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  1. Could install in fsx or fs9 and just move the models and traffic files over to v2.
  2. I have to agree i dont see X-Plane being next in line. Yeah it has its pros but also many con's and just doesn't have the same feel as fs9/fsx/p3d. I believe fsx as much life left in it as im sure there is much we still have yet to find out about it. Heck there still dicovering stuff in fs9. So im sure fsx has a couple of years left in it if not more. Think about it, the quality of fsx add ons as done nothing but go up in the last few years, for example look at pmdg ngx. Within a few years p3d could surpass fsx or there could be a new flight simulator on the horizon. Only time will tell. As for now i fill Fsx will live on as the quality continues to skyrockit. :P
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