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  1. Back in 2 months time to see if there's any change here & if it's a MS flight fans forum for fans. Like the FSX fans forum this site has. Where you can be left in peace to share your hobby with fellow fans.
  2. :) I was posting just the samething, This could be a new selling point for MS Flight play it & you will be 15 again.
  3. This is very ture but it starts to get very boring, as soon as it starts to creep in to this forum again it will be back to before this forum got closed. I have not looked here for a while & the very day I come back for a peek the very frist post that I read is the 15 year old one again. But me even wasting my time posting here makes me think, hangon I am now acting like a 15 years old, wait he was right all along I am sorry & I take it all back I am a child again :D
  4. As a simple soul that I am, I thought that Moderators read posts & if they are happy that they do not break the T&C or are not just posted to get a reaction then they do not act. So a Moderator was happy for 'I gotta assume that cockpit-less flyers are 15 years old or thereabouts' to pass, when before such posts got this forum closed down. As I am over the age of 15 years by far to many years here I am reacting to the said comment.
  5. Arwen, What false statements have I made about you? Can you please explain as I am treading very lighty here & I don't want to put a foot wrong.
  6. Negative is fine but what I don't understand is why a member can get away with saying 'I gotta assume that cockpit-less flyers are 15 years old or thereabouts' When that is a comment that was posted to get a reaction so a reaction is what you get & a mod is happy for it to be said. Was it not such posts that got this whole MS flight forum closed down for a number of weeks? A Negative comment like. 'I gotta assume that cockpit-less flyers don't need to see all the dials to enjoy flying........' Will not get a reaction. I was under the missunderstanding that this was a flying fan forum for fans of flying but I am wrong.
  7. Take note new fans of flying & of MS Flight this forum is NOT for you! Unless you are happy to read posts like the one below that that call you a 15 year old & a mod is happy to let it pass never mind that the forum owner tells every poster on this forum this. Your post can only be a request for support, a hint or help for others, or a resource for other FLIGHT enthusiasts to use. Such as shame, I am still waiting for this place to become a nice welcoming home to new fans of flying. Looks like I will be waiting still longer or as I have now been told find somewhere else :(
  8. No it's not just you it's still trying to sell me the DLC.I have past your comments on to the Flight devs, beta testers can still report bugs on the beta forums.Thanks
  9. You got it set it to 1fps place a heavy item on the key & goto bed or work come back 7 hours later & see what you have.The hard part is to get the right angle to follow the coastline.You also need non windy weather otherwise you can get bashed about.
  10. I walked over a 1,000 miles!You can get out of any plane with the 'e' key & go for a walk anywhere you like even on water.
  11. Here are two no sound videos I made of the beta no planes!They is no sound as I made them using time delay.I have one that I have recoreded for 7 hours & have speeded it up to 6 mins of footage.Both can be viewed in 1080HDBoth water & clouds have been updated now in the release. I see that in the release the buildings now have more detail. The random pixals are thanks to youtube.
  12. Mountain ManThey are telling people that may want to give MS Flight ago that MS Flight is NEW user frendly & don't be put off with trying this program.'look you can download it for free & don't worry you don't need a joystick to try it out we have made it user friendly as possable for you.'You can try it for free you can also try it with out having to spend any money on new hardware to start off with.So win,win for the new user who want's a taste of flying a plane with zero outlay they have all there tools at there desk already.Once they are playing they can then chose how far they wish to take it & how in depth they what to get with MS flight & DLC.And the facts are not all on your side as 50% of the facts you can't be told, as you DO know why you can't be told as a new (cough) member has just been banned from the very forum less then a hour ago for that very reason.Oh what a shocker they broke the NDA to tell us something bad about MS Flight & used the word 'us'
  13. I am asking the member a question, the reason for my question is this part of the post. The word 'us' as the hardcore flightsim community.I find it strange that someone who uses the word 'us' is not already part of the hardcore flight community & in turn is not a member of AVSIM forum already as this is the hub for the hardcore community.A fair question?
  14. bawbag you got two forum account's with AVSIM?Your first ever post on AVSIM forum is to break the terms of the NDA.I am liking all the scare putting people off MS Flight post why did you feel the need to join AVSIM just to post that?
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