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  1. Hello Community, Has anyone had any luck with the Saitek/Logitech instrument or switch panel drivers for V5? I cannot get them to work properly using the older v4 and FSX drivers but wasnt sure if I was missing something. I hope they update them soon.
  2. That isnt Soft Clouds. That is TrueSky. Putting in 2d cloud sprites into a volumetric skybox doesn't do anything.
  3. In my version of P3D v5 there are more apparent cloud shadows. I am assuming this was an earlier version of the sim.
  4. That occurs when using Truesky and a high zoom. They have some refining to do, thats for sure.
  5. His oldest daughter, Gigi who was 13, was also killed in the crash. They were heading to basketball practice with another parent and child. Terrible tragedy.
  6. It's built on the Flight Sim World engine, which is essentially ESP on steroids.
  7. He would frequently get inebriated on his Twitch stream and talk about his financial success. He did this same yo-yo with his Youtube and all the while took donations and collected money without investing in his semi-legitimate business. His fans ate it up.
  8. Likely because they were waiting for this. Chances are, Simul sold them on a number of their products.
  9. Just saw this on Froogles FSW Closure video, from Chris Trott, former ACES studio dev.
  10. Twitch was giving me problems viewing this live, but this is clip that includes the Steven Hood interview. He had some interesting points about Phase 2 and the future especially with ATC. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/233760264
  11. So to be clear, it isn't an artists rendition, which is what the old FSX preview picture was. This is real and we fly in it every day. Second, that is not a video of FSW with Truesky. That is it with the same old 2d clouds you find in FSX and P3D. THIS is what Truesky looks like. Stop spreading falsehoods and vitriol. It makes you seem an awful lot like a troll.
  12. Looks more like FSW than P3D/FSX. That's for sure! Everyone here a least understands that FSW is the only sim capable of depicting that kind of scenery, even if there is some Shader applied to it.
  13. Those weren't jabs, they were the truth. No one is studying for their 747 check ride when the equipment is being retired. I am a "serious" flight simmer as I have my PPL, in fact my buddy who I started flying with just got the right seat in a 777 for American. But both of us know the difference between simming and training. Seems that using others training as a scapegoat for your "simming" for entertainment is your reality, and that's fine. Enjoy your "learning"!
  14. LM had been very clear they weren't in it for the "simmers". No matter how "hardcore" that simmer is. They have some ambassadors like Rob who keep an ear to the "simmer street" but they are not in it for anyone's entertainment. Folks who use it for real flight training, not for playing pretend in a PMDG 747, are their target and that's why they focus consistently on scenario based training advancements. But they don't seem to care about graphics, native entertainment features and tools, etc. Otherwise there would be no need for 3rd party rain effects or camera tools along with the litany of other things we need. It's sold to be a broad and flexible platform, but not a value to simmers.
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