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  1. Thomasso

    SimStarter settings are not saved correctly

    I just wanted to say a huge thanks, it worked! I also posted to Aerosoft so called forum and no response in days. You should receive the money instead of them for their products haha, so bad support from them. Again, thanks!
  2. Thomasso

    SimStarter settings are not saved correctly

    Thanks very much, appreciate the answer. 🙂 However, I can't find any Import P3D cfg tool 😞 I did what you said - set everything up in P3D, then edit PANELS entry manually in the cfg file and then opened SimStarter, checked correct values in the cfg editor and they were OK. But once I started a profile, the PANELS went straight back to "1". I am running out of patience here...
  3. Thomasso

    SimStarter settings are not saved correctly

    Might be worth for Aerosoft to answer on every forum that they are managing. (!!!!!!!!!!)
  4. Thomasso

    SimStarter settings are not saved correctly

    It's great to know that you are about your paying customers.
  5. Hello, I've been using SimStarter NG for a while and it's been a huge help. But I have a problem with it. Some settings keep reverting back to default every time I restart the software, especially values in the config file. Specifically these: FXAA = OFF - keeps switching back to ON PANELS_ALWAYS_ON_TOP = 0 - keeps switching back to 1 Mute on lost focus - keeps switching back to ON It is very frustrating, especially the panels thing, because it's a fix for a CTD cause. When I forget to check if it's reverted and go flying, I get a crash mid flight. I always press SAVE whenever I can. Why are the settings switched back automatically? Thank you for explanation.
  6. I measure the temps using Core Temp. Some cores go over 90C when I start stressing the system. Ambient temp might have been around 22C. I use Prime95 and AIDA64 for testing. Did not alter any settings, no idea what AVX is 🙂. I don't know about an HW issue... I remounted the thing multiple times, used after market Noctua paste. Pump is indicating 3000 rpm in Corsair Link software, fans are over 2000 rpm. I have no way to check if the cold plate is mounted correctly. What is LLC?
  7. Yeah but I mean, if I have a hardware issue, it shouldn't handle even HT OFF, right?
  8. The weird thing is that when I turn HT OFF, I can set it to 1.35 V easily and the temps are fine...
  9. I figured 🙂 The problem is that my CPU starts to overheat above 1.20 V with HT ON. There is just no way around it. I even pumped the H115i on 100 %, both fans and pump. Still massive overheating. That's actually what I'm trying now. Well, I am at 5.0 GHz @ 1.35 V, HT OFF. Just took off EDDT in the FSLabs A320, everything pretty much maxed out, and so far I got average 53 FPS. That's awesome imho 🙂 One of the cores spiked to 85C once, but normally all of them are below 80. Fan is at 1900 rpm, pump 2900 rpm. I even tried 100 % fixed mode, sir. No help. You mean voltage? Like said before, that is impossible with HT ON. That value is truly theoretical, I would not recommend this to anyone, as you massively reduce that life span of your chip at 1.5 V. Do you have HT ON or OFF?
  10. Thanks for all the replies! I'm currently at work, I will write back when I get home. 🙂
  11. Hi, thanks for the reply. So basically you are saying that I should delid and do 5,0 with HT OFF?
  12. Hello everyone, I recently made a major upgrade to my PC. My current rig is as follows: GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti OC CPU: i7-8700K RAM: G.Skill 2x8 GB 3200 MHz MOBO: AsRock Z370 Extreme4 COOLER: Corsair H115i AIO PSU: Seasonic Focus 750W STORAGE: 240 GB SSD for Windows and essential programs, 1 TB SSD for P3D, 1 TB HDD for simple things CASE: Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Obviously I want to OC the system so I can take full advantage of its power. I did many some test, these are the results: It is quite disappointing in my opinion. I finally settled for the green row settings - 4,8 GHz, 1,18 V and HT on. However, the P3D keeps crashing (BSOD) approximately 40 minutes into flight. (FSLABS A320 and other demanding add-ons). When I turn HT OFF, the OC is much better. I'm stable at 5,1 GHz and I can even finish some tests at 5,2 GHz (reasonable temps around 80 °C). But I keep hearing that i7-8700K with HT OFF is essentially a more expensive i5-8600K. So I'm not sure what to do... My options: Increase voltage to 1,20 @ 4,8 GHz & HT ON (temps in the sheet are lower there, but the test was made on a different day and I have no idea why) HT OFF and OC to 5,1 GHz (is it really like i5-8600K with HT OFF?) Send the CPU for delid What do you guys think? Do you get similar results with the i7-8700K? Any advice will be appreciated 🙂 Thanks. Tomas
  13. Haha, thank you! Let's hope that will be the case for me 🙂 I wish you all the best and see you in the skies.
  14. Ray, thank you, but I currently can't go above my budget because I'm doing an overall upgrade of my PC and want to purchase several P3D add-ons as well.. And other things in my life, not a millionaire yet 😉 Just fresh off college with my Master's. And I'm from the Czech Republic, where average monthly salary is roughly $1500, so I don't have the luxury to buy everything instantly. Maybe when I'm buying the next monitor, I will be a millionaire and I won't have to think like this 🙂. We'll see. Thanks, I think that I will pull the trigger 🙂 I can't use that sale since I don't live in the US, but we actually have a pretty good deal here too at the moment. I also think that LG is a solid brand. It doesn't have 30 fps, but that extra cost is not worth the price for me right now.
  15. I don't understand, I clearly stated that my budget was $500 and here you are, sending me a $700 one. Could as well send me a $2000 one, which I'm sure is better than the one you recommended.