient. You can use the heading hold function to set a heading crossing the ILS course within 10-30°. If the NAV radio caputure the ILS signal, you will see the lateral and horizontal indicators on your HSI (white triangle for glide path and the course needle for lateral guidence). When the lateral indicator starts moving, arm the VOR/LOC button on the left side. The VOR/LOC light on the announciator panel will illuminate yellow. When the autopilot captures the ILS course, the HDG hold button will switch off, the VOR/LOC light will turn to green an the 737 will start turning towards the runway. To use the AUTO APP function, you have to make an additional procedure. As always, you have to capture the glide path from underneath. So your current altitude must be below! the ILS before you try to capture it. So perhaps you establish your 737 at 3000 or 4.000 feet, and switch on the ALT HOLD function of the autopilot. When the ILS gets alive, the best way is to capture the ILS course first, with the steps described above, and when the horizontal ILS indicator starts moving (from the top towards the middle of the HSI), you can switch the VOR/LOC button to AUTO APP. The GLIDE SLOPE light will illuminate yellow. The ALT HOLD function will stay active till the 737 captures the glide path (white triangle in the middle). Then the autopilot will deactivate the ALT HOLD function, the GLIDE SLOPE light turns to green, and the plane will start to follow the glide slope. Hope this helps a little bit Matthias
  2. ankh21

    Questions on 737-200

    Hi Louis, inside the CS Forum, you must have 10 posts before you are allowed to start a new topic. Did you try to add a post to an existing topic or did you start a new one? Perhaps that's the reason?! Mh, to be honest, i know only pilots around my age, most of them are Airbus'sers But as far as i know the story, 727 and 737 pilots of the early days did not calculate EPRs for cruise. They just set certain fuel flow. Same do i. I only check the EPR for takeoff, after that i just trim for an adequate speed and adjust the levers so that i "stay in the green" on the N1 gauge. You have to push the levers a little bit forward every 5000 ft or so. At cruise, i set fuel flow a little bit over 3000 pounds/hour at FL 300-FL 320, and a little bit less than 3000 when at FL 350. The 737 will maintain 0.76-0.78 depending on load and headwind. Sometimes you are a little bit faster, sometimes slower. But there is no need of touching the levers during the entire cruise. For the 727, there are other rules of thumb, but it works the same way. That's the reason i like the old beauties, no autothrust, no FMS, a lot of flying with fingertips and some kind of instinct. Matthias
  3. Is your in-sim traffic slider set to 0? To me, that happens when i change the aircraft or if new AI traffic is injected by the sim or another traffic addon. Be sure to have all aircraft traffic at 0 in the sim. Matthias
  4. Mh, i cannot assist this statement. I use all packages of Ships and Boat Traffic, on a WIN7 64 bit platform, and lucky me PSXseeconTraffic works like charm. There must be another reason why some users have problems with the software. Matthias
  5. ankh21

    Questions on 737-200

    Ok, did a quick check. V-gauge suggested trim 4.5, i used 3.5. Easy takeoff with little pull, v speeds as calculated. Had to trim down after gear up, but I think that is ok. So you are right, trim settings are not on the spot. But I am not aware of modified configs for the plane, but you really should check the CS forum, perhaps I have missed something. Matthias
  6. ankh21

    Questions on 737-200

    Mhhh Louis, i have to check when i am at home. For sure i can say, that i don't use the trim suggestion of the v-gauge, only the speed callouts. I think, i have the trim somewhere between 4 and 4.5, somewhere at the beginning of the green bar for takeoff trim, depending on fuel and pax. There have been a lot of problems with the first version, is was more a "rocket boeing". So there have been a lot of fixes and tweaks dealing with the overpowered plane, i think you found those at the library. But as far as i remember, the latest version was very close to the real plane. In the CS forum there are some discussions to that topic, did you sign in there and had a look? Matthias
  7. ankh21

    Questions on 737-200

    Hello Louis, CS recommend to install as admin (checked) and with all antivirus software off. Do you start your sim with a pre defined flight? Perhaps you should create a new flight with the default 737, safe as standard, restart and then select the CS 737 in the aircraft dialogue. I own the CS 737 for years and had no problems so far. Matthias
  8. ankh21

    Storm light too bright

    You have to go to the Majestic forum. Search for "dome lights", there is an alternative set, not just dome lights but also reading lights and storm lights. I installed and like it very much Matthias
  9. ankh21

    Storm light too bright

    Ah ok, now i know what you mean. Be careful with comparing videos and what you see on a computer screen. In the video there is a lot of light outside and a map light above the PF. I guess the storm light would appear brighter if is was the only light source in that video. But apart from that, did you try the alternative, more yellow lights? I cannot remember exactly if is was in the Majestic forum or at the avsim library, but perhaps you should try that one. They are not that harsh white, a little bit softer and more yellow. Matthias
  10. For me, cloud motion worked in every build since the first implementation. But not every cloud seems to trigger the effect. I can only guess, but setting up a scenario during night with perhaps a stormy/rainy weather theme, and you should see the effect with landing lights on. Just cycle some traffic pattern Matthias
  11. ankh21

    Storm light too bright

    First question: Do you use P3D with HDR on? There is quite a difference in using HDR or not. Second: I am not a real world pilot, but I don't think storm lights are intended to be used during landing? As far as I know, the cockpit should be quite dark so that the pilot's eyes will recognize other traffic and runway lights easier?! Matthias
  12. Hear ya! I can only agree to every word! Thanks a lot! Matthias
  13. ankh21


    Hi Kevin, i am using fsaerodata, too. I think, it is very helpful to synchronize perhaps the inbuild GPS I use with some easy addon planes with more advanced software like Pro-ATC which uses up to date AIRACs. And up to now, I found no bugs or adverse effects using fsaerodata. Matthias
  14. Please remember of the fact, that the tiller is not assigned to the rudder, so your joystick rudder is not working correct. You are able to control the tiller with your mouse, with your joystick aileron (left/right) as far as you are under 40 knots or with a axis assigned to speed brakes/spoilers. In the config window you should set the tiller steering to the aileron axis. Then simple move your joystick to the left or right and you should be able to control the Dash easily. Matthias
  15. Thank you so much! I will test with my monitor and my setup. ColorToneZ is 1.7 already, so i've been on the right track :smile: Thankfully, Matthias