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  1. Slow, high-winged airplanes with plexiglass doors. Like the default Maule Orion in P3D. About 600 nm range. Maybe it can be imported into MSFS. I personally prefer helicopters for sight-seeing, though.
  2. FSFlyingSchool http://www.fsflyingschool.com/ scores your landings and much more. They are in the process of adapting their product for MSFS, but it's not ready yet.
  3. For FSX/P3D airfields and landmarks for whole countries are available as freeware, I am for example using Norway and Sweden in P3D. This took a couple of years to accomplish though, and required dedicated enthusiats. ORBX has hundreds of POIs in each of their regional scenery packages, I hope they will provide these for MSFS too (and my guess is they will).
  4. Since there exists a legacy flight model in the sim, the default fm should be different in some way from the FSX/P3D fm.
  5. If the FSX/P3D model has no DLLs, it should be possible to fly helicopters with the legacy flight model. The latter is not the best, but it's better than nothing.
  6. I like Plan-G. https://www.tasoftware.co.uk/ Very competent tool and free. Unfortunately no support for MSFS yet, but adaption is planned once the release version of the SDK is out.
  7. It's in the eye of the beholder. I prefer flying (very) low, and I often find city buildings either dull (AI, FSX-style) or psychedelic (photogrammetry). Add to that very high trees in the middle of roads or blocky photogrammetry trees, and my experience is outright ugly. Higher up or low on the countyside it's much better.
  8. Do I understand this correctly, it's basically the FSX/P3D flight model we're getting?
  9. FS Economy probably works already (with some limitations in the airfield database). AH2 will take a while it seems, they have not looked into MSFS yet.
  10. Modern combat maybe, for WW2 Bing is lacking satelite images from WW2. Maybe Google has them?
  11. I don't think you can define keys/buttons to own views (yet). But you can to the predefinen views.
  12. Many uncontrolled airfields do not have lights at all. I hope it's the same in MSFS.
  13. Not very informative if you have seen other clips.
  14. Valid point, Alabeo, Carenado et al might be tempted to do so in the short run. There will be a backlash though. I myself will only purchse study level-aircraft, and these will hardly be using the legacy flight model.
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