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  1. TheFlightSimGuy

    Matt Davies' projects face a very uncertain future

    He would frequently get inebriated on his Twitch stream and talk about his financial success. He did this same yo-yo with his Youtube and all the while took donations and collected money without investing in his semi-legitimate business. His fans ate it up.
  2. No, hes just drunk enjoying the money.
  3. Likely because they were waiting for this. Chances are, Simul sold them on a number of their products.
  4. TheFlightSimGuy

    ACES Studio Member Responds to FSW Closure

    Just saw this on Froogles FSW Closure video, from Chris Trott, former ACES studio dev.
  5. TheFlightSimGuy

    Live Stream - Jordan King (28th February)

    Twitch was giving me problems viewing this live, but this is clip that includes the Steven Hood interview. He had some interesting points about Phase 2 and the future especially with ATC.
  6. TheFlightSimGuy

    Is this video showing Flight Sim World?

    So to be clear, it isn't an artists rendition, which is what the old FSX preview picture was. This is real and we fly in it every day. Second, that is not a video of FSW with Truesky. That is it with the same old 2d clouds you find in FSX and P3D. THIS is what Truesky looks like. Stop spreading falsehoods and vitriol. It makes you seem an awful lot like a troll.
  7. TheFlightSimGuy

    Is this video showing Flight Sim World?

    Looks more like FSW than P3D/FSX. That's for sure! Everyone here a least understands that FSW is the only sim capable of depicting that kind of scenery, even if there is some Shader applied to it.
  8. TheFlightSimGuy

    Major simulation flaws in P3Dv4

    Those weren't jabs, they were the truth. No one is studying for their 747 check ride when the equipment is being retired. I am a "serious" flight simmer as I have my PPL, in fact my buddy who I started flying with just got the right seat in a 777 for American. But both of us know the difference between simming and training. Seems that using others training as a scapegoat for your "simming" for entertainment is your reality, and that's fine. Enjoy your "learning"!
  9. TheFlightSimGuy

    Major simulation flaws in P3Dv4

    LM had been very clear they weren't in it for the "simmers". No matter how "hardcore" that simmer is. They have some ambassadors like Rob who keep an ear to the "simmer street" but they are not in it for anyone's entertainment. Folks who use it for real flight training, not for playing pretend in a PMDG 747, are their target and that's why they focus consistently on scenario based training advancements. But they don't seem to care about graphics, native entertainment features and tools, etc. Otherwise there would be no need for 3rd party rain effects or camera tools along with the litany of other things we need. It's sold to be a broad and flexible platform, but not a value to simmers.
  10. TheFlightSimGuy

    What's going on with FSW?

    Kids a genius
  11. TheFlightSimGuy

    Phase 2 Update Notes

    Meanwhile, P3D is literally using the same clouds as FSX.
  12. TheFlightSimGuy

    Phase 2 Update Notes

    Also, will that be when we see cloud shadows or will that be something we see after the proposed ground improvements?
  13. TheFlightSimGuy

    Phase 2 Update Notes

    That is a huge update! Thanks!
  14. TheFlightSimGuy

    What's going on with FSW?

    I'm not here to start a sim war and your points are valid for those with the appetite for that product. I still do as well infact. I am just confused with the doubt in DTG after they have made such tremendous strides in such a short period of time. If they indeed release v1 this month, or even next, I'm sure it wont be a light update. After TrueSky and their PBR implementation, I have no doubt this development team will deliver something "game changing" again.
  15. TheFlightSimGuy

    What's going on with FSW?

    That's fine, so which of those "next gen" features would you put up against something like Truesky, PBR, image based lighting, ssao, a physics overhaul, a modern simconnect without FSUIPC, 3d gauges, global 3d rain, etc? Because the majority of that list that you provided, are exactly what I said: sim director updates and bug fixes. Improved vector data for Africa, in a sim that has largely the same ground textures as FSX isn't exactly worth $200 for me. P3d was the last to the 64 bit party and the only discernible feature I can see and feel when using that sim are the dynamic lights, which aren't global like XP11, and are a bit of a performance hog. Dynamic reflections could have also been a nice one, but that is another compromise that isn't worth it in terms of frame rate loss with 0 performance improvement in over a year. If I'm mistaken, let me know. But from v2.5 to v4.1, the only improvements to the experience of using p3d, is cloud shadows, dynamic lights, and finally going 64 bit for a whopping $600 in licenses BEFORE addons. That's not next gen, that's just silly.