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  1. @Espana Pete I find Pilot2ATC does a bang up job with altitudes. Have not had an issue yet. I even downloaded more windows voices (for free) so I can have more variation. They are a bit mechanical but do a great job. My other choice was Pro ATC but I was not impressed by how they moderate their forum nor their track record of bugs that persist through several iterations of the program. (just what I've been reading I don't have first had experience with the program myself)
  2. I used default until I broke down and purchased Pilot2ATC. It's a really nice program and does what it says. Far better than the default for sure.
  3. Thanks for sharing. Knew some of this but some was new to me.
  4. Oh man, might have to get this. I will be glad when the G3000/5000 fix is complete. I really hate how I have to select a transition in the Hjet as it messes up some of my flights.
  5. @Ixoye No, not really. It has a MCT throttle setting but you have to manually adjust for climb and decent. On decent it will adhere to constrants using VNV from the bit Ive used it. Still learning so someone with more experience can elaborate.
  6. I love it! It's quick to start, prep and get airborne quickly. The only critique I have is the G3000. I really hate that you HAVE to select a transition (because sometimes you don't). Granted this isn't the developer's fault and it is being worked on by WT. So once that annoyance is fixed it will be perfect! I find I like the business jets more and more, same procedures at the big guys with far less work (the FMS).
  7. Nice to see! Does the triple monitor setup impact your frames at all? (or in your case 4 monitors lol) Been thinking of doing that with my system but I worry about lag and how hot it will make my 1080.
  8. So far I like the aircraft. Im not noticing a FPS hit yet. Maybe its because I run it at 1080p? The sounds were a bit loud but the EFB has volume controls for all the sounds so you can adjust to your liking.
  9. I was confused by your post as well for a split second. Hows he rating it a convience store? Then it clicked lol.
  10. @Tuskin38 Yep, I messaged their support center about it earlier in the day and received an email back confirming they will be available at release.
  11. Inibuilds mentioned this : in their post dated June 11 on the Inibuilds forum: iniBuilds Development Update: Partnership with Microsoft Flight Simulator - iniBuilds Announcements - iniBuilds Forum Has anyone seen any of those things? I'm more interested in the training guides. I've sent them a message on Twitter but no response.
  12. I was probably in school, being bored or getting into trouble. Possibly both at the same time. It wasn't until I was a bit older that I got Flight Simulator for the Commadore 64. I had no idea what I was doing and used the thick book that came with it to try and understand VOR navigation. It was fun and I would burn countless hours flying trying to figure things out.
  13. This isn't looking bad! If I had a bit more time/money I would pick it up I think. Couldn't afford to buy planes for 2 sims not to mention the scenery required to make this look decent.
  14. Perhaps try to reinstall it? Something could have gone wonky during install.
  15. Man, learning to fly these things in so complex! I love it! Learn something new everyday.
  16. Thanks for sharing Bob! I'll check this out. I've been waiting to start one but it might be easier to just join an existing one.
  17. I got Pilot2ATC this past weekend. So far I really like it. The voices arnt to bad and I even was able to get more voices by installing language packs thru Microsoft.
  18. It looks like its, SimToolkitPro :: EFB Software for your simulator
  19. So I decided to try this again. I used msfs to program the a320, same sids and a direct approach and ils for my destination. Im flying out of KATL, using runway 09L and the Plmmr3 sid. Again, once I got to the waypoint plmmr it just started going in circles. I checked the fms and it has soooo many more waypoints than what pilot2atc were showing. Pilot2atc work perfect. Its what ever this issue is autopilot. I guess Im going to need to figure out how to program the fms myself. I just wanted a quick start up to learn all the new programs before I delved into that complication lol.
  20. Thank you very much for your reply. I didnt think it may not match up properly between the two. Ill check next time.
  21. I broke down and purchased Pilot2ATC today and I've been trying to make a successful flight with no luck. I also purchased Navigraph and have updated all programs I use. I got Aivlasoft EFB to use for my 'charts' so to speak and updated that as well. I can make a flight plan, save it and load it in with no problem. I push back, taxi and take off with generally no issues. My issue is the default A320 stops following the flightplan. It seems to be loosing a waypoint and then doesnt update. This happened during my last flight after I clicked over to Aivlasoft. Could it be Pilot2ATC and Aivlasoft EFB don't play nice together? I'm at my wits end trying to figure this out. I'm sure its an error of some sort on my part. I've never used this level of programs and flying a Passenger jet to boot. I'm more used to GA aircraft. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Love the immersion so far. Hands down best ATC experience I've had. Got so tired of the stock ATC's constant handoff's.
  22. How well does this work if you do not have a navigraph sub?
  23. This fellow goes over the program and showed where you go to enter aircraft that are not on the list. MSFS Add-On Review - Air Hauler 2 Review Part 1 - YouTube
  24. Let us know what you think about it. I'm interested in the same and curious.
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