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  1. FSW

    Beautiful. As someone who isn't from the area, it looks and feels like flying in the PNW to me! Great shots.
  2. It's spectacular either way in a picture, in real life I can imagine seeing the little cars moving would be nice.
  3. I'm laughing more than ever, because you had to start with the one thing you were supposed to avoid. Regardless, let's look at the rest of points. Native VR support - Can easily be added when the time is right, but p3d at 30 FPS and VR is a joke. The hardware and the software isn't even close for anyone but those IPACS fellas. Fail. Fine tuning graphics? Like what? Reflections? Bathymetry? Or half of the other features no one uses because they kill performance? FSW clearly needs more options, but not in Early Access when the parameters should be controlled. I'm sure a few more sliders won't be a problem if they pulled off Truesky. Fail. Lots more customers isn't a feature. Fail. Jets? Where? You mean fighter jets? Yeah, that's what the people have been asking for. A new F35! Wake me up when a jet that doesn't drop bombs shows up. Go fly DCS. It's much better if that's your sort of thing. Avatars that get up and walk around. So having people outside the plane is more important than people inside the plane, like they are in FSW? Sounds great for a military sim but I would still rather user ezdok or chaseplane for that. Helicopters need an overhaul in this old engine and everyone knows it. Unless DTG or LM does something about this, X-Plane will continue to dominate. Speed trees were an overhyped technology that is still turned off in lieu of Orbx trees. No one is demanding that technology in any other sim. Fail. Believable AI? Lol. You mean with addons and they still can't follow a sid or a star? Fail.
  4. Everything looks better through that cockpit. I cant help but think how nice X-Plane lighting would look at night in there.
  5. Missions, In plane avatars, and Cold and Dark starts. Remind me, with all of those useful things, why doesnt LM have any of them in P3D? Now, without using the word "addon", please tell me what things FSW doesn't have that P3D does, even in early access. Its laughable and I look forward to your response. p.s. Mods, sorry for the two separate posts, multiquote was broken.
  6. Did you just insist that we should never support a sim that gives us higher quality CORE components, than what we are used to paying for? That is so absurd and counterproductive to ever moving forward in this hobby that has been crippled in its growth since ACES shuttered the place. They arent trying to replace A2A planes, but they got some modern ones from them, unlike LM who has Carenados from 2009 in their sim. They arent trying to replace ORBX, they licensed their ground textures from the, unlike LM who just changed the LC years ago. They arent trying to put REX out of business, REX new airport and ground textures are desperately needed, but their clouds, which is their oldest product and handily beaten by TrueSKY are not. Stick to all your old vices if you please, but after 17 years of this game of stagnation, I am ready for the next generation and hope all of our old devs embrace truly new technology beyond just 64 bit.
  7. Just had this issue as well. I actually just got back from Germany and was so upset when this arose. Wonderful it works for you now. Gives me home.
  8. I think you will find all you questions here, which is where the pics were sourced from. The fact is, in a blind test, someone picked v3, and I can see why. I am just as upset as you, so I raised my expectations.
  9. I dont need to bash P3D to make FSW obviously better looking, and I am not bashing it. I am simply upset that the most "populist" voices that we have come to trust, directed everyone with certainty to P3D or XP. So now we go and spend our money on an expensive P3D conversion, and we end up not even using the things because v4 is already obsolete a year after it is released. Do you feel like your best interests as a regular simmer are held in close regard by Lockheed Martin? Who told you that P3D was the future? Because with my own two eyes, I can see they were wrong.
  10. Not to mention us "pre-paying" for our PMDG heavies at increased costs from the FSX versions we already bought. Makes you wonder how many other products we prepaid for in those cycles. I think Robert's comment that was stated at the beginning of the video is most telling. It is hard to deny who the guardian of innovation for this platform is. And I would have much rather paid for my PMDG plane in FSW than have wasted money on their birds in v4 which I was never intended to be a user of to begin with. But no EULA discussions, means they sold you the plane at full price, knowing you werent conforming to the terms to begin with. Just shameful that we were led to think v4 was so great, when indeed it has turned out to be inferior.
  11. If they made you pay for a minor VAS improvement and minor lighting controls from v2.5 to v3.0, what do you think? $200 please!
  12. That is p3d v3. The 2 year old sim. The top one is v4 which was recently released. Proves my point brilliantly from someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight. In 2 years, DTG has accomplished more than Lockheed Martin has in nearly 7. Did people really pay for P3D for all sim director and control station updates? I think not. This is where consumer money should be. Not with a defense contractor who won't even talk to us.
  13. Which one looks better to you? Which one is v3 and which one is v4? Is one maybe v2.5? Lets be honest, FSW is the best any MSFS sim has ever looked. Remind me why either one of these is worth $200 (plus the cost of addons) if I'm not a kid in school? It's the best option we had, so I paid it, but I can't wait to leave this thing for a good looking sim without having to do a total platform change.