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  1. Fully functional and accurate Garmin GPS please! Like Reality XP 🙂
  2. I wonder if I even have a chance, since I registered in April 😄
  3. Ok, thanks very much, I'll spend some time exploring the possibilities then 🙂 Cheers.
  4. Thanks for a quick reply! Does this seem right to you? I still can't get it to work 😞
  5. Hello, I am completely new to this so maybe it's a silly question... I have the Honeycomb yoke and I'd like to use the Avionics Bus 1 button for APU control. Bottom position: APU will turn off Top position: APU will go to ON position, then to START position and then return to ON position Any ideas how to achieve this behavior in LINDA? Thank you 🙂
  6. Hi, so I've just received my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and I'm looking at what is the best way to configure it in P3D v4. I have the paid FSUIPC version. Is it better to configure via FSUIPC or via the Yoke Input application? Thanks 🙂
  7. I didn't find it either... Considering that I'm a marketing manager, this is really embarassing 😄
  8. I was just reacting to the "zero relevance" thing 🙂 May I ask what is so important about frequency spacing here? I'm no communication expert but I've never had issues dialing frequencies in the simulators.
  9. Zero relevance? Why? Maybe the books say that IFR is pure instrument navigation. But IRL, everyone takes ATC for granted. On the other hand, in the sim world, ATC is very much a part of the IFR flying. Mostly because we haven't been presented with a great ATC solution yet. And therefore we're unable to enjoy a true IFR experience in the sim, unless flying on VATSIM... And even then the coverage is far from 100 %.
  10. Yeah, looks like an LM business model.. Kind of 🙂
  11. TrackIR makes all the difference (if you don't have VR). Once you try it, you'll never want to fly without it. 🙂 Ultrawide monitor makes sense with TrackIR I guess because you can be zoomed in and just pan around with TrackIR. But if you zoom out and try to squeeze the cockpit (like a B737 one) on the screen, then the result will be highly unrealistic. 2080 Ti will handle multiple monitors just fine, it could be maybe even considered a slight overkill 🙂
  12. My recommendation is 1 huge main monitor (ideally 3840x2160) for the sim and 1 smaller secondary for charts / add-on management. TrackIR is a must with this setup in my opinion. Or if you wanna go all-in, go VR and pray that the new simulator will be compatible 😄 🙂
  13. What do you mean? Of course the add-on model will be the same. Or what do you think, that you'll get the FSLabs Airbus included in a subscription? 😄
  14. Sorry but I'm pretty sure that they won't reply. Thousands of people want to get in.
  15. $10 a month is nothing if it's really as good as it looks like. I'd be more happy to pay this than $60 for a P3D update. Spotify, Netflix and other services cost approximately the same and millions of people are subscribed, including me. For me, it's much better to have subscription and updates included then pay a fixed fee and have an outdated product in 2 months.
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