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  1. I recently installed the freeware Suisse 2004 package. However, I am finding that when I attempt to start a flight from some of the airports included e.g. Geneva, Lausanne, La Cote, Schanis etc it results in a CTD followed by tell Microsoft about this problem whereas other airports included in the package seem to be OK. Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any idea what is causing it.RegardsTrevorbee
  2. Me too. I was puzzled why people seemed to be saying the AFG King Air sounds were great when I could not detect any change in the sounds whatever the throttle setting. Eventually I gave up and installed the default King Air air sound file and this works fine. Relieved to hear it is not just me having the problem with the AFG sound file.trevorbee
  3. Breathtaking. This scenery package takes FS9 to a whole new level. So well done. Please add my thanks to Holger and the team.Trevorbeein Auckland NZ
  4. I agree.And in fact I would say that, in my opinion, FS10 is ahead of it's time (in some ways)and really should not have been released until such time as it will run acceptably (smoothly)on current mid to high end computers, and with enough slack left to accommodate complex add-ons.Fortunately, FS9 (plus add-ons) has matured to such a state that there is no imperative to move to the new version until such time as the above conditions apply.Therefore, there is no justification for risking large amounts of money on hardware replacement or upgrades in the hope that FS10 will run acceptably.I cannot help but think that MS/Aces would have served us, and themselves, better by releasing a new version that remedies some of the shortfalls in FS9 (which have often been highlighted on these forums), rather than spending the effort on improving the visuals.I am all in favour of higher resolution textures and signs of life on the ground, traffic on the roads, activity at the airports, trains and boats on the move etc etc and hope that it will not be too long before a version is released incorporating these features that will run acceptably on the current equipment of the time.I know that all of this has been stated already in a number of ways in a number of threads but I just wanted to try and pull it all together.TrevorbeeIn Auckland NZ
  5. This has to be the most sensible debate on FSX so far.As I mentioned in another thread, my P4 3.4 Dimension 8400 runs everything except the FSX demo just fine. So, if the only reason I need to upgrade my PC is to run FSX then I cannot justify the expense at this time. Much better to wait until some future breakthrough in technology provides a compelling reason to upgrade. Same goes for Vista.TrevorbeeIn Auckland
  6. .>Fair enough.>>Not sure where your home town is.>MannyThanks for your recommendations. I will certainly check these out. I am in New Zealand and am using some excellent freeware NZ scenery but I know there is also some good payware stuff available. I also spend time in British Columbia, the U.K (as I am a Brit) and Switzerland is of course a great place to fly. Not to mention the Active Sky and Ground Environment packages that get mentioned all the time and which I have not seen or tried. Going to be a busy Trevorbee. Take care and thanks again.
  7. >>Tevorbee,>>And you have 100s of addons for you to choose from for FS9..>The Q is...are you also going to be clamouring for more addons>for FS9...in addition the ones that you have not even>experienced yet?>>MAnnyMAnnyWell, I am going to be spoilt for choice that's for sure. But I would say that there are still plenty of airports and sceneries that still need to be developed for FS9, particularly in places where I like to fly. And, of course, there is always scope for improved versions of existing sceneries and aircraft. That way, FS9 has the potential to get better and better over the next several years whereas the scope for developing FSX will be well... somewhat limited (by all accounts).Trevorbee
  8. Count me in please.I cannot afford to throw away my two year old P4 3.4ghz Dell Dimension 8400 which does everything I need to do very well - except run FSX (at least judging by my experience with the demo). I have never purchased any payware add-ons. Instead, I have been satisfied to operate with the best of the free-ware stuff available. However, now that I have ruled out FSX (unless reports start coming in that the patch has performed some kind of miracle)it looks like I will be staying with FS9 for a few years yet. So I think it is time now to begin purchasing some of the add-ons that I have been reading so much about.With so much technological flux going on (Vista,DX10,Vienna,multi-cores etc I think it might be a good time to just sit back and enjoy what I have. My only investment for now will be some add-ons for FS9. Investment in new hardware can wait until some time after the next version of FS is released if that ever happens.Trevorbee
  9. >basic marketing as taught in business/marketing/economics>programs around the world.>Point taken. Maybe I am reading more into this than I should. No sign of any discounting of FSX yet though I suspect that, like me, many folks are holding off buying it to see if the patch will make it playable on older hardware. The demo only runs marginally on my Dimension P4 3.3HT with 2gigs of RAM and an ATI X300 video card.
  10. >Probably a mistake by the person stocking the shelves :)I don't think there can be any mistake - FS2004 is priced well below FSX and is sitting there in direct competition with it. Could it perhaps be that FSX is not moving and so they are giving FS2004 a try? This is in a store in central Auckland NZ.
  11. I have not seen a copy of FS2004 on sale for about 12 months. That is until today. There it was right next to the FSX standard and delux versions in a retail store which I visit regularly. Only FSX was on display prior to Christmas. Interesting!
  12. I recently made a post about my preference for photo-realistic 2d panels over fuzzy artwork vc's. However, if all 2d panels and vc's were up to the standard of this Beech 18 I would glady eat my words. This aircraft demonstrates that it is possible to have the best of both worlds. My congratulations to the development team.
  13. Is there a way to set a default time/season to start a flight ? I often forget to select these parameters when starting a flight and find myself in darkness when I wanted to check out some new scenery I installed.
  14. Hoary old chestnut though it is I think that this post has resulted in many interesting and useful responses. Some messages are coming across loud and clear.I probably need to get into payware to experience the best on offer in the way of vc
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