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  1. Good idea/compromise. Thanks for writing this up. I'll link to it from my long article on distortions.
  2. I made a video about the distortion to rally folks to vote. Feel free to share it everywhere:
  3. FOLKS !! If you care about this issue, go vote on the official wishlist item for this, on the official MSFS forum: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/multiple-screens-functionality/150824 It is not in the top 10 list. Why is it not in the top 10 list? Well, that's why you need to go vote on it 😄 Fred
  4. Cool. I thought it did nothing. But I just didn't look carefully enough. I'll see if it does anything in External View as well. Here is an illustration of the distortions you can expect to see in the External View with triple monitors. I merely flew a tight circle above Governors Island, so the plane never left a small patch in the middle of the island. Every building from across the water that come into and left from the view have not really changes in relative distance (to the pilot). Yet they changed in size drastically, tracked by circles of various colors. Within the cockpit, the distortion seems a tiny bit less severe. But if you fly a tight circle with high banking angle, you will see the ground retreat forward on your side monitor, even as you fly forward. This is an illusion caused by the distortion of course. It appears that you are flying backward, if you stare only at the window closer to the ground.
  5. I am not 100% sure I know what you are asking. I think you were asking whether TrackIR was on 'pause' on the picture I showed. That was not one picture, but two separate pictures I stacked together for comparison. You can see the TrackIR sensor on the second picture. But it's cut off from the top one. In the actual article you can see TrackIR in at least half of illustrations. Sometimes it's on (green LEDs), and sometimes on pause (red LEDs). Sometimes it is even turned off - I fired up the game a few times during the course of writing that article just to get screenshots - I did not bother to run TrackIR at all sometimes. There is a big issue using TrackIR right now in MSFS 2020. It doesn't have a command to pause TrackIR input in app, like XP11 does. If you instead bind 'pause' to a button within TrackIR, it may appear to work in MSFS. But after 10 seconds of zero TrackIR input, MSFS will change cockpit view back to the default pilot view. My personal workaround for this is: 1) bind pause within TrackIR to the 'push' function of the slew control on Thrustmaster Warhog Throttle. Bind the same push action in MSFS to 'Save Custom Camera View 0'. I then bind slew control up and left both to 'Load Custom Camera View 0'. This allows me to almost get the effect I need.
  6. AAHH !! I think this is what some people might have been alluding to, albeit not in clear languages that you just used. I'll give this a try to see if it's better in terms of reduced distortion. Thanks!
  7. I had that ON all along. It did nothing that I could tell. Sigh 😞
  8. Lucky you 🙂 If I didn't have to dial down my graphics setting to accommodate two more side monitors, I too would probably also put up with the distortions 😄
  9. You can see some of these in my screenshots as well. But I also found that you could the flashing airport beacon lights from like 30 miles away. This is true on a single 4K monitor. I don't know if this is realistic. Perhaps it is.
  10. Think of all the GPU cycles being wasted to render these large, distorted pillars, for no benefits.
  11. Boy, do I love MSFS 2020. It is clearly the next gen sim. And this is from someone who is invested in XPlane 11. There are many minor missing features such as replays, rewind/resume, TrackIR pause, etc. I am sure in time these will be addressed in future updates. Most importantly, there are workarounds today. But one major issue remains without a workaround. And it only affects a small population of people trying to fly with triple monitors, or super duper ultra-wide monitors. That is, MSFS doesn't yet support such views. Current attempts using Nvidia Surround produce distracting distortions which does not actually help with flying. I am trying to raise awareness of this issue, so that it can be prioritized by Asobo properly. Or perhaps some smart members will figure out ways to tweak config variables such as WideViewAspect and the like, to make this work today. This long article shows lots of pictures taken in the last two days, to illustrate this issue: https://xinhaidude.com/2020/08/22/geometric-distortion-in-a-triple-monitor-setup-for-msfs-2020-compared-to-xplane-11/ Here is one of many illustrations from the article:
  12. Hey, Halichopter dude. Are you the same person on the new FS forum? You and I exchanged a brief dialog on triple monitors if you recall. I wrote an article on the geometric distortion just last night. Despite my attempts to like it, I came to the same conclusion. At this point, sacrificing CPU and GPU to run 3 monitors is not worth it. It distracts from flying, rather than help with flying. The article: https://xinhaidude.com/2020/08/22/geometric-distortion-in-a-triple-monitor-setup-for-msfs-2020-compared-to-xplane-11/ Here is one example image:
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