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  1. Yes, I though the same but the plane isn't in the sim 😞
  2. Hi all, I have been away from simming for like 4 months and I am coming back now. What I noticed is that the C152 Realism Mod isn't working anymore because of the patches that I've missed. So I downloaded the newest version and put it like I was used to: MSFS/Community But the plane hasn't loaded. Then I started googling the thing and I found out that it was actually supposed to be AppData/Roaming/MSFS/Packages/Community - but that hasn't worked either for me. Can you please tell me which is the correct folder? I am using the Steam version. TYVM 🙂
  3. Thanks, I'm glad that my observations were useful to you. 🙂
  4. I know. I'm not looking to resolve it as there's hardly anything to resolve on my end. The software is just objectively bugged, incomplete and rushed for sales. I only provided my experience with it, so other people don't fall for the marketing tricks like I did 😉
  5. Yes, I restarted the software many times. No reinstall though. To be honest, I don't expect having to perform such steps to make a payware software developed in 2020 work. I think that the modern technology is past this. I'll give it a go tomorrow, but most likely will be seeking a refund.
  6. Ok, so after some hours of testing, I have to say that this software is unusable, got released prematurely and is taking advantage of the MSFS marketing hype, as many other add-ons. The software is extremely buggy. For example now, I've been trying to inject the weather for like 15 minutes. It doesn't display the airport that I'm at, it says "injecting", then it says "complete" but the weather is not there. I did everything following the manual, the folder has an exception from the antivirus. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes when I start the software, the loading screen appears and then disappears, software doesn't start. It also crashes very often. The fact that it's missing a feature to set up custom weather by each element separately is also alarming. Graphics and sound effects are great but that's about it. For me, at the moment, this is money down the toilet, reverting back to the default weather engine. Those guys have some nerve, releasing this... thing... as payware. I can understand that new software is missing features, but this doesn't even do its core thing properly. Hopefully I will save somebody some money with this post.
  7. I was quite shocked that there is no option to create custom weather (each element separately) as I was used to with Active Sky. That would be a great training tool and I imagine it can't be that hard to implement.
  8. It works for me as in any other aircraft.
  9. Hello, pretty neat mod 🙂 Thank you for doing that. May I ask (and just to say, not sure if this is the case with the defautl aircraft or not) - is anyone else experiencing the throttle moving real slow? I got it set up with the Saitek throttle and when I move the lever, the actual lever in the plane moves really slowly and RPM change lags... That affects my flare kind of a lot. The mixture moves instantly and quickly... Am I missing something here? 🙂 Again, thanks!
  10. You don't want that 🙂 It's a brand new product which deserves brand new, optimized add-ons.
  11. Honeycomb range is a must in my opinion. The yoke for now, then the highly anticipated Bravo throttle and Charlie rudder pedals. That's GA, Boeings etc. For Airbus, I'll buy the new Thrustmaster Airbus side stick (+ Honeycomb throttle and pedals). Other than that, I'd like some radio panel. Also planning to purchase an iPad 🙂
  12. Not sure actually. There was something about cars and scenery.
  13. Might be true about GSX. I've only seen the ground handling in MFS on pictures 🙂
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