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  1. Very welcome. We SideWinder owners need to stick together 🙂
  2. I've got the throttle mapped well in the Cessna 152, but not the airliners, still working on that.
  3. Hello fellow SideWinder owner. I've kept mine pristine for the past 20 years. The following is working for me, have a look at my settings here.
  4. I absolutely did not think I'd ever use the word "breathtaking" in relation to a video game, however, some of the moments that I've experienced over the past 24 hours with this have been nothing short of "breathtaking". It truly is, undoubteldly, a masterpiece of software engineering.
  5. Couldn't agree more. Phenomenal. Realise there will be inaccuracies, overall though, just awesome.
  6. Sebastian Wloch: "A cluster of servers is a place where we have data in a data center" Thank you Sebastian for not using the buzzword "cloud technology", which could have been confused with Asobo's actual "volumetric cloud" rendering technology. It's this high level of clarity and common sense with community communication from Asobo which has to be appreciated.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to directly update us. Keep safe. Sincerely, Your loyal fanbase
  8. Not yet, perhaps they are working to Pacific Daylight Time (Seattle) where its only approaching 06:00 just now.
  9. Two phenomenal screenshots (from the Airports video) which make me most excited are: And The accuracy of the lighting in each photo is outstanding. The level of detail in both is unbelievable.
  10. “Having a rough week?” It’s almost like Asobo know the pain and anxiety non invited Alpha testers are feeling right now.
  11. Except the Epic vs Sykes lawsuit was for “misappropriation of trade secrets” and pretty sure this leak didn’t show anything that Asobo hadn’t made public already. I’m not suggesting what the leaker did was right or that any Alpha tester should disobey the NDA. I firmly believe Microsoft / Asobo will have prepared and rehearsed for this situation, you wouldn’t run an Alpha (and 10k users in an Alpha forum) without having thought through the risks. It was inevitable.
  12. Exactly. Mega corporation takes on an individual who they invited to test in another legal jurisdiction? Unlikely.
  13. So odd to see a tester test an Alpha so poorly but then I guess testing variety is the name of the game. Just sad to see such poor piloting skills.
  14. Believe me they will have spread far and wide. Certain "bots" are already replicating the videos.
  15. Its out of control now. Many will have downloaded the videos and they'll pop up again and again from non NDA individuals as ultimately the videos are public and going "viral". No doubt there is a legal framework around this, but at this stage its inevtiable based on the nature of the internet. Of course Microsoft will have anticipated this, no doubt they probably even rehearsed for this exact situation and they are probably not surprised. Its likely worth taking the risk of running an Alpha. In fact some might say an unauthorised leak is additonal PR and could be healthy for business.
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