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  1. In the meantime, I have found using the recommended SimBrief profile with Advanced Aircraft Options: Fuel Bias Factor 'M13' works pretty nicely to match the current fuel burn in the sim.
  2. Thanks for your answer re the Honeycomb yoke. With the method that is listed above to get it working, is all the required software etc currently available at no cost? I am working on some further improvements. I downloaded the latest patch today ( and so far I have not noticed any errors or new problems. (At the moment I have no other related mods or liveries etc installed.)
  3. I don't have a Honeycomb yoke and therefore have no idea about the details of your solution. Some people are still having issues with this and I think it would be good to be able to provide some advice for these users. Is the solution that you have arrived at easily implemented by other users? Would you be in a position to provide a detailed step by step instruction for others to follow? Thanks.
  4. Trying to understand exactly (and hopefully address if necessary) the issues some people seem to be having with the electrical system/radio lights etc. With the latest V0.16 I am not seeing any major problems with things not working or unusable etc. I am currently still working on some ideas to further improve the electrical system/alternator/battery behaviour etc, so it still very much work in progress in this area. I am wondering if there are possibly conflicts between various user installed mods occurring here? In my case I have no liveries installed, just the C152X mod and the untouched default asobo C152 in the official folder. If people are having significant issues, would be useful to get a description of the problem and steps to reproduce and also the relevant mod(s) if any that may be conflicting.
  5. Downloading the patch now. Taking a while. Once I get it up I will see what the implications are for the mod and what needs to be changed.
  6. New update V0.15 available: - ADF Radio completely revised Knob behaviour. ADF Modes: BFO/REC/ADF and spring return TEST position. - ADF Rotatable Card gauge behaviour completely revised: - ADF Needle is driven to point to the selected NDB station only in ADF Mode. (Note that currently the ADF Mode Knob defaults to BFO Mode and must be manually rotated to ADF Mode.) - ADF Needle remains in current position in ADF Mode when no signal received from an NDB on the currently selected frequency. - ADF Needle remains in current position in BFO and REC Modes. - ADF Needle is slewed in a clockwise direction while ADF Mode Knob held in TEST position. When released, the ADF Mode Knob spring returns to ADF Mode. - ADF Needle remains in current position when ADF Radio is turned off using the Volume/Off knob. - ADF Needle remains in current position if battery discharges and voltage level to the radio drops below the minimum required for operation. - Internal naming of the Mod aircraft is reverted back to the default. The Flight Training lessons are now selectable again. Haven’t tested them, but hope they work ok now.
  7. Trying to understand and hopefully help find a solution for the hardware / starting issues that only some people are having. For realism, I have modified the behaviour in the mod so that a momentary use of a joystick button will not be sufficient to start the engine, you will need to hold it for a short while to get the engine to start. (This is not the case at the moment with the mousebutton. Activating the starter with the mousebutton, one click is sufficient.) The joystick I am using (fairly old Saitek Yoke/Quadrant) I have programmed one of the up/down (normally off) buttons for Increase Magneto 1 / Decrease Magneto 1. This operates the Magneto/Starter switch and if I move to the 'Start' position and hold the button down, the starter remains held. As the hardware input only occurs when the button(s) are pressed, it is still possible to separately control the switch with the mouse if desired. For people that are having issues, I am not sure how their devices are programmed - increase/decrease (as indicated above) or an absolute position: Magneto 1 Off, Magneto 1 Left etc, Magneto 1 Start etc. I also don't know how the device is setup with respect to holding the command while the button is depressed or a momentary action etc. Because all the 'default' aircraft will start with a momentary flick of the start switch, possibly some hardware devices may have been set up (and tested to work) using only a momentary input.? With this realism improvement in place, this momentary input is no longer sufficient. I have no experience with other devices, but I have seen elsewhere that some people may have had some success in reconfiguring their hardware to get this to work.
  8. Another update to the mod has been uploaded to github, now V0.14. Hopefully no new problems. Includes completely revised coding for significant aspects of the NAV CDI gauges. Changes include: Unlike the default, the CDIs now respond to: - User selected On/Off state of corresponding NAV/COM Radio. - Power state of corresponding NAV/COM Radio. - CDI gauge will power off when Avionics Power (Battery Master Switch) switched off. - CDI gauge will power off when the applicable NAV/COM Radio is turned off using the Volume/Off knob. - CDI gauge will power off if the battery discharges and the voltage level supplied to the applicable NAV/COM radio drops below the minimum required for operation.
  9. No problem at all. I have done a bit of flying already over Poland in the new simulator. It was very nice to fly over and remember some places that I visited a few years ago.
  10. For now that is unlikely. I know it is possible to fit an autopilot to a C152, but I think in reality very few real world aircraft would be so fitted.
  11. From your original picture, the frequency you have set is 110.50 which I think is an ILS frequency. https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Instrument_Landing_System_(ILS)_Frequencies The vertical needle behaves differently when an ILS signal is received. The vertical needle only moves when the aircraft position changes in relation to the localizer. With this type of CDI gauge, often the OBS will be set by the pilot to match the inbound course of the ILS, just for reference, but it will make no difference to the needle position. If a VOR frequency is selected and in range, moving the OBS knob should move the vertical needle as you indicated.
  12. If this is what you mean, I don't think the triangular pointer is supposed to move. The compass ring rotates around with the OBS knob and the pointer remains fixed and indicates the selected radial?
  13. I am in the process of trying to make some improvements to the VOR gauges at the moment (with varying degrees of success). One of the issues at the moment is the CDI gauges remain active when the corresponding NAV radio is switched off.
  14. Hi, Thank you very much for your comments, I am pleased that you are getting some enjoyment from the plane. I would also like the possibility of installing DME in the aircraft. The other day I looked briefly to see if it would be an easy possibility, but unfortunately I did not see any easy solutions, however I will continue to look into it. I spent a lot of hours today trying to understand and fix some other issues with some of the gauges in the aircraft, unfortunately without much success. Hopefully the SDK will be updated very soon and will contain the necessary information.
  15. Regarding a merging tool for Mods with overlapping functionality etc, nice as it would be, unfortunately at the moment I can't see that it would be feasible. Even in theory it would likely only work under very narrow circumstances where each of the merged Mods had a strict area where it is allowed to make its modifications, and there is no overlap with any other. As it is, there is an essentially infinite possibility for each Mod to make alterations to a vast number of things within the sim. There is nothing to stop conflicting adjustments and no way to automatically reconcile the differences (and of course ensure that each one of the merged Mods still works properly.)
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