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  1. I saw in the notes that they added a base profile for the CH Eclipse
  2. Here's my question. Why do you need more than 40 FPS? Can't the human eye only see like 35 FPS? I've let games go hog wild and popped 130+ fps then vsynced to 60 and notice NO difference. So even if it is much high will you really notice? Also, once direct X12 drops you might just see AMD lead the pack.
  3. Dont mean to necro this post but I found a work around for this. If you click the drop down on your departure airport you can select the parking spot and it wont reset to the default. However, if you zoom in on the map and click the parking spot and select it as the departure it will reset.
  4. BullS&$% I play wow and I notice a HUGE difference in load times when logging in, changing zones, ect compared to when I had a SATA3 SSD. So totally untrue.
  5. Yes, this very issue has been causing my eyes to bleed as I compare what I have to something better. I'm saving up for my computer every check. My wife games too so it will be a purchase x2. A SSD is my first purchase, nothing SATA, go for the M.2 NVME. They are more expensive but much faster that SATA models. I also decided to go AMD this go round. I have an i7 7700 and I'm looking at the Ryzen 3900XT and 32GB of G.Skill Trident Z Neo Memory that has a 3600 speed. Still thinking about the mother board right now lol. That gave me a significant boost in performance and will future proof your investment. Once they enable Direct X12 it will be able to take advantage of all those cores. I know Zen 3 is coming out.....the date hasn't been set as far as I know. Also what will their price point be? Performance vs Price is why I'm going AMD and shying away from Intel....a Similar set up with intel would cost me 2k or more (minus the graphic card), with this set up I'm at 1200 (minus the graphic card), so much cheaper. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. I've flopped between Intel and AMD 4 times over the last month lol. Its agonizing! Also, according to this Benchmark https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-4790-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-3600XT/2293vsm1211585 the Ryzen has a 28% increase on single core speed.
  6. I was considering this too. Might have to take the plunge. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Try Little NavMap, works like a charm.
  8. There should be a setting you can change to turn rudder assist on while in flight. They have one for assisted rudder landing and takeoff but not one for during flight. They should add one so that a end user can turn this feature on if someone wants the realism. Stupid of Asobo to disable it entirely. I think even FSX has a more simple option, assisted rudder 'on' or 'off' and if you have it off you actually need to use the rudder with the default aircraft.
  9. nice post! I have to admit, my first reaction was. "How is a cereal going to do that!"
  10. Forgot about that lol. Would have come in handy for getting the lights up fast. Thanks for sharing that!
  11. So, I decided to try out night flying. Man did I have some issues. First was finding how to illuminate the dash, took me forever to find it. That was only the second time I started dark which was interesting because it was an imported flight plan from Little NavMap and I was able to select a parking spot without it resetting the entire flight plan. It was SO dark once I took off. I ended up cutting off the lamps around the room so I could see. I felt totally blind, at least until the moon started rising. Oh and the moon! OMG it looked amazing, so red when it first popped up. The atmospherics in this sim are astounding! I used ATC in full this go round as well. Vectored me a bit different than I actually filed but it was still decent. When coming in for a landing I saw some very strange artifacts on the horizon. Very weird greenish light that seemed to move up and down the horizon, it was very strange. One thing I still can't seem to get the hang of is the rudder. All assists are off and when I bank the plane I don't see the little ball move so I can keep it in the middle. It seems to always be stuck there. Might just turn assist back on, not sure what the issue is. Anyway, it was a nice flight even if I felt blind lol. Here are two screen shots. One of the reddish/Orange moon and the second of the weird artifact on the horizon.
  12. There is already a post like this a few threads down. Its core files that are already there and has been showing since Beta apparently.
  13. I dont think I lost my money. Apparently you do though....
  14. Thanks for sharing! Good to hear and the fact they mentioned bugs with live weather.
  15. Maybe that's because its has not, until now, been possible to due so with recognizable neighborhoods, ect.
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