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  1. Could install in fsx or fs9 and just move the models and traffic files over to v2.
  2. Go to aerosoft and it's in the fs9 aircraft. http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?showd80!0,6500801490,11787 you might not be able to click on it but copy and paste into your address bar also since your look for a 737ng for fs9 and not fsx I would recommend looking into the ifly 737 here http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=iflyfs9 and you can visit there website here http://www.iflysimsoft.com/
  3. I read somewhere that Boeing has some folding wing concept proposed for the new 777x family to fold the outer part of the wing upwards to be able to better accommodate the aircraft at space-constrained airports. I'm not sure if it's true or not but interesting. Since it's just the outer wings it's suppose to be a system as simple as a landing gear door and it will use the fourth iteration of the composite wings introduced for the 787 program.
  4. Also you don't always have to go with one of the payware addons for AI. There is WOAI which is very good and commonly used. Honestly it depends on your taste and what you want. You could even go as far is to create your own AI with the many models, and flight plans available to you on the web. It is very rewarding to see your traffic in sim and it opens up more options to you especially if you enjoy some of the smaller less known carriers. You might want current up to date traffic or maybe you want to see united and continental before the merge. That's a nice thing about flight sim you don't like a merge or simply you just liked an airline that went out of business...It doesn't have to be out of business in your sim. Likely wise you can have the most current up to date traffic following real flightplans. The choice is yours you can buy a software as there are many great one's available or you could take to the learning curve and make your own. Possibly even do both!
  5. I just recently bought a new asus labtop to keep around for general use and it came with w8. I tried it out for about a week and it doesn't belong on a computer but rather your phone. I got so fed up with it lol I could have swore that labtop almost went out my window. I got on newegg and bought a new W7 64 and been smooth sailing ever since. IMHO I would stay with W7 for now.
  6. I agree it will be pretty amazing to see what pmdg comes up with for XP.
  7. As far as release dates i couldn't tell you but the the market is still pretty focused on FSX so it could be 2013, 2014, or even 2015. Were just gonnna have to wait and see. Xplane: We are very hard at work on a product for Xplane- and our long term vision is to bring our entire FSX product catalog to play in Xplane... Austin and his team are working hand-in-glove with us to make this happen... but it isn't a big rush project because we have to take the time to learn the platform- and we are implementing some technologies to make Xplane an easier transition for our very large FSX customer base... When we get there- you will see what I mean! http://forum.avsim.net/topic/412418-looks-really-great-but-i-cant-buy-it/ Post #21
  8. PMDG also has something in the works for XP10 but there taking there time to learn the system. It was said they plan to move there whole product line over to XP.
  9. XP10 has a lot going for it over these next couple of years as you said FSX can only say afloat for so long. Currently the add on market is still pretty focused on FSX, but there slowly starting to make there way into XP10. Once we see a lot more high quality add on's for XP10 that will help shift more people over.
  10. From my understanding the plane didn't cartwheel but it spun 180 degrees down the runway.
  11. NTSB is holding a conference at 5:30pm ET so some questions will be answered there hopefully.
  12. Alright i will keep the 2TB HDD and just add another SSD. Very much appreciated manny.
  13. Thanks for the info manny just one more thing would it be better to just get rid of the HDD and use Two SSDs? I know the SSDs cost more but they seem to be a big improvement over HDDs and im willing to pay that extra.
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