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  1. This would not work for me then, I use a two monitor setup running Flight in windows mode so I have access to my second monitor, where I put GMap and other things. Looks nice though.
  2. Well this is interesting, while I love Flight and it's graphics for the most part, I have always thought it was just a little on the dark side, looks like this brightens things up a bit. I may have to give this a try, thanks for sharing!
  3. Looks very nice Sergio, thanks for sharing!
  4. Looking good JML, thank you for your efforts!
  5. Lol, ok well it is in my hangar, but have just not been able to bring myself to fly it yet - but now, I think I will have to. Easter Sunday for sure!!
  6. Nice JML, thank you! I really like the yellow stripes.
  7. Got it, looks great Devon thank you!
  8. That is looking great JML, another one I look forward to! Thanks for your efforts!
  9. Hey gang, Just a suggestion - you might consider when naming your custom liveries you create to include your forum ID here. As we get more and more, would be nice to be able to identify who created each work of art.
  10. Click on the paint can icon in the upper right , for the selected plane, and it should give you the various livery options you have available for that plane.
  11. That is really looking good Devon, I am looking forward to the finished product!
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