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  1. Blaze

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Agree 100%! I wonder if QW could implement these TrueGlass & RealLight into the 146 without extensive re-write of code or if they would even consider it as an option?
  2. Blaze

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Using their new Purchase Agent I was getting 2hr download times, just downloaded the file from the traditional wrapper and it only took a couple minutes. Glad Flight One left both options for now, but their new interface looks like it'll be nice.
  3. Blaze

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Yeah, don't see it at the Flight One store, unless it's only being offered through their new digital release platform that I can't download until tonight
  4. Blaze

    Air hauler 2 experiences

    @ Mario2012 Not sure if your talking about the actual application or what but AH2's latest release version works perfectly well with P3dv4.3, I flew several jobs yesterday. If your sim is crashing and you believe AH2 is the cause I'd ask Duncan for some help on the AH2 forum. I'd say for the most part (been using it since AH1 came out) it's a quite stable product. Most of the CTD or closing of windows unintentionally were caused by different versions of windows and the numerical system being used. I use 'network mode' even though I have it on my main flight sim server and it has been very reliable here with only a few issues over the course of the last year+. I'd still consider it the best management/purpose application in flight sim.
  5. Blaze

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Man this is good news! My Air Hauler Company is in for short haul European route restructuring!
  6. Sorry Man, I should have made it more clear I was referring to the OP, Joejccva71 Well, they are apples and oranges in aircraft type and purpose but IMO at it's current state I think it's entering into that realm, they have put a lot of effort into it since it's initial troublesome release and I think it's arguably the best regional jet simulated in P3Dv4. I don't believe it has failures simulated which is something the PMDG 777 does but then again it has some options the PMDG 777 doesn't ie. TrueGlass, shared cockpit etc. It's a great plane, I'm sure you'd enjoy it. System wise it's very similar to the MD-11 which never made it to P3dv4 but in a regional jet platform. I'd also add it is a very enjoyable hand flying aircraft and I often fly the entire SID STAR before engaging the AP.
  7. The TFDi B-717 has a persistent panel option that works quite well if your interested in arguably the best regional jet currently available. I get sloppy in my shutdown procedures sometimes I get reminded of this as I work through the checklist on the next flight.
  8. Blaze

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    That is good news, thanks for the HU.
  9. Blaze

    Simstarter NG for P3D v4?

    I also use it on every flight. A couple of little things that it does that rarely get spoken of is you can set a 'delay start' for the other third party apps you tell it to launch so that while everything gets launched with one click it doesn't 'bomb' the sim at start-up. I typically launch P3dV4 with Simstarter go get a cup of coffee and when I come back everything (programs) are loaded up running and I'm ready to start my Sim. Scenery management and VSA control is why I bought the program in 32bit P3d; outstanding support, flexibility, and just plain old fashion usefulness is why I consider it a must have utility for me.
  10. Blaze

    Quality S. American airports?

    Paul Ricardo Joinsville and Salvador are both P3dV4 ready and are very good. Salvador is the Larger of the two airports and would be my choice if I had to only pick one. GRP Design's Diego Aracenda Is also pretty good if you want something on the 'pacific side'. Personally if you don't have it already I'd opt for a good mesh and Orbx SA LandClass to set the stage first and by some airports afterward. That's sort of the route I took and I have about half a dozen or so airports now and always looking for new ones.
  11. Really, I was under the impression it was not very usable? I already have a copy of it and WideFS and FSK so I'll try that route first, then look into FS-Flight Control. Do you experience any issues using FSKeeper with add ons that use the .xml method of activation? It was my understanding that FSKeeper had problems in recording some of the newer aircraft releases? I'll give it a go and see what my experience is like. Thanks for the suggestions. Edit* Actually after watching the FS Flight Control Promo Video and given the 14day free trial I'm going to go that route. Like the Multi-platform support and the IOS app capability. If I can run this off my Amazon Fire Tablet it's going to be a win, even though I don't need all of the features it offers.
  12. I'm looking for a program to use in P3dV4.3+ that will record flight data metrics that I can do post flight analysis work with and that maintains a log/database file of previous flights. Something similar to Aerosoft's Flight Keeper and/or the discontinued REX Latitude (without any of the MMP Bells and whistles). I'm trying to find something that runs autonomously in the background with little or very slight performance impact running it from either the client or a networked machine. Got any Ideas?
  13. The Flight One Page shows the new release info but sadly there is no Pv4 installer there despite looking like the correct version number? I dropped a ticket with them to see if they'll look into it...
  14. Hey thanks fellas, wanted to make sure it was on my end and it looks like it was. Seems the small hard drive I have on my client machine was out of space or had very limited space left on it and was the culprit.
  15. So I have an annual Navigraph subscription and here lately I have been having a lot of issues with connectivity and reliability of their desktop chart's application. I frequently hangs when trying to download approach plates for a new destination and often disconnects. Moreover it frequently asks me to re enter my username and password where it hasn't in the past and worse sometimes denies me access after disconnecting for no apparent reason? Wondering if anyone else has been experiencing similar circumstances? It's been happening now for a couple of weeks.