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  1. Sorry for the hijacking. I've found that these are not listed as being compatible with V5, but maybe they work nevertheless? Aeroplane Heaven: Bulldog, C-119, He 111 Aerosoft: OV-10, PBY Cerasim: Bell 212 Milviz: Beaver, PC-6, Corsair, MD530 JustFlight: Mosquito Has anyone tested Manfred Jahn's C-47?
  2. Is there a list somewhere of add-ons working in 4.5 but not in 5.2?
  3. I had it working some time ago, but after a hiatus it doesn't work anymore (or I don't remember correctly how to do the startup 🙂. I have switched to VR in P3D and the P3D VR view is shown on my monitor. But the headset still displays the Windows Mixed Reality 'villa'. The Desktop 'wall' is blue and blue only, when I click on it the text 'Loading' appears, and it is runing forever. IIRC last time I didn't have to do anything special at this stage, P3D showed up automatically in the headset. Thanks for any help!
  4. Yes, your experience was exactly as mine. I exchanged the gasket with one for the Samsung Odyssey headset, but if I understand it correctly these are now hard to come by. There are other solutions, incl. self-built ones, on YouTube. Yes, I've only tested the new gasket in P3D. I do not own other simulators. I guess getting your eyeballs closer to the lenses will improve the Sweet Spot in other flightsims too.
  5. Quite happy with V4.5. Will skip V5, then it's either V6.3 or MSFS.
  6. Could be a matter of head shape. Or the type of game you are using, maybe the Sweet Spot is actually better in certain FPS and racing games? BTW, after having exchanged the gasket (eyes closer to the lenses) I find the Sweet Spot in P3D acceptable.
  7. After replacing the gasket with an Occulus one the Sweet Spot is quite acceptable. All in P3D.
  8. I too am still disapointed about the small Sweet Spot. I could increase it a bit though by pushing the back strip down onto my neck, and moving the upper edge of the headset to my eyebrows.
  9. Since clouds are made of cotton one would expect a decrease in velocity.
  10. Yes, the Sweet Spot is much smaller than I expected. And all those previewers who talked about how clear the display is - bs. But I will still keep it.
  11. Large disks are not expensive any longer. Download is a pain though, still.
  12. TE Scandinavia (with seasons), Italy, Caribbean, Papua (New) Guinea. Remaining Canary Islands, Cap Verde. LC Asia.
  13. I have Aeroplane Heaven's Bristol Bulldog where compressed-air engine start is modeled (somewhat?). The manual is not very comprehensive though, and I wonder how this worked IRL. What I could figure out so far is the following: There is a special small tank ('starter carburetor'?) containing a small amount of fuel into which air is compressed. By using tens of strokes with a 'primer'? The compressed air evaporates the fuel. The magnetos are turned on, as is a special 'starter magneto'. Then a crank in the cockpit is turned several times, probably to build up electricity in the starter magneto. Finally a starter button is hold down until the engine starts. Any knowlegable person here to correct the above and fill in the blanks? I do not understand what the starter magneto actually does, is it connected to a special spark plug? How/when is the evaporated fuel moved from the pressure tank to the cylinders? What does the starter button do? As far as I can see the prop is not rotated in the process, how can all this work? Thanks a lot!
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