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  1. Used the search feature to try not to post a new/duplicate thread, this was the closest I saw so I asked. Thanks for the answer Dan.
  2. Yep, even Orbx has bird sounds you can hear in the cockpit with the cabin secure, but at least you can disable them. Agree that accuracy should take priority over aesthetics.
  3. Didn't know Boise was in the works art Orbx either that;s good news. It's not in the Northwest but Tucson could sure use some love. I really like that you have been working on the regional airports that still have a fair amount of commercial traffic. Keep up the great work!
  4. Okay, I realize I am posting on a dated thread but have a question that is in the same ballpark as this one so rather than start a new I'd like to know the following,,,, When putting a value into the reserve such as 2.0 what is that value representing? I've seen tutorial videos where they say 2 tons, 2000lbs, 2000kg or 2% of total capacity what is it it exactly? Thanks in Advance.
  5. Sick! I'm in at release, really a big fan of your work!
  6. Agree with Joe maybe a duplicate control setting or some other binding causing the issue. Are you using FSUIPC, SPAD, LINDA, or some other mapping utility? If so check them closely and ensure controls in P3d are disabled or if enabled not conflicting. I disable controllers in P3d and run everything via FSUIPC but even so I need to check from time to time that GIT (GoFlight Interface Tool) and event the aircraft I am using doesn't have some sort of conflict although it would be odd to be such a basic/primary control like elevator or elevator trim.
  7. My 10,000th post! Add-on giveaway!

    569896 Keep on posting!
  8. Frank Sorry my reply may have seemed a bit curt. I've used Saitek pedals and twist joysticks before when my Saitek units failed I wanted to replace them with something better but there really was no intermediary between them and very expensive PFC units. That's when I found the MFG units being talked about at some of the air combat forums. They fit my requirements but I was leery about dealing with someone so far away however my purchase experience was exceptional. As far as service/support is concerned the bottom line is so long as Milan doesn't go out of business the MFG pedals should last a lifetime. There are no potentiometers to wear out and the electronics can be swapped out if there is an issue without replacing the physical unit. I did this on my set because I did not like the USB1 cable connector used on the original units and the new software on the replacement card had some advantages. It took little time to realize these pedals are in a completely different class than anything I have previously used and I've had no, zero, zip, zilch, regret or buyer's remorse to this day. To the OP's question, I don't think a set of MFG or higher quality pedals are required to taxi properly so no I would agree with you that it's not necessarily worth the cost if that's the only thing he's trying to improve on but, a good set of pedals will help in taxiing and all aspects of flying especially crosswind landings. The price of purchasing and replacing Saitek and other units will offset the cost difference over time and you'll have a higher quality more precise unit all the while. There is a saying I heard somewhere that, "When you buy the best it only hurts once". I would not call the MFG units 'the best' there are other incredibly precise hydraulically dampened units at huge costs but I would say they likely have the best price/performance/value ratio of any pedals even after you including the shipping.
  9. If you don't have a set or used one you're simply not qualified to make this sort of assessment, it's simply your opinion; mine is that your sadly mistaken.
  10. Another happy MFG Crosswind user, working as well today as they did about four years ago when I got them.
  11. The Sky is the Limit

    I don't remember much pre-release hype about Envtex in fact I think the first time I saw it on Simmarket I said to myself, "who are these guys?" and what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be! I'm not concerned in the least, and now that we have a 64bit platform I think this will be the year of much/many improvements!
  12. I'll wait and see on the Vegas as I have the FSDT version too. So many airports to choose from I wish they had chosen a location not already done by another good developer. KABQ, KELP or KTUS would have been nice if George wanted to stay out west.
  13. Rex present Skyforce.

    From their webpage... "Even with costly similar aftermarket products installed, weather systems severely lack due to the constraints of the simulator SDK. SKY FORCE 3D BREAKS THIS BARRIER!" Hmmm, It'll be interesting to see how quickly their support will be with new P3d version releases if they are programing outside of the SDK parameters and it breaks breaks their coding business rules? AS16 has been PDQ at getting updates pushed with each new release, It would sure suck to have to wait a long time for your weather program to work properly. Took quite a while for the Advantage radar to get updated for use in P3dv4.1 even if it's not a 'flagship' product. It's going to have to live up to their hype and be a real game changer before I would give up what I already have in ASCA/AS16 and PTA...we'll see. I do wish them well competition and pushing tech forward means we all win in the end.
  14. +1 Colonel Scott's advice is like the old E.F. Hutton Commercials,... "when Bob Scott speaks, people listen" and if not; they should! Solid recommendation here concur 100%. A slightly smaller field traffic wise but great it has atmosphere and a great location at a reasonable price.