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  1. Thanks for sharing. I've been thinking of getting this but I don't believe it will do what I want - yet. Since its vectoring in that update does that mean ATC will now take weather into account? place you in a hold? or is that still on the 'to-do' list?
  2. Thanks, Ill give that a try as well. I don't have rudder pedals so I use either the twist on the joystick or the bumpers on the gamepad. Might need to adjust the sensitivity and even put a small dead zone in the center. Its just weird to me because I don't remember this when the sim came out. Cant remember with which update I noticed it though. Question about rudders since they have been mentioned. I have auto rudders turned off but when I bank in the 172 with the G1000 it seems like the little rudder bar moves with the needle just fine. I never have to try and keep it centered. Does everyone's behave like that? I assumed if I banked left that would stay in one place until I activated the corresponding rudder input.
  3. Elevator works fine...I'll give rudder trim a try again. The 172 doesn't have rudder trim does it?
  4. You can't go wrong with either PMDG 737 or the Fenix A320. Both are solid aircraft with the Fenix being a bit cheaper unless you get the 737-600 from PMDG. There are tons of tutorials for each on starting up from cold and dark, ect. So you shouldn't have an issue getting which ever one you want up and running. I've heard folks say the Fenix is a bit harsher than the PMDG with frame rates and such but I'm not sure if that has evened out with v2 being released recently.
  5. I tested with a few more aircraft. The stock A320 does not do this, flew straight as an arrow. Tried a twin engine propeller aircraft and the same thing happens again. It seems to be isolated to the propeller aircraft. In the air it wouldn't be simulated P-factor would it? I thought once in the air that wouldn't be much of an issue.
  6. Just started happening to me as well. Noticed it looks like it try's to open the update window and that's when it pops out of full screen. Rather annoying.
  7. Evening everyone, I have an issue I'm hoping someone can help with. For some reason I have a continuous roll to the left on PC. I've tried calibrating my flight stick and even my gamepad but every time I try for straight and level flight I'll start a gradual roll immediately after centering the plane. So far, I have tried this with the 172 and the DA40 and its present with each aircraft. I've had this issue for a long time and its why I generally use autopilot shortly after takeoff. I've tried Num pad 5, right CTRL 4 and 6 (that just causes me to roll left or right). I'm just can't figure out why it's doing this. It seems in other simmers videos no one has this problem. Any ideas?
  8. I'm disappointed as well. Was really looking forward to the A320. I would rather them fix bugs before they release though so hopefully it won't be pushed back to far. I'll wait as long as it takes of course. Glad to hear things are looking really good this update though.
  9. It's easy to scrub using the time slider. I agree it would be easier if they condensed it but its not impossible to get to the info you want and not spend the entire video doing it. 😄
  10. Will the discontinuation of the standard voices in Microsoft affect Pilot2ATC? Per this article by Microsoft: Upgrade to Text-to-Speech Neural Voice  by 31 August 2024 | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure I assume it will but I'm not sure if these are the same voices I select in my settings, etc.
  11. This video was interesting. I want to see it with GA aircraft since they say it supports VFR flight as well. Also, would like them to do flight with the basic voices so those of us that don't want to pay for premium can see what we will be getting.
  12. NVM, I misread. Not sure how this is going to work. I use this way for voices, I assume that wont work after this change. Adding Free Voices to Pilot2ATC (youtube.com)
  13. Great youtube channel I stumbled upon. Good for beginners and vets alike! Hope you enjoy. Flight Sim School - YouTube
  14. This is good to hear. I barrowed my wife's quest 2 and it is a noticeable upgrade from the Rift S. I was really shocked. Its just very uncomfortable to wear. The only thing I noticed was it made my graphics card really heat up. I have a 3070 so I'm not even sure it can handle the Quest 3.
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