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  1. Huh? Standard features?! The last sim that had a built in weather engine was FSX before the Jeppesen servers went offline. If FSW did it would be a first in a while. Let's see what they do for the price. Considering they have done business with REX and HiFi we will see if they choose them or an in house solution.
  2. FSX-MS

    Unless you are looking back at the 787.
  3. FSX-MS

    Ok, NOW it's released
  4. FSX-MS

    Sorry, fell asleep after mashing the f5 button. Couldn't check out after I thought I was going to be able to complete the purchase. Sorry for the false alarm.
  5. FSX-MS

    I got it on Flight1
  6. FSX-MS

    It's released
  7. FSX-MS

    If that's all it takes to be "the future" then why are people still on the fence? Because of choice. You may have already decided what the future is for you, but for many, Xp11 is their idea of the future and FSW is a hopeful platform as well, based on how it looks after completion. P3d isn't the "only" future because it isn't futuristic for many who expect more. It's just 64 bit v3. Which is just like v2.5, which looks like FSX with ground shadows.
  8. FSX-MS

    Thats ironic as you refer to yourself as a "PMDG cultist". Dont they price hike on P3D? The fact is, the price will be the same.
  9. It also has no waves, seasons, weather, night lighting, AI, ATC, and dont forget you have to buy each region and the base sim is $50! Sounds like a bargain! Enjoy.
  10. Thank you hardware manufacturers for making hardware perform at new heights again and thank you DTG for adding 100's of thousands of new simmers to our marketplace!
  11. Did you rant when Aerofly did it? And their early access has barely departed from where it started. Relax and don't forget that no one is making you buy anything you don't want to, just like any other flight sim addon. I intent to buy what I want and enjoy the slew of updates, especially since I got the sim for $15.
  12. They were being facetious, I believe. But I'm sure there are a few devs helping them build the sdk.
  13. Thanks Martyn. Could you elaborate about the difference? Would be interesting to hear how shadows are rendered.
  14. Probably will come in the next patch. I've bought planes with far worse bugs than this on release. The good news is, the shadows in FSW are great, so when they get put in this plane, it will be better than ever.
  15. And your posts are so fragmented with false information, non existant sources, and blind hatred for this product, they are equally easy to get lost in. Time will tell, and so far, it seems that FSW delivers more than anyone here expected.