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  1. Kids a genius
  2. Meanwhile, P3D is literally using the same clouds as FSX.
  3. Also, will that be when we see cloud shadows or will that be something we see after the proposed ground improvements?
  4. That is a huge update! Thanks!
  5. I'm not here to start a sim war and your points are valid for those with the appetite for that product. I still do as well infact. I am just confused with the doubt in DTG after they have made such tremendous strides in such a short period of time. If they indeed release v1 this month, or even next, I'm sure it wont be a light update. After TrueSky and their PBR implementation, I have no doubt this development team will deliver something "game changing" again.
  6. That's fine, so which of those "next gen" features would you put up against something like Truesky, PBR, image based lighting, ssao, a physics overhaul, a modern simconnect without FSUIPC, 3d gauges, global 3d rain, etc? Because the majority of that list that you provided, are exactly what I said: sim director updates and bug fixes. Improved vector data for Africa, in a sim that has largely the same ground textures as FSX isn't exactly worth $200 for me. P3d was the last to the 64 bit party and the only discernible feature I can see and feel when using that sim are the dynamic lights, which aren't global like XP11, and are a bit of a performance hog. Dynamic reflections could have also been a nice one, but that is another compromise that isn't worth it in terms of frame rate loss with 0 performance improvement in over a year. If I'm mistaken, let me know. But from v2.5 to v4.1, the only improvements to the experience of using p3d, is cloud shadows, dynamic lights, and finally going 64 bit for a whopping $600 in licenses BEFORE addons. That's not next gen, that's just silly.
  7. He or she is the most uniquely and consistently pessimistic and belligerent voice in this community. For someone to say that FSW is destined to fail because they haven't improved the sim enough, while advocating a bi-annual $200 "upgrade" path with p3d, which is nothing but bug fixes and sim director updates, is very telling. It's just rambling to me at this point, which is why I don't waste time or energy debating with such an incoherent logic.
  8. From their forums: It's been an exciting year for the team working on Flight Sim World at Dovetail! We released into Early Access six months ago, which marked the moment we started developing FSW alongside the community. We'd been working behind the scenes for a lot longer, but it was different reading your feedback on the Forums on Steam and our social media profiles. We kept plugging away at development, bug fixing, and working on larger updates. The Cold & Dark implementation in FSW is a great way to introduce people to simulation or a new aircraft; highlighting what needs to be done to start an aircraft through our interactive checklist. It's an intuitive system that highlights our commitment to welcoming new enthusiasts to the hobby, whilst not compromising on the complexity demanded by those of you with years of experience. We introduced advanced weather, overhauling the skyline and introducing a number of new weather effects (there's no more fitting time to check out the "Heavy Snow" weather setting just FYI). Another highly significant visual upgrade saw the introduction of more sophisticated PBR lighting calculations to our engine. FSW aircraft and scenery are now rendered with more realism than ever before, and with a greater range of materials being accurately displayed. Most recently we released the Flight Sim World SDK V1.0, which puts the same tools used internally and by our flight development partners into the hands of the community. As we further develop the core simulator, we'll also be developing the SDK, opening the doors for more complex creations. We made a number of fixes based on your feedback, altering difficulty on some training missions, introducing Workshop support to allow mission creators to share their content and numerous other tweaks that have brought Flight Sim World to where it is today. So, what's next for Flight Sim World? A lot of the work done on Flight Sim World has been about laying foundations, foundations that we'll build upon as we keep developing the simulator. I've stressed before that we're a small but highly specialized team, working on a variety of different things. With the release of SDK V1.0 we've moved onto our next big project, bringing the first jet into Flight Sim World. This involves laying new foundations, we'll need to implement full IFR functionality in order to bring this business jet into the simulator. That's not the only thing we're working on! We outlined a few of these during our October developer update and are eager to bring further improvements into the sim. One of those we released recently was a set of floats for the Super Cub, marking the first amphibious aircraft in the sim and opening up new opportunities for those of you looking to take off and alight on water. As we whittle down the number of bugs in Flight Sim World, you may have noticed that the time between updates has grown larger. As we move onto bigger projects, the time it takes to develop these increases. We're expecting longer gaps between updates, but more impactful updates for the community when they release. It also means we'll be sharing what we're working on when we can, to ensure you know the direction we're taking Flight Sim World. Lastly, I'd like to take a moment to wish you all to hope you've had Happy Holiday's and wish you all a fantastic New Year. See you in 2018! - Stephen Hood
  9. Wrong. It's called Aerofly FS "2" for a reason. It's predecessor, from which it remains largely unchanged aside from new regions and planes, was released over 5 years ago. They also have a number of RC flight simulation platforms known as Aerofly RC. So technically, they have a bigger head start than FSW in terms of platform development and their early access is progressing much more slowly.
  10. Also no night lighting, no water masking or wave animations, no ground traffic, no rain or snow, no seasons, etc etc etc. It's a VR game, and an excellent one, nothing more nothing less. I think it's much more wise to build a good sim and make it vr compatible than the other way around.
  11. Correct. Turn down the Traffic slider to the minimum. The nice thing is, this doesn't get rid of aircraft or boat traffic, just the road traffic (which is the performance killer). The AI, despite being very high poly models, doesn't seem to have an impact on performance as much as it used to. For example the free Hawaii mission pack has high poly a320's with PBR littering the terminals at PHNL, yet my laptop didn't miss a beat.
  12. I think this quote from ORBX is most telling: I reflect on that as confirmation that we are going to see something revolutionary in FSW's ground and Orbx/DTG are playing it close to the chest for now. In that post, John V mention TrueSKY but spoke about the lighting engine changes. He is likely well ahead of the curve and chances are they are waiting till they are good a ready to reveal it.
  13. I agree with those who anticipate something big for the ground. Who would have ever expected TrueSky to be possible and PBR would work so well with the lighting and environment of TrueSKY? If it's not a complete overhaul, it would certainly be a major upgrade to the ground environment as we have known it to be in legacy FSX/P3D. I have heard hints of this before, but I would be surprised if DTG saw any of their partnerships diminish when it seems that A2A, Carenado, Turbulent, and others are expanding support for the core sim, as I am sure Orbx will eventually do for their ground. One can assume Orbx was paid a pretty penny for FTX Global being integrated, I doubt they would squander the opportunity to make more.
  14. And with airline companies like Air France. That was an official livery in their mission pack. Chances are, DTG is handling this part for their 3pd community if they made the investment for something like a free mission pack.
  15. @Gibbage Now that your product is on Steam and you have been working with DTG for 6 months or so, do you still feel the same? Has anything in terms of revenue or profit margin changed? Has DTG been a good partner? What things still concern you? I would like to hear your post-release feedback.