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  1. Lotharen

    New to P3D and have questions

    @pracines Thank you for that link, I have saved it for further use.
  2. Lotharen

    New to P3D and have questions

    @Chock That's an interesting product. I imagine there is a hot key to disable/enable those markers while in flight? Good to know I don't need to buy those books. I'm usually decent as far as figuring things out but if I get stuck Ill be sure to PM you for some assistance! @Rob Ainscough I'm going to check that out! Seems interesting for sure. My flight simming is going to grow. I want to start out with GA, single engine props, move up to twin props, and finally move into jets and Heavies.
  3. Lotharen

    New to P3D and have questions

    @Chock Thank yo u so much for all that valuable information. I'm not a pro at modeling but I know the basics. I use a modeling program for CG art called Daz Studio and model for that on occasion, so I know a fair number for 3D modeling programs - all more complicated than teh FSDS you linked me. A few modeling and texturing apps I own are: 3D Coat, Shade3D, Hexagon, Blender Substance Designer and Substance Painter So what FSDS can't do in texturing I'm sure I could nail down with the Substance duo. No to mention normal maps can be handled by either of those 3D programs I listed. I'm going to investigate further and just might purchase FSDS for a faster start up time. Would the FSDS books be worth the purchase as well? Thanks again for the valuable info!
  4. Lotharen

    New to P3D and have questions

    @Lorby_SI I have XP 11, I just didn't think it looked quite as good as P3D. I also forgot to mention I have Orbx FTX Global Range - so I'm a bit more invested and bringing XP 11 to the same standard would be costly I would imagine. @FlightSimmer68 I can't imagine ever subscribing to something like Navigraph for this hobby - perhaps circumstances will change in the future, who knows! :) The reason I have also been asking this was I've been tossing around setting up a VA and would like to have a sizable selection of Aircraft for the pilots. I belong to a gaming organization that is fairly large and it wouldn't be hard to get the members to get it up and running. If you guys have anything else to share I would love to hear it. I've got 65 bucks sitting in paypal and I want to get some things for the sim that I can use. :)
  5. Lotharen

    New to P3D and have questions

    @FlightSimmer68 I've never heard of simbrief, thats one to look at for sure. Thanks!
  6. Lotharen

    New to P3D and have questions

    I actually am really curious about creating my own aircraft. Money is a bit tight and the payware aircraft I have been looking at are almost as much as the Sim. Plus I enjoy modeling and thought it would be a fun challenge.
  7. Greetings everyone! I just recently purchased P3D and have been reading forums galore hoping to take in as much info as I can. My main question is add-on's, which ones to get. Now I have a few - AS4 with ASCA, Rex4 and Soft Clouds and FSUIPC. However, what could I use for flight plans? Is Little Navmap good? are there any other add-on's that could make my experience more realistic? Also, what about creating your own planes? I see other forums have a section for that but not P3D. Is there a reason for that? or is that impossible for the hobbyist with this software? Well, that is all I can think of now. I hope to spend many years in this hobby but there is a lot to learn. Thanks in Advance