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  1. Oliver Ooi

    20FPS- with high-spec HW iMAC/Win10

    You can try lower the screen resolution for both side monitors (because I think they are less important) and that should help increase fps a bit.
  2. I saw PBR in FSW one year ago.
  3. To me, one big tv can't beat the 3-monitors setup which provide almost 180 degree of view. Being 'physically' to turn your head to look on your left or right side is far more realistic than pan the view left/right on a single display.
  4. Oliver Ooi

    Question CLOUDS

    This high latitude cloud squeeze problem was from FSX era and it looks like we need a third party tool to fix this. Maybe we will see LM fix this in upcoming version.
  5. Even with PBR, I don't see anything spectacular in the screenshots, but maybe I am just hoping too much.
  6. Oliver Ooi

    I wish LM would solve this... cloud shadows!

    I heard about this also, but I really can't understand how the shadow appear/disappear could improve performance?
  7. Oliver Ooi

    I wish LM would solve this... cloud shadows!

    Oddly enough I saw some peoples say this is not annoying them at all..
  8. Oliver Ooi

    Unreallistic Oceans - no white foam

    https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/sebby1234/2007/11/08/flight-simulator-x-accelerationsp2-water-dx10-vs-dx9/ ACES managed to add whitecaps to water shader when they worked on FSX DX10, so I think we will see enhanced water shader in future P3D.
  9. Oliver Ooi

    Photoscenery Draw area very minimal, rest blurry?

    With such low LOD for photoreal scenery, how do you guys enjoy TrueEarth series from Orbx?
  10. Oliver Ooi


    That is one very very high quality scenery addon. All those trees are in 3D and I am amazed how good the performance the XP11 handles those massive amount of 3D trees.
  11. Truesky in P3D, that not hurt fps. .
  12. Rumors say that LM will add new graphic feature (PBR) in future update. Let's hope they managed to fix the old graphic bugs before adding more graphic features.
  13. Oliver Ooi

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Hmmmm.. I thought they said "6X Faster Performance" ? I was hoping this card will increase the 20fps in P3D to 120fps.
  14. Oliver Ooi

    RTX 2080Ti

    The new card features real time ray tracing. Maybe we can finally turn up the dynamic reflection in P3D without getting performance hit. 🤡
  15. Oliver Ooi

    TrueEarth Netherlands has been released!

    Oh! Great! Really great! 😆