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  1. Hi thank you Dijvid Actually last week I tried that i'd installed new drivers and then reverted back to other I'd used when the game ran normally but sadly no change maybe i'll have to try the ENBseries and see if that can put some realism into my airports anyway thank you so much for your advice. much appreciated !
  2. Hi I wonder if I could seek some advice, I have lost all photorealism in my Add-On Airports which I mentioned in a previous thread, I have recently noticed that although I have a Shader on my NVDIA GeForce 760 Control Panel, I don't have any other Shader in either my FS9 Cfg or when I go into control panel App data Users (username) Local I have opened hidden files etc; and can find nothing on my W7 or FS2004 for a shader file. My question is I wonder if this could be contributing to this problem as the add-ons are loaded and no cache library is in place, and if so could you advice on anything I should input into my fs9 Cfg file or other areas, I read an old post that stated SHADER_CACHE_VERSION=1 should be placed in the FS9Cfg file under Initial Set-up but i'm not sure if this is correct in my case . Any Advice would be most appreciated
  3. Hi could I just add i've just discovered I have no Shader file or cache I wonder if this would contribute to this problem? There is nothing on Graphics in my FS9 Cfg file for shader and also when i check Computer-Local Disc C- User -User name- Local there should be a shader cache located but I have nothing. I wonder if anyone can advise what I should do/input to rectify Thank You Richard
  4. Hi thank you again, my settings are much the same, think i've tried every ccmbination but nothing restores them to the way they were purchased and i've used for a couple of years, Barcelona Aerosoft was such a great Airport with great photreal scenery so too Frankfurt which now looks a joke, resembling a a cartoon, so disappointing, felt sure it must have been a resolution problem, when you say the way the textures have been created why do you think they are so dramatically different than originally? I thought about a new computer and a W10 upgrade but that seems a nightmare from what i've read, I downloaded my airports from Simarket would purchasing new airports with less texture wear & tear as mine be advisable? Anyway thank you for taking the time out once again much appreciated!
  5. 14th July 2016 Pic 6 Mega Airport Barcelona by Richard Coombs, on Flickr 14th July 2016 Pic 6 Mega Airport Barcelona by Richard Coombs, on Flickr 14th July 2016 Pic 3 Mega Airport Heathrow by Richard Coombs, on Flickr 14th July 2016 Pic 2 Mega Airport Barcelona by Richard Coombs, on Flickr 14th July 2016 Pic 7 Mega Airport Munich by Richard Coombs, on Flickr 14th July 2016 Pic 1 Mega Airport Frankfurt by Richard Coombs, on Flickr 14th July 2016 Pic 4 Mega Airport Paris Charles De Gaulle by Richard Coombs, on Flickr Hello A32xx Thank you very much indeed, these are the sorry images of what should look like Mega Airport sceneries which now resemble more the fs9 default airports, now they have lost that realistic appearance appearing more like detailess blocks. I can obviously make changes to colour resolution etc from within my NVDIA Control panel or FS9 Display-Hardware section but that doesnt really restore the scenery to that what wed expect from the highly detailed Mega Airport downloads. In my FS9 the available display resolution im using is 160x1024x32 which gives the image I can attain at present and using MIP 4 with Hardware rendering 8 and Filtering Trilinear, its so difficult trying to explain, but if we compare these images to the Mega Airports I hope you can see there is very little resemblance, I would be most grateful for your impressions, as I wrote when we communicated before recently Ive had the computer initialized tried various tweaks resolutions etc; but nothing seems to rectify the situation. Any advice most appreciated and again thank you for your kind support !
  6. Hi Chaps sorry for late reply I haven't done Screenshots before could anyone give me an idiot's guide to screenshots and thereafter how to upload them onto this topic please Very Many Thanks !
  7. Hi no I don't use the Nvdia Inspector, my display resolutions are on the second line I have all the hardware rendering boxes checked and have MIP & Hardware rendering lights set the same, I have tried literally every combination but can't get the original state I wanted, i've tried making resolution & colour changes from within the Nvdia panel with little success and FS9 Cfg file so my options are getting less sadly Anyway, thank you so much again !
  8. A32xx Thank you very much sadly no change, but thank you! Sascha I've wrote the contents of the NVDIA Control Panel Change Resolution Resolution 1024 x 768 Refresh Rate 70Hz Desktop Colour Depth Highest 32 bit Output Colour Depth 8bpc Output Colour Format RGB Output Dynamic Range Full NVDIA colour settings Brightness 50 Contrast 50 Hue 179 Saturation 50% Thank you very much I hope this helps Thank you Richard
  9. Yet again thank you so much, but no change after restoring my previous driver, I looked into my FS9 Cfg don't know if this sheds any light on the problem the Graphics were set to Default texture =2 Texture Max Load 1024 Texture Bld =1 Texture Gnd =1 Aircraft =1 Texture Quality =3 Display GeForce GTX 760.0 1024 x 768 x32 texture bandwidth 60 Many Thanks Richard
  10. Hi Guys sorry could I ask how I find and re-install my previous Drivers? My previous Driver was NVDIA 9.18.13 2049 date21.06.2013 WDDM 1.1 DD1 Version 11 Many Thanks Richard
  11. Hi Guys thank you very much, I updated to the latest drivers after I had this problem with the original drivers so I don't know how beneficial going back would be but I don't know how I can influence the texture side of things, the FS9 is working perfectly with the exception of the lack of realistic texture to the airports etc. Anyway i'll give the old drivers a re-run and let you know, have you used any tweaks to improve your textures or experienced anything similar to this? Many thanks Richard
  12. Hi thank you very much indeed for the detailed response. I'm actually using Windows 7 64bit 32 with intel ® core 15-4670 CPU and 3.40Ghz (4 CPUs) 3.46Hz memory 16384 Mb Ram Direct X11 with NVDIA GeForce GTX 760 approx total memory 4042Mbs Current display mode 1920x1080 (32bit) 60Hz with latest Drivers 368.22 23.5. 016. This has been running well for a long time with my FS9 but for some unknown reason now my scenery has lost all realistic detail appears a litlte to bright and most upsetting is the ad-on scenery just looks so unrealistic like a cartoon with buildings looking more like blocks totally different for what are quite expensive mega airports from aerosoft/Flytampa etc I had my system initialized and was told my drivers and graphic card were okay, but i'm really confused what I need to amend to restore the scenery textures to their initial downloaded state. Many thanks
  13. Hi I'd like to know your recommendations please for Windows 7 and FS9 use in terms of the OS compatability, including Graphics Card, Drivers, CPU etc; compatability in particular between Hardware & Software. Many Thanks
  14. Hi Jim Many thanks again, i'll be sure to tay clear of any aero theme tweaks, I looked at your excellent configurations pdf I think the MemFix=1 was absent in my FSX.cfg but sadly that didn't really improve my airport appearance really don't know why such detailed add-ons now look so cartoonish looks like i'm going to have live with it very disappointing, indede if I upgrade to W10 all I've read is doom & gloom with the odd success so im stuck between a rock and a hard place, this has to be a shader, texture, resolution graphics issue I would guess but pinpointing the anomolly seems impossible Anyway many thanks for your diligence Jim
  15. Hello Jim and thank you once again Acting on your kind advice my settiings were correct with the exception of my Output Dynamic Range which was set at Limited i've now set that to full. In the FSX Settings General Tab in my FSX there was no resolution section i could check to see if it was set at 16bt I'm not sure if you mean't a different location sorry. Sadly the changes didn't have an effect and I still had ground vehicles totaly whited out passing by also, i've also been getting the Windows 7 prompt 'Windows is changing to Windows 7 Basic because of compatability' again here i've tried to restore the aero theme with little success, not sure if this would rectify this issue, it really is a mystery not sure what else is at fault, anyway Jim thank you once again !
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