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  1. Yeah, looks like I missed the release news thanks for the link...downloading now for what it's worth it's V1.2 the original thread mentions V1.1. Mod's if you want to close this up or link it to the other thread, no problemo.
  2. Looks like KMSY just dropped or I missed the release and it just became available on Simmarket, either way it's out... Great weekend ahead.
  3. Latin VFR's KMSY New Orleans just dropped too...nice weekend ahead.
  4. Hello, I recently purchased the QW's 787 but I am having a difficult time programming the flap axis control using the registered version of FSUIPC that I am familiar with. I did a search and didn't find much so it's probably on my end but I have not found the culprit yet. The issue I am having is if I assign the flap axis to FSUIPC and calibrate that axis accordingly it ends up being an all or nothing affair. In other words if I assign the flap axis to lever on my Saitek Throttle or GF TQ6 and then cycle it through it's range of motion the flap lever in the virtual cockpit will not move at first but, you can hear it cycling through the steps/settings, once my hardware lever reaches the top or bottom of its range, then all of a sudden the VC flap lever will move to that limit either fully retracted or fully extended but it will not stop at any of the steps/settings in between. I'm running the latest version of QW787 available from Flight One. Curious if anyone else, have a similar occurrence?
  5. I use Air Hauler II and basically open a base at most all of my favorite payware airports, which is right at 120. I've been guilty of buying two or three airports at once and not getting to them all before I've bought another that I just had to have. Lately I've been pretty good about using Simmarket's wish list I add basically everything I think I'm interested in to it, then go back and look for things on sale. I might have twenty or more things on that list at any given time. It serves as a good cool down period, I don't do as much impulse purchases this way and save a little cash too.
  6. The lack of a load manager or any semblance of how to configure the CG is bothersome in a 'professional' expansion, maybe it's just me but I was expecting a bit more fidelity.
  7. Yes a much more enjoyable aircraft all the way around; earned my customer loyalty through persistent improvement
  8. Agree 100%! I wonder if QW could implement these TrueGlass & RealLight into the 146 without extensive re-write of code or if they would even consider it as an option?
  9. Using their new Purchase Agent I was getting 2hr download times, just downloaded the file from the traditional wrapper and it only took a couple minutes. Glad Flight One left both options for now, but their new interface looks like it'll be nice.
  10. Yeah, don't see it at the Flight One store, unless it's only being offered through their new digital release platform that I can't download until tonight
  11. @ Mario2012 Not sure if your talking about the actual application or what but AH2's latest release version works perfectly well with P3dv4.3, I flew several jobs yesterday. If your sim is crashing and you believe AH2 is the cause I'd ask Duncan for some help on the AH2 forum. I'd say for the most part (been using it since AH1 came out) it's a quite stable product. Most of the CTD or closing of windows unintentionally were caused by different versions of windows and the numerical system being used. I use 'network mode' even though I have it on my main flight sim server and it has been very reliable here with only a few issues over the course of the last year+. I'd still consider it the best management/purpose application in flight sim.
  12. Man this is good news! My Air Hauler Company is in for short haul European route restructuring!
  13. Sorry Man, I should have made it more clear I was referring to the OP, Joejccva71 Well, they are apples and oranges in aircraft type and purpose but IMO at it's current state I think it's entering into that realm, they have put a lot of effort into it since it's initial troublesome release and I think it's arguably the best regional jet simulated in P3Dv4. I don't believe it has failures simulated which is something the PMDG 777 does but then again it has some options the PMDG 777 doesn't ie. TrueGlass, shared cockpit etc. It's a great plane, I'm sure you'd enjoy it. System wise it's very similar to the MD-11 which never made it to P3dv4 but in a regional jet platform. I'd also add it is a very enjoyable hand flying aircraft and I often fly the entire SID STAR before engaging the AP.
  14. The TFDi B-717 has a persistent panel option that works quite well if your interested in arguably the best regional jet currently available. I get sloppy in my shutdown procedures sometimes I get reminded of this as I work through the checklist on the next flight.
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