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  1. Instead of exclude certain files, I would include the whole FS2020 folder in the exclusion list.
  2. They must be some old 3ds Max users, still called the software 3D Studio Max.
  3. Those games or sim you mentioned actually has three separate views for each monitor. For car racing sim, you wouldn't notice the performance degrade as much because those games are a lot less demanding. When you activate multi views in XP11 or P3D, your fps will be cut at lease 50% because the rendering engine need to render 3 separate views instead of 1. Unless Asobo found a miracle solution, we will find the sim runs at very low fps if they include the similar multi-views feature, maybe thats the reason we don't see this feature in the initial release.
  4. It would be really magnificent to see the crater from the air using VR.
  5. I wonder when can we get the SDK, or the SDK only available to certain developers?
  6. Not sure what game support this feature. LM was thinking to add this feature into P3D but never made it.
  7. Even Asobo manage to add multi screens in MSFS, they need to optimize the performance as the engine need to render several separate views simultaneously. I do hope Asobo manage to add this Nvidia tech into the sim:
  8. I believe the motive of OP is to provide the questions for MS/Asobo to answer, not for us simmers, especially those in Avsim forum.
  9. It seems like they added a lot more trees into the photogrammetry city.
  10. I fly mostly in SE Asia (in P3D) and I created photo-real scenery myself using FSEarthtile. I found out most Bing map in this region are in poor quality, have cloud covered, or very very low resolution. I think MSFS will likely use landclass method mostly in this region? (Unless the AI is intelligent enough to correct those poor quality map nicely). I am eagerly to find out when MSFS released.
  11. Maybe LM is urgently needing some cash rolling in? 😂
  12. I thought V5 night lighting should look at least on par with XP10 (which released many years ago) and since it uses latest DX12, but.. (sigh).
  13. By looking at the LM's trailer and Rob's video, do you think the trueSky in V5 is a 'dumbed down' version like FSW or it fully utilizes the capability of trueSky?
  14. In the video, I really don't understand why there is zero lighting on the street and building after sunset.
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